Siemens washing machine error codes: Description, Causes and Discharge

Siemens washing machines are distinguished by reliability and high quality assembly. The manufacturer took care of the high-quality self-diagnosis system.

If household appliances break, then find out the reason is pretty easy. The error code appears on the display, which will indicate.

Decoding error codes and their causes

Siemens washing machine can stop performing the program or do not start washing at all. At the same time on the display highlight the code, for example, E21. So appliances reports the results of self-diagnosis. It is enough to decipher the message and take action.

We give error code options and their causes.

Error code

Cause and decoding


The door of the washing machine is not closed until the end.


The device cannot dial water to continue the program.


Problem in removal of waste water.


Liquid leakage detected in the system.


Luke door is not closed.

F17 (E17)

The system noted that the water is gaining too long. This may be associated with too weak pressure, filter pollution. Sometimes the cause of the error is the lack of water in the water supply.

F18 (E18)

Drain of liquid took more time than scheduled. This can be associated with a drainage pump clogging or pressure sensor lock. Less often an error occurs due to a broken electronic module.


Water warms too long. The reason for the appearance of the code may be a breakdown of the heating system, scale or vehicle breakdown. A thermostop can also be achieved, in which heating did not stop at the right moment. Less often water is not heated due to low voltage in the power grid.


Liquid warms up, although it should not be. The system displays an error if a program with low water temperature is installed, and the TEN continues to work. The cause of the thermal sensor or the heater relay may be.

F21 (E21)

The appearance of the code signals a breakdown of the washing machine control system. Together with the error you can see the uneven operation of the motor or its complete absence. The reason may be a breakdown of a tachogenerator or a short circuit in the simistors. Critical error.


The thermal sensor is disabled.

F23 (E23)

Error signals about activation of aquastop. The reason is water in the pallet. Less often the code is highlighted because the contacts overloaded on the connection chains.


Broken turbidity sensor – aqua sensor. This happens if the item is covered with scale. Also, breakdown may appear due to a blockage in plum or damage to the pressure sensor.


The system has noticed a pressure sensor failure, a broken press service. This error is critical, so the washing machine is completely blocked.


There was a failure in the settings of the press.


Broken flow sensor.


The system does not fix the flow of water into the tank. This may be associated with low pressure, blockage, valve breakdown or pressure sensor. Less random causes in the failure of aquastop.


The system recorded that the water level is exceeded. The problem may result from problems with hose, magnetic valve or water level sensor. It happens that the press service is not configured. Also, the problem happens due to the blocking of the pump, the plum system must.


The hatch is not closed on the lock, the blocking system is not activated. The reason can be a breakdown of the lock or lock tongue system. Sometimes the door herself hangs crooked or error occurs due to the wear of the sealing gum.


The shut-off system failed. Cause in the failure of the control module.



The thermal sensor is broken or a short circuit happened in it.


An error occurred during synchronization.


Motor works too fast. Cause in the simister breakdown or failure in the system board. The error is considered critical.


Motor does not work without spinning. Perhaps between a tank and drum stuck some thing. In more serious situations, the error is associated with a breakdown of a tachogenerator or control unit, engine lock.


The drum is spinning only in one direction. Cause in the simister breakdown, relay or control module. The error is critical, the washing machine is blocked by the system.


3D sensor out of order. Sometimes it happens because of the failure in the system. Also, the reason may be in the wiring break, breakage of the drain module or the sensor itself.


Flood sensor breakage. Also, the code is highlighted if the parts in the pipes or in it itself is turbulence.


The system records the erroneous teams from the door of the hatch. The problem is critical, the washing machine is blocked.


There is a problem in functional protection. Cause in the processor failure or software failure. Critical error, technique is blocked.


There is a problem in the encoding of the card. Error refers to a number of critical. Accompanied by locking washing machine.


The problem lies in the motor. The cause of the code occurrence is in the impact of the engine resistance or in malfunction of modules, contacts.


There was a failure in the control system encoding. The reason may be firmware failure. Critical error.


Need actions need to be based on the malfunction. For example, If F04 breakdown is displayed, then you need to find and eliminate leak. If you want to unlock the control panel to solve the problem, you can restart the washing machine.

It is important to first turn off the power using the button, then pull the power cord from the outlet.

Elimination of common errors:

  1. If there is a problem with the door of the hatch, then you should first make sure that the clothes do not interfere with the closure. Then the system of the block system is inspected for damage. Also, the door may not close due to wear loops or gum seals. It is worth checking these details and replace if necessary.
  2. To eliminate F02 errors, check whether water is in the pipes, whether the feed valve is blocked. If everything is in order, you should inspect the hose and filters. Probably somewhere there is a blockage – it is enough to eliminate it to disappear.
  3. Code F03 needs to be corrected sequentially. First, filters are examined and cleaned if necessary. Then check the drainage pump for defects. If a pump is broken, you should contact the service center. You will also have to call the wizard if the breakage lies in the control module.
  4. When aquastop breakage (Error F23), check the contacts and replace them if necessary. If there is no breakdown in the wires, the sensor itself should be explored. Detail will have to change if it failed.
  5. If any sensor has failed, then it is necessary to check its contacts. If everything is normal with them, then the part itself should be inspecting for defects. If any – the sensor should be replaced with a new.
  6. To eliminate F31 errors you need to check the bay valve and drainage pump, pressure sensor. If all parts are normal, you should find and eliminate the plot in the drain system. It happens that such simple actions do not help. So, the cause of the error in the wiring. We have to change wires.
  7. When synchronization fails (F40) it is enough to restart the washing machine. If it does not help, you will have to call the masters.
  8. To eliminate F67 you need to restart the equipment and coding the card again. If it does not help, you have to replace the part.

Eliminate self-critical errors is extremely recommended. Incompetent repair can lead to the fact that the technique will become inoperable at all.

Immediately contact the service center and call the masters. You can independently understand only with typical, frivolous breakdowns.


Siemens washing machines are distinguished by reliability and long service life. Technique will work immaculately with proper care.

We give the main advice.

  1. Soften tap water for washing. For this, special filters or powders will fit. So it turns out to avoid the formation of scale on the heating element.
  2. Before starting washing, it is necessary to check all the pockets of things so that small items do not get into the washing machine. They can cause serious damage to sensors, drums and even a motor.
  3. Once every six months you should inspect hoses and filters. EIf there are blockages, the details should be removed and rinsed with running water.
  4. Once a month it is recommended to clean the compartment for washing powder and drum.
  5. Do not overload equipment. Work at the maximum load will lead to a rapid wear of the motor and other details.
  6. Do not leave the door of the washing machine open for a long time. Especially you can not put things on her. This will lead to a rapid loop wear, the hatch will stop closing.

On how to eliminate the F23 error, look in the video.

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