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Most apartments’ owners are very often faced with a rather serious dilemma when planning a bathroom. It is necessary to thoroughly weigh and think about the most minor nuances when making the interior of this room to accommodate everything you need. At the same time, everyone would like to create a comfortable and convenient atmosphere in the bathroom.

The optimal option for small-sized bathrooms are shower cabins. A feature of the cabin can be called small product dimensions. Despite explicit advantages, showers are not very popular among buyers.

Features and differences from the bath

In our country, the baths are greater popularity, despite the visible positive properties of shower cabins. However, in small-sized bathrooms, there is no doubt the more optimal solution is to use the soul. Modern shower cabins have undoubted advantages:

  1. The use of the soul significantly saves water and, as a result, financial expenses are reduced;
  2. Allows you to significantly reduce the time to adopt water procedures;
  3. Compact product dimensions: The cabin takes a much less space than the bath, which is the main criterion for the arrangement of a small bathroom;
  4. Flowing water in the shower in the shower does not allow to accumulate and multiply by a large number of different microbes and bacteria;
  5. Taking a soul in the morning clock contributes to the charge of cheerfulness and tide of forces.


Among the variety of models of shower cabins It is necessary to highlight a few species that will be relevant in small bathrooms.

  1. Closed shower cabins, which are a hermetic capsule. The design of this model consists of a pallet, partitions and roofs. Closed model of shower cabins protect the room from moisture, condensate and temperature difference. Such products can be installed in any convenient bathroom. A feature of closed models is to use in the design of various modern technologies. The cost of these models is slightly higher.
  2. Open shower booths – the simplest and simple models. The product consists of a pallet and partitions. Installation will not be much labor. This model does not occupy a lot of space and is distinguished by the available price. Compact and practical product is installed in the corner of the bathroom.

When choosing this model, you should pay special attention to the height of partitions. To avoid bottling water, it is better to choose models with high partitions.

Views: their advantages and disadvantages

Before choosing a suitable model, you need to pay attention to the specifications and distinctive features of various types of shower cabins:

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Open angular. The main difference of this product can be called the presence of lateral partitions and the absence of the rear wall. Fastening partitions is carried out in different ways.

  1. To visually increase the space of the bathroom, partitions can be fixed with special loops or installation profiles.
  2. Some models are equipped with sliding doors. Partitions of these models are fixed throughout the perimeter of the framework. They differ in the most compact sizes.
  3. The most popular among customers of the model, the design of which provides for fixing partitions on the framework framework. These models are distinguished by increased strength and excellent stability.

In the modern market, several types of angular shower cabins are widely represented: Square, rectangular and semicircular. For small rooms, semicircular corner cabins are optimal option. The advantage of these models is the absence of sharp elements. Semicircular models allow you to significantly save space space. For more spacious bathrooms, shower cabins in the form of a square or a rectangle are perfectly suitable.

Shower booths without roofs. These products have a large number of positive properties:

  1. Such models are ideal for premises with a low ceiling;
  2. The design of angular shower cabins without upper overlap is comfortable for people of any growth;
  3. The presence of rear partitions allows the surface of the walls of the walls from a large amount of moisture;
  4. Available cost of products.

With all the positive properties of these models, it is impossible not to mention the disadvantages.

  • Due to the lack of the upper partition on the surfaces of the walls and the ceiling of the room, condensate accumulates. Therefore, when installing this model of the shower, it is necessary to provide protection for various surfaces of the room and furniture from the impact of high humidity. Or after each reception of water procedures will have to carefully wipe the ceiling, walls and furniture dry.
  • In some cases, the moisture will fall into various cracks and cracks between the partitions and the surfaces of the walls, as a result, a fungus appears and mold. Eliminate the problem is quite simple – when installing this product it is necessary to envisage the installation of special.

The use of steam generators in open top shower cabins is absolutely useless.Also open showers are not suitable for using a tropical and cascading soul.

