Shower cabin with hydromassage: selection criteria

A shower cabin with hydromassage – a stylish novelty, which has already been loved by many users, allowing you to combine pleasant with useful. In this article, we will look at how to choose such products, as well as let’s talk about their features.

Features of the device

The shower has the following distinguished features and benefits.

  • A shower cabin with hydromassage has an explicit advantage over the bathroom due to compact dimensions. Due to the small sizes, it is convenient to position such a product in the bathroom, inspireing there a washing machine, as well as many other necessary items.

  • Now it is possible not to be afraid that the water flows across the edge, because thanks to the optimal design in the shower, it is simply impossible, so you can safely take water procedures. Also, special panels for the legs will not let slip.

  • Using the hydromassage function, you can effectively relax. Well, if the nozzles at the model can move – so you can adjust the direction of water jets yourself. Also, some models have the ability to make a foot massage. Water jetings are served from the floor perpendicularly up. This option will be indispensable for people who spend the whole day on the legs and wish to remove fatigue and tension from them.

  • Such a shower cabin can be used and as a normal shower.

  • Ensure significant water savings compared to the bathroom.

  • Morning invigorating shower with hydromassage will help boot up with energy and good mood.

Of course, with all the advantages there are products and cons. Unlike the bath, it will not be possible to fully plunge into the water and lie down in hot water. Be sure to note and the cheapest cost of each model.

Equipment of various types can be installed in the shower cabin.

  • Pallets are made of polymeric material, but differ in form and sizes.

  • Each cabin has glass. They are transparent and opaque.

  • Control happens to a button, sensory and mechanical.

  • There are some options imitating rain droplets. Such a tropical shower will become a good acquisition for each family.

  • The special ozonation function can be used to sterilize the shower, until it works.

  • You can also arrange aromatherapy session. There is an opportunity in the cabin spreading aromatic smells to influence the stoves of the brain, feel comfortable.


The hydromassage soul variation usually has an upper cover, shower walls, it does not cost without pallet, crane, shower panel. Cabins are divided into open and closed. It is worth noting that the walls on the side can be the walls of the bathroom, which are trimmed with tiles. Similar shower corner will exceed your place. Nozzles, which are located at different levels in the cabin, will help to establish a different piping pressure for a particular area of ​​the body.

Consider some varieties of products.

  • Options with ferry possess not only the steam generator, but also the function of the upper and lower hydromassage. Comfortable design does not take much space in the house, it is featured convenience and stylish design. As for the cost, it starts from 70 thousand rubles.

  • Shower with Finnish Sauna. This product has an additional compartment. Registration it is performed using a tree. After a heavy and exhaust day, you can enjoy dry steam, pore. Such a cabin will cost 100 thousand rubles. The heating of the product is carried out using a special oven that will require special care.

  • Models with infrared bath. Such a cabin is closed, it will become an excellent option for wide rooms. The model has proven itself well with long-term operation, it has sliding flaps. This design is placed in the angle. Its price will be about 30 thousand rubles.

The peculiarity of such a model is that under the action of radiation it will not be heated by the cabin itself, but a human body. Such a system has a wellness effect, the body will receive energy and vigor.

  • Models with Turkish bath. The whole design has transparent flaps. You can apply an individual drawing to make your shower more unique and stylish. Such a model is especially presence of a steam generator that maintains a temperature of 50 degrees, the humidity is 100%.

Manage the system easily thanks to a special panel that is directly in the shower. There are also models with a remote control panel.

You can also highlight in demand models with radio and music – In such a shower, you definitely do not get bored. There are options with a high pallet where more water is recruited. Thus, a wide range of models of these devices will allow you to choose the option that will be impressed.

Dimensions and design

Today, modern manufacturers are offered to purchase a variety of one-siene cabins. Accordingly, they will differ in price, functionality, design, as well as size. For example, there are compact options with parameters 75×75 cm – such a shower corner will be successfully located in any bathroom. If the area allows, you can accommodate and more spacious options – 80×80, 90×90, 100×100 cm.

Be sure to select the right cabin height. Low ceiling, as too high, will be simply inconvenient to adopt water procedures.


Many modern buyers appreciated the comfort and ease of use of various shower cabins. Various reviews characterize this or that model or firm, while they all say that the shower corner is simply indispensable in every home.

When choosing a product, people comes from a combination of price and quality. Positive Users rate Appollo and its model A-0812. In this product, the housing has an angular location, hydromassage is present, and without a steam generator for the incarnation of the Spirit of the Turkish bath. The height of the structure is 220 centimeters, and the base parameters – 123 by 123 centimeters. The basis of the design is simplicity and reliability, it refers to the body, doors, drain system, cranes. There are other similar options, for example, A-238. This model is similar to the configuration, but it is more compact, has smaller dimensions.

A more fiscal option is NG-908-01S. Dimensions of it amount to 90 centimeters. There is a hydromassage and a Turkish bath. Raisin – a folding seat that is useful, comfortable and comfortable.

As for expensive imported models, they also attract the attention of buyers. There are options for Italian and German manufacturers on the market. Angular AM. PM Sense Deep 6 created from acrylic. Product parameters Standard and amount to 90 * 90 * 220 centimeters. The product has external and internal sensory control, there is a hydromassage function, a steam generator with a Turkish bath function. Distinctive feature – powerful special ventilation not only for the shower, but also for all niches and shower cavities.

Positive statements can be found about the domestic model Radomir Alice 2. This option is created by the type of boxing, the parameters of which are 168 * 86 centimeters. Height is equal to 226 centimeters. There is a hydromassage and a Turkish bath, while the power level of the pip is may be different. The lower sector has nozzles that are directed to the shin and foot areas. On top of the orientation of nozzles is designed to the lumbar department and back. The product can clearly adjust the temperature inside the cab.

For the prevention of fungal deposits there are special protection – space ozonation. This option for the destruction of dangerous microflora is the most effective.

Of course, such a model will not be cheap, but it will be pleasant to use it, and the design will serve for a long time.

Operating and Care Tips

Hydromassage soul variants should periodically expose sanitary processing. For this, a special occurrence system has been created, but it is not always provided in cheap models. Acrylic plastic should be washed with special solvent solvent with deep penetration. Do not forget to view the silicone seal, because the fungus accumulates there. If this happened, you will need to change the sealer, process and dry all the closed niches with the equipment.

Before you go to the store behind a stylish product, it is worth decreasing in advance with the desired dimensions of the shower, as well as with the place where the product will be placed. Often the height of the cabin is standard, the depth of the pallet may differ. If you want a shower with a bathroom, it is worth choosing a deep pallet.

After you have chosen and purchased the desired model, be sure to fill out the warranty card. If the silence fails, the manufacturer will have to repair.

If you wish to independently mount the shower cabin, it is worth knowing its device. It will also be necessary to find a clear instruction and follow it. If you are not sure about your abilities, it is better to trust experienced masters to save your strength, time and money.

Choosing a hydromassage shower, be sure to choose the options that you need. For example, if you prefer to simply take water procedures, and not therapeutic, it is worth thinking about the feasibility of acquiring such a product.

In the next video, see step-by-step shower assembly instructions with hydromassage.

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