Sliding doors for the shower cabin: pros and cons

When installing a shower cabin in the bathroom, it is important to choose the door to her correctly. There are swing and sliding types of door systems.

general information

If the bathroom has small sizes, it is advisable to install a shower cabin in it. Usually it is made in size 90×70 or 90×90 cm and may differ slightly in height. It is usually placed in an angular niche, but the cabin can be sliding. Semicircular shower corners today enjoy great popularity. In any case, it is necessary to determine, swing or sliding doors it will be more convenient to use the consumer.

The cab may consist of the following items:

  • fencing;
  • pallet;
  • doors;
  • Additional Elements (Mixer, Wandering Soul and Others).

Sliding doors are frame, holding onto a metal or plastic profile, and frameless, installed on fasteners. Framework structures are stronger, look more stylish, can be performed in different colors, such as chrome, bronze and others.

Shower cabins have different shapes and sizes. In some cases, it may be necessary to install non-standard doors.

What are manufactured from what

Sliding door systems can be made of materials:

  • strained glass;
  • acrylic;
  • triplex;
  • Polycarbonate.

Consider the pros and cons of each material Read more. Tempered glass is a refractory and non-toxic material, it does not burn. If the door is accidentally split, the glass is simply scattered into large pieces. They are notostarous, the ability to cut them – the minimum.

Acrylic doors are among the most commonly used and belong to the lowest price category. They are very light and durable, as well as thinner than glass. In case of damage, pieces remain without sharp edges, which can not be cut into. Minus Acrylic is its toxicity when burning.

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The doors from the Triplex refractory and non-toxic. The material is covered with a special film that does not allow fragments to crumble when the element is damaged.

The disadvantage of polycarbonate doors in the same way as in the case of acrylic is toxicity when burning. However, in general, they are resistant to high temperatures.

Types of sliding doors

If the shower cabin is located in a niche, you can install two-, three or four-section doors. Two-section door structures have the smallest size in comparison with the size of the cabin (40-43 percent) and the minimum thickness of the sash.

Three-section doors have up to three moving elements. They are the largest of all listed, can take from 55 to 57 percent of the overall size.

Four-section doors also have very thin walls. Their width is from 43 to 45 percent.


Currently, the market presents a wide variety of shower cabins. They are distinguished by decor and design elements.

Here are some of the options:

  • Matting – coating with a special composition that gives surfaces;
  • drawing patterns – most often the drawing is repeated throughout the door;
  • coating ceramic paint;
  • Photo printing and others.


Sliding door structures are practical in use, functional and very convenient for the consumer. They are easy to open without appropriate effort. They do not interfere and do not take excess space, unlike swing structures. In addition, such solutions look spectacular and modern.

Doors made of glass and plastic, are well tolerated in high humidity, What is relevant in typical conditions of their use. It would be impractical to use wooden structures, which under the influence of moisture are prone to the spread of fungus and mold, and the metals in such conditions will cover corrosion. On polymers and glass water does not have such an effect.

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The material from which the cabin doors are made are very durable and safe. In mechanical damage, it does not scatter on small and sharp fragments, which avoids cuts and other possible unpleasant incidents.

Water when using the cabin does not spill due to the fact that the doors are equipped with magnetic seals and firmly adjacent to the design, due to which high tightness is achieved.


Elements of such a design are usually fairly fragile, and with long-term operation they will have to be replaced periodically to new. Required doors, which can cause difficulties in a person who does not have experience and special skills like this work. In addition, the doors are easy enough to smash.

Features of choosing shower cabins with sliding doors for niche

If the cabin is installed in a niche, you can encounter some difficulties, picking up the doors for her. An important role is played by the parameters of the product.

Depending on what the buyer likes, and what technical features is the cabin itself, it is necessary to choose the right number of sections for the door design. The height of the hole can also be different, constituting from 1 to 5 centimeters.

If the design is provided in the design, you need to determine in advance, on which stems it will be attached. The convenience and comfort of the consumer depends on this later.

How to use

Behind the sliding doors need to properly care for, which will help extend their life and save money for repairs. Most of all requires the mechanism of mobile design – it is at the expense of it that the doors are discovered and closing. Do not pull the sash and extend them, you need to try to avoid unnecessary mechanical exposure.

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Cabins necessarily need to wash. To do this, use a sponge with a soft coating. The detergent must be selected depending on the material from which the cabin is made. So that there are no scratches and damage on the surface, it is not recommended to use abrasive means.

In the corners, as well as in the area of ​​the profile and glass connection, the greatest amount of dirt and bacteria is going to. Accordingly, they need to be processed especially carefully.

If it is correct and competently care for the shower and its door structures, their service life will increase significantly, and there will be no special problems with operation.

What to pay attention to when buying

First of all, when you purchase, you need to try to choose a booth, which will be performed high quality and from good materials. Such a thing will surely last long and will not create problems during operation. However, it will be worthwhile to pay attention to individual design elements.

One of these elements are rollers – due to their sash and come in motion. Metal details are more reliable, they are resistant to abrasion, plastic can deform enough quickly.

        With strong fixation of the design, small gaps are allowed in the door. However, with the perfect scenario, they should not be.

        Door frame mounted from plastic and aluminum. Aluminum frame has ease and thoroughness, the parts of the plastic are moisture resistant and very durable. A good solution becomes steel profile in plastic design.

        About the advantages and cons of sliding doors for the shower cabin, see the following video.

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