The shower cabin in the form of a hermetic capsule is distinguished by a very insignificant amount of deficiencies:

  • The model has quite large sizes;
  • The space inside the cabin is significantly reduced due to the upper partition;
  • The product is quite high worth.
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All disadvantages of this model are compensated by a large amount of advantages:

  • You can install such a model anywhere in the bathroom;
  • Installation of the product involves the use of a deep pallet, in this case the pallet can be used as a bath with a child or a pet;
  • The shower cabin is additionally equipped with various functions for maximum convenience of owners;
  • The capsule is absolutely sealed, it ensures the protection of all surfaces of the room, furniture from the effects of high humidity, temperature drops, reliable noise insulation.

Model of the shower cabin in the form of hydrobox most suitable for use in premises with large dimensions, as it has large sizes. The product is a combination of cabin and bath. Technical characteristics of these models are absolutely identical with hermetic capsules. Boxes are universal and practical.

For the greatest comfort, you can equip the product with various shelves and devices.

Material pallet

An important factor when choosing a pallet for the shower cabin is the material from which it is made. The pallet should not be slippery, have excellent soundproofing, resistant to various mechanical and chemical impacts. Modern specialized outlets offer pallets that are made from various materials.


Modern durable material has excellent technical characteristics. The product is sufficiently safe, not slippery, quickly heats up and for a large period of time saves heat. The pallet has good sound insulation, is distinguished by a long service life. Acrylic pallets are easily suited to sanitation, it is easy to handle products, retaining their initial external data for a long time, do not lose color. Models made of acrylic differ in variety of forms.

With all the positive characteristics of acrylic pallets there is one big drawback – For the greatest strength and reliability of the design requires an additional mount in the form of plates or a metal frame. When choosing an acrylic product, you need to pay attention to this.

Cast iron

Products made of cast iron – the most durable and durable. To warm up the pallet, it takes a little longer than for an acrylic product, but it keeps warm enough. The cost of such products is quite democratic.

It is worth paying attention to the negative qualities of cast iron products. They have a fairly high weight, do not differ in a large variety of forms. All models of the same type and have bad sound insulation. Cast iron pallets, decorated enamel, differ in short-lived coating.

Steel: durable and durable

Products made of special alloy steel are distinguished by low weight and affordable cost. Negative qualities have a lot of steel products. The pallets from steel are slippery, so to avoid injury, it is better to purchase a product with a corrugated room or use special rubber mats. Steel products have bad sound insulation.

To warm this pallet, it will take a fairly large period of time. Another big minus – he does not hold warm.


Pallets from ceramics have excellent aesthetic external data, products are durable and distinguished by excellent sound insulation. Ceramic models are easily sanitura. Long heated, but quite well keep warm.

Such products have quite large weight, differ in high cost and are not resistant to mechanical damage.

From stone

Manufacturers mainly use marble, but there are products made from other materials. Durable, stylish and original pallets are heated for a short period of time, long keep warm.

The large minus product data is the high cost. To purchase an option cheaper, but with identical technical characteristics, you can choose artificial products.


Natural tree – very fragile and not durable material, products from it require processing with special means to increase resistance to humidity. Pallets made of wood possess excellent noise insulation, quickly heated and keep warm long. The product looks stylish and beautiful. Pallets from wood, except for a short service life, have another drawback – it is quite difficult to sanitatek.

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If you still prefer a natural tree as a material for a showerful pallet, you can make wooden only bottom products. It will slightly simplify the product maintenance and will prolong the service life.

If you got a combined bathroom with a bathroom, then lay the furniture in it is quite difficult. In this case, you can visually divide the space by putting a narrow washing machine. It is necessary to accommodate it between the bathroom and the toilet.

Purchasing a shower cabin, everyone seeks to get a durable and practical product. To do this, it is sufficient to correctly install the model of the shower cabin and pallet, carry out regular thorough sanitation of the product. Even the budget shower will serve not one year, if it is correct to install it and adhere to the recommendations for its operation.

You can view the master class on installing a shower cabin in the following video.

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