Shower cabins with sauna: selection and characteristics

Shower cabins have long won the popularity of owners of private houses and apartments due to their functionality and ergonomics.

Modern models allow not only to perform hygienic procedures, but also make it possible to relax, enjoy the hydromassage. Increased comfortability of devices is due to the presence of additional functions. Most modern models are equipped with steam generators, with which you can recreate the sauna atmosphere in the shower.

Pros and cons

Of course, the main advantage of the shower cabin with sauna is the device’s multifunctionality, the ability to use the steam generator. It is noteworthy that the maximum pair temperature is 50-55c, which ensures good human well-being. Ability to adjust the temperature of the pair – another advantage of devices. Having reducing the temperature indicators, you can adjust the sauna atmosphere specifically under each user, including for people with high pressure, cardiovascular diseases, for children. In one word, for those who too hot couples are contraindicated.

Home showers with sauna effects allow you to add various essential oils to the steam generator. Thus, the possibility of using aromatherapy is added to the warming effect. After taking the soul, you can leave the walls of the booths disclosed so that a pleasant fragrance filled the whole house. For Melomanians there are devices that allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks or listen to the radio, taking a shower.

If we talk about cabins equipped with an infrared sauna, it should be noted the positive effect of the emissued radiation on the human body.

According to scientists, infrared rays in their actions are similar to sunny, but do not cause burns, redness and the formation of melan.

It is important that the booths are very compact and accompanied even in small spaces, including in the bathroom in Khrushchev. Standard models occupy 1-1.5 m2. Connecting the device does not require high preparation. Just connecting to a power outlet 220 W.

These advantages of such systems can be distinguished.

  • Convenience, because in the shower, everything is at hand, you do not need to stretch behind the washcloth or shampoo. On the walls in the bathroom does not fall foam or splashes.
  • Easy care. Modern devices are easily cleaned with special means. If you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning, choose model with smooth walls. After bath procedures, it is enough to wipe the surface of the cabin dry.
  • Economical water consumption. Customer reviews make it possible to assert that with the installation of the shower cabin water consumption decreases almost twice.

  • The possibility of water heating. Advanced models have a heating system of cold water to a given temperature. This allows you to take warm souls even if the hot water is turned off.
  • Safety. Cabins have an anti-slip coating, their walls and doors are made of eco-friendly and impact-resistant materials, and water temperature and steam is regulated by the thermometer.

    Of the disadvantages, or rather, even the features of the system functioning, you can select the need to use filters to mitigate and purify water, as well as devices that control the constancy of water pressure in the pipes (pumps). If the pressure in the pipeline is insufficient or non-permanent, to get steam will not succeed.

    In order to enjoy not only the shower, but also a sauna, hydromassage, the minimum pressure should be 3 bar.

    Using hard water (namely, such flows from the crane in our apartments) will lead to clogging injectors and the system failure. Filters are better to use three-stage and mount them into the place of water supply in the house.

    The cost of the shower cabin with a sauna is considerable as a repair that requires a professional approach. In addition, it is worth being ready for increased electricity bills.

    Select model

    From the point of view of the organization, it is correct to allocate 2 types of shower cabins with a sauna:

    • Sauna effect device. It is a cabin with a steam generator, due to which the possibility of taking steam procedures. The design is characterized by compactness. The maximum possible pair temperature – to 60c, which is obtained by heating water.

      • Cabin combined with mini sauna. Represents a more massive device consisting of 2 compartments. First – directly shower area, second – boxing with infrared sauna. Between the departments there is a door. In such structures, the temperature of the steam is almost 2 times higher – from 60 to 120c. Despite the modest sizes, finding in boxing is no different from visiting the traditional steam room.

        Some devices are trimmed with wood (lining of oak, pine, fir), which allows you to maximally recreate the atmosphere of steam room in the Finnish sauna. Leaning against the surface of the trim, you will not get a burn.

        Depending on the type of steam, it is possible to highlight 3 types of devices with sauna.

        • Finnish sauna, a feature of which is dry hot couple. Its generation is carried out at the expense of the electric heater. As a facing, a tree is used here, acrylic, heat-resistant glass or a combination of several options.

        • Turkish sauna For fans of hot steam (50-55c) and high humidity (90-100%). Such a type of steam room is softer compared to the atmosphere of the Russian bath, it is shown to people with weak health.
        • Ik-Banya, A characteristic feature of which are high temperature and lack of high humidity. As a result, it turns out dry heat, the heating body of a person, and not the surrounding air. In such a box will be able to heal, and the breath will not be difficult too wet air.

          In addition to the sauna, modern models (even inexpensive) have a number of additional devices with a healing effect.

          • Cabins with hydromassage, which are devices with nozzles, from which water jets are beaten under different pressure.
          • Chromotherapy, that is, the feeding of ultraviolet light waves during the taking of the soul. Promotes improved blood circulation.
          • Cabins with a Turkish bath effect, which is characterized by high humidity and pair temperature not higher than 45-50c. Thanks to the closed cabin doors, it is possible to recreate the necessary conditions, and the temperature control and level of humidity take over the thermometer and hygrometer.

