Smart toilets: intelligent plumbing for comfort

This sanitary miracle is so possible to name the toilet with smart electronics, significantly simplifying the passage of everyday hygienic procedures. Today, the demand for such gadgets is only grows and, judging by the reviews, in the very near future, the toilet with the “smart” stuffing will become an integral part of most users. While keeps the price of the product, but, remember, once and cell phones seemed something fantastic, and now they have everyone. Intellectual technique does not stand still, it is tight in various fields of human activity, including those such as physiology.

What it is?

Smart toilet is often called a miracle of technology. Indeed, who would have thought that such a banal subject of hygiene will be in the center of attention of inventors. The latter came up with all sorts of bells, which can plunge into shock. Toilet bowl has an intellectual filling. It allows it to automatically determine the presence of a person in the room, raise and lower the seat and cover, merge water, clean from the content, heat the seat, turn on flavors, connect the night light and much more.

Such plumbing can be found in Japan and China homes. For residents of these countries Smart toilets – Odenship. They are installed in public places – stores, train stations, cinemas. In America, intelligent plumbing can be found in the residences of rich people. We still have such toilets in surprise. They are the most expensive and this is reasonable. Their appearance is due to the two desires of people: save natural resources and achieving maximum comfort.

Features and advantages

If you do not look after, smart plumbing is practically no different from ordinary toilet bowls. However, the “mind” gives the remote, which is located on the side. The thickness seat is superior to plastic simple analogs for almost 10 cm.

Plumbing has all sorts of sensors that transmit a task electronic device. For example: raise the lid, turn on the light in the room, warm the seat and much more.

It costs to note that the smart toilet works not only in its destination, but can also perform the bidet functions. And this significantly saves room in the room.

Plumbing has nodes for trouble-free connection to the electrical network and communications.

The miracle toilet has a surface that does not give to accumulate organic precipitation. Therefore, the technique does not need constant care and cleaning.

Manufacturers use only durable materials in their products. Details are made of duraplast and styrelacrylonitrile.

Plumbing new generation has a significant minus (in addition to the high price). In the absence of electricity, the toilet is simply turned off, only sewage remains working. After renewing the power, the technique will have to reconfigure.

In such intelligent toilets, as a rule, there is a remote console, with which, without entering the toilet, you can adjust its operation.

You can also configure electricity consumption mode. If it is the “Economy” mode, then all the functions will be configured to minimum indicators.

You can also adjust the water supply.

There are suspended and outdoor toilets. The latter is more familiar to look and easier to install. But the suspension in demand is ahead of them. However, in the installation there are certain difficulties. Massive reference frame will be required. Latest models are available without rim.

Manufacturers produce two species toilets – so-called basic, in which the minimum number of functions. There are models of the Luxury class with an extended choice of suggestions for careful care.

Product safety paid special attention. All water and electrical outlines are closed by the so-called SAVE system. Antibacterial coating protects against microbes, and ultraviolet treatment does not give the slightest chance dangerous to health microorganisms.


Each of the manufacturers of smart plumbing tries to bring several innovative solutions in the product to be their own advantage over competitors. For example, in the toileties with the function of the bidet there are several modes of the kneader. It can be a mode for both the whole family and for people with sensitive skin, for example, for women.

Recently, manufacturers have paid special attention to the possibility of hydromassage. Considering that most people, and this is very significantly for Japan, sit in offices, lead a sedentary lifestyle, hydromassage acts as a preventive measure against diseases of the pelvis organs.

Water that is served for the knead, aerated and does not cause skin irritation. The owner himself can determine the pressure of the jet and the temperature of its filing. At the same time there is no need for hot water in the water supply system. The smart system itself will heat it until the desired temperature.

Plumbing is equipped with a control system. There is a function of aromatization, thanks to which there is no unpleasant odors in the toilet room. Seat equipped with heated. After the hygiene procedures, the built-in hairdryer dries part of the pelvis, which passed neat wash.

The lid of miracle equipment opens automatically. And also neatly closes after the completion of the procedures. Some models have nightlive functions. They heat the room and even include music.

There is a technology Washlet. In Plumbing there is a special retractable rod, it serves water for washing. System can be configured for individual requests. This applies to the angle of supplying water, its temperature and pressure. It also features such functions as heated seats, air flavoring and drying.

System washed Tornado Flush, Thanks to three water jets, it allows you to clean the toilet inside from all sides. A whirlproof is formed, which brushes better than any heroic. Smart toilets have a durable coating, and all these qualities bring them to the world’s leaders of modern plumbing.

Manufacturers and reviews

Japan consider the ancestor of “smart” toilet bowls. It was there that the developers tried to give “intelligence” such, it would seem landed thing. Buy the Japanese toilet is not a problem, they are in a large assortment are presented in the plumbing market. Every year models functionality expands. Increasingly, such toileties are called computer or electronic.

They can be bought in any Japanese supermarket in a specialized department. In the Russian market, such products are sold only in plumbing stores.

Against the background of all the “Japanese” there is a brand toilet Toto titled Wellyouii. Manufacturers provided Plumbers with a spoon manipulator, which takes the analysis of urine and monitors the state of the sugar level in the body. The prospect of the development of the future in this direction is lined up – home medical centers that will be able to remove all data on the state of the human body from pressure to accurate weight.

American manufacturers are also not inferior in quality and characteristics to competitors from the East. For instance, CalipSo. The toilet is controlled by a powerful processor. There are many functions – from silent flush water to hydromassage. The set is about the same as Japanese manufacturers. Allows self-diagnostics.

China does not remain aside from these trends. Company Xiaomi Intended consumers intelligent bidet covers for installation for conventional toilets. There are several modes for the insulation of the pelvic organs, including gentle for women, as well as a massage function. The seat itself is heated, 4 temperature modes are provided. There are 11 buttons on the control panel, including “night light”, “ultraviolet processing”, “stream intensity”, “water orientation” and t. D. The console is protected from water exposure. The lid suits almost all modeling models. The only negative, which will have to work in the future to work the cover manufacturers – the absence of a remote control. No automatic lifting and shutting.

As for the price, it is significantly lower on the background of full sets of smart toilet.

Another interesting option is folding Iota toilet. It is not burdened by intellectual stuffing, but has its advantages. Designed by the British University Huddersfield. Considering that many toilet rooms have small squares, it will become a real find. It looks like a seashell of marine mollusk and hides in the wall. If the bowl is lowered down, the plumbing is used according to its direct destination. Upon completion of all actions, the bowl turns up to the wall and the content is automatically washed. In the closed state, disinfection occurs. In addition, the design of the toilet allows its owner to save up to 50 percent of water. For comparison, when washed, the usual toilet uses up to 6 liters, and the folding is about 2.5 liters.

Smart toilets produce another number of countries.

Turkish manufacturers supply toilet bowls Vitra. They are represented by two categories: increased degree of comfort and basic. In the manufacture of durable materials. Work remotely and manually.

South Korea offers consumers toilet units without tanks. The system of flushing goes straight from the water pipeline. Allows saving water and electricity consumption.

Another famous Japanese firm Panasonic produces intelligent plumbing with double air purification, with spare batteries with electricity interruptions.

Holders of smart plumbing respond about smart plumbing as a miracle that made a visit to the toilet as comfortable as possible. As the manufacturers say – the most important task today is how to make people use intellectual toilets. Well, and those who tried at least once, to return to the old days tested by simple toilets no longer want. Another minus, which is available in intellectual techniques, the absence of an electric connector in the toilet for connecting “clever”. Plumbing uses low electrical voltage. Therefore, it is necessary to take care to buying an intelligent toilet.

And, of course, all consumers celebrate the high price of the product, but it is worth it. You can say this investment in your health, and no money is pity.

Installation Tips

Installing such a toilet is carried out exactly by the same technology as the usual. The greatest difficulty may occur when it is connected to the mains.

So that the plumbing hoses are not visible, make a recess in the wall. Standard dimensions 1200x600x200 mm.

Toilet “plant” on nuts with silicone gaskets. When installing the nozzle, it is important to guess with the size. Short can give to flow, long will not allow tightly docile with the wall.

Power Power must be very high in niche. To have access to communications, it is recommended to make a hatch.

Read more about smart toilets, see the following video.

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