            Depending on the form, round, square, rectangular, semicircular (as well as a quarter of a circle) and angular models are isolated. Models of semicircular and angular shape, as well as in the form of a semicircle are convenient for installation in small rooms.

            If the design of the cab is completely made of transparent materials, it is called open. Opposite to her closed cabin. Intermediate option – Combined cabins. Shower cabins with sauna can be closed or combined. Using open systems is impossible because they do not have their own ceiling. This means that high-quality steam generation in such structures is impossible.

            Cab differences can also be based on the types of doors:

            • with a swing door (swing out outwards, attached to the loop);
            • hinged models (visually do not differ from swing, however, they have a more reliable mounting on the hinges);
            • Models with a sliding door (work on the principle of a wardrobe, convenient for small rooms);
            • Cabins with a rotary mechanism (one more option for small rooms).

            In addition, the designs with a sauna may not have one, but two doors, where the entrance to the wet and shower zone is separate.

            Finally, shower cabins differ in the material from which the pallet is made.


            Different price accessibility. Service life – up to 15 years, while it is important that the pallet has a reinforcing layer. Otherwise it will simply crack under the weight of users. The advantage is also a variety of forms of acrylic pallets.

            An enhanced model of acrylic pallets are con. The latter are distinguished by increased strength, since they have quartz dust.

            Cast iron

            Service life – up to 30 years, however, the variety of forms such a pallet cannot boast. It is characterized by increased strength, but has a lot of weight and is heard long.


            Have improved aesthetic characteristics, long service life. However require careful appeal, and there are a lot.

            A natural stone

            As a rule, it is marble (more expensive) or porcelain stoneware (a little cheaper). Characterized by a long service life, impeccable appearance, increased strength. The only minus is the high cost.


            Shower cabins are produced different dimensions, so buying an apartment device, carefully measure the bathroom room. For small rooms, buying a cab with a steam generator is preferable because they differ in greater ergonomic.

            The optimal power of the steam generator is from 2 to 4 W, and its volume is 10-15.

            The principle of operation of devices with the steam generator implies water heating to the state of the steam, after which the steam is cold to a comfortable temperature (50c) and is fed to the cabin.

            Warming up devices with sauna is carried out by means of electric heating systems or infrared panels. In such models, it is assumed to have a control panel, with which the temperature and humidity indicators are set. Located remote outside the sauna.

            Arrangement of structures with a pair function or built-in sauna is also conducted as the connection of a conventional shower. Important moment – great attention should be paid to the tightness to prevent water contact and steam with electrocables.

            As for the sizes, there are no certain standards. Cabins can be width from 70 to 185 cm, the length varies in the range of 70-160 cm. If we are talking about devices with separate boxing under the sauna, their dimensions increase by about 2-2.5 times.

            Mandatory grounding and installation of the UDO system (protective disconnection device), and not only for the cabin, but also all metal elements in the bathroom in contact with electricity. Installation of heating elements is allowed only when the power is turned off. Cabin lighting is possible with lamps whose power is not more than 100 W.


            Select a suitable device from the presented manifold is not easy. To begin with, identify the most popular models that have won customer confidence. Among them are the following shower cabins with sauna:

            • Cabins Brand Am. They practically do not have negative feedback, due to reliability, multifunctionality and price availability. Are devices with steam generator and hydromassage. Price, average from 70,000 rubles.
            • Fans of the Finnish sauna can be recommended to the cab “Niagara”. In the compartment, lined with a wooden rail, the authentic atmosphere of the Finnish steam room is recreated, while the design itself is very ergonomic. The average price is from 100,000 rubles.

            • Aggregates Luxus 532 Equipped with steam generation. Distinctive feature – deep pallets. Possible different equipment of systems, which affects the cost. It fluctuates in the range of 50,000 – 90,000 rubles.
            • Modification Aqvapol Infrared Bath is characterized by price availability (from 30 000 rubles). Is a closed design with sliding doors. The disadvantage is large enough.

              Constructions enjoy unchanged popularity Canadian brand BANFF. The pride of the manufacturer is rightfully considered to be cabins with sauna. Their finish is made of wood of Canadian Red Cedar. When contacting with steam, healing the healing fragrance. The material itself does not have a certain shade – this is a whole color gamut from gently lemon to dark chocolate.

              Impeccable aesthetics combines these models with innovative solutions and multifunctionality. The manufacturer boasts the variety of pallets – these are ceramic, cast iron and acrylic models. Natural marble pallets are used in premium segment products.

              The internal organization of the cab space is always thought out – these are folding seats, comfortable shelves, modern anti-slip coatings. Standard models include sauna box, control panel, aromatherapy device, hydromassage by 6-10 nozzles, ordinary and tropical shower. The cost of models depends on the configuration and sizes, the average price is 150,000-200,000 rubles.

              On how to choose a shower cabin, look in the following video.

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