Seal for washing machine: characteristics, operation and repair

The washing machine can rightly call the owners assistant. This unit simplifies household troubles and saves strength, so it should always be in good condition. The complex device “Washing” implies that the whole machine will stop functioning from breakdowns. The glands are considered a very important part of the design of this type of household appliances, since their presence prevents moisture from entering the bearing.


The seal for the washing machine is a special node that is set to make moisture in the bearings. This item is available in “Washing” of any models.

Cuffs can have different dimensions, labeling, to be with two springs and one.

As well as These details have appearance and dimensions. In the inside of the gland there is a special metal element, so when installing in the tank, it is necessary to show extreme accuracy to prevent damage.

Approximate table of spare parts for some washing machines with a drum

Model aggregate

stuffing box



25 * 47 * 11/13

6203 + 6204

30 * 52 * 11/13

6204 + 6205

35 * 62 * 11/13

6205 + 6206


30 x 52 x 10

6204 + 6205

25 x 47 x 10

6203 + 6204


25 x 47 x 8/11,5

6203 + 6204

30 x 52 x 11/12,5

6204 + 6205

30 x 52/60 x 11/15

6203 + 6205

Bosch Siemens

32 x 52/78 x 8 / 14.8

6205 + 6206

40 x 62/78 x 8 / 14.8

6203 + 6205

35 x 72 x 10/12

6205 + 6306

Electrolux Zanussi Aeg

40.2 x 60/105 x 8 / 15.5

BA2B 633667

22 x 40 x 8/11,5

6204 + 6205

40.2 x 60 x 8/10,5

BA2B 633667


The gland has the form of a rubber ring, the main role of which is the seal between static and moving elements of the washing machine. It is the details of the tank limit the penetration of water into the space between the shaft and the tank. This item performs the function of a kind of sealant between the details of a specific group. The role of salts should not be underestimated, since without them the normal functioning of the unit is almost impossible.

Operating Rules

During operation, the shaft occurs constant contact with the inlets of the gland. If you do not reduce friction, after the expiration of a small period, the ballast will dry and flow fluid.

In order for the seal of the washing machine to serve as much as possible, it will be necessary to use a special lubricant.

It is necessary to improve the functional characteristics of the element. Lubrication promotes the protection of the gland from the worniness and the appearance of cracks on it. To prevent penetration of unnecessary water to the bearing, you will need to regularly lubricate the seal.

By choosing lubricant, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • level moisture resistance;
  • the absence of aggressive components;
  • resistance to temperature differences;
  • Consistency and high quality consistency.

    Most of the manufacturers of washing machines produce lubricants for details that are suitable for their model. However, in practice it is proved that the composition of such substances is identical. Despite the fact that the purchase of lubrication will cost it somehow, it will still be justified, since alternative means entailing the softening of seals, respectively, reduce their service life.

    According to experts, most often the glands break due to improper use of washing machines. For this reason It is recommended to carefully examine the instruction manual after the purchase of equipment. Among other things, it is worth regularly tracking the condition of the internal parts of the unit, the gland in particular.


    Buying a gland for a washing machine, it is worth considering it on cracks. The sealer must be whole and without defects. Experts recommend to give preference to details that have a universal direction of rotational movement, that is, they can be installed without difficulty.

    After that, it is worth ensuring that the sealing material fully complies with the conditions of the environment in which he will have to work.

    You need to choose that the gland that will withstand the Wednesday Washing Machine, and it will save its working capacity. In this case The material should be selected according to the rotation speed of the shaft and its dimensions.

    Silicone rubber seals should be used with some caution, as despite their good characteristics, they can damage mechanical factors. Unpack the glands and get them out of packaging stands with hands without using cutting and stitching tools, as even a minor scratch can cause tightness disorders. Choosing a seal, you need to pay attention to the labeling and label, the rules for using the gland are indicated on them.

    Repair and replacement

    After the installation of the washing machine is completed, and it successfully erases things, it is worth thinking about checking its details, in particular, the gland. On the violation of its functionality may indicate that the machine with washing creaks and noise. Otherwise, the following signs are burning about the malfunction of the seal:

    • Vibration, a knock of an aggregate from its inner part;
    • drum backlash that is checked by a drum scrolling;
    • Full stop of the drum.

    In the case of detection of at least one of the above signs, it is worth checking the performance of the glands.

    When you ignore violations in the work of the washing machine, you can count on the destruction of bearings.

    In order to install a new seal in a washing machine, it needs to be disassembled and correctly remove all the details. For work it is worth preparation of standard tools that are present in each house.

    Step-by-step procedure for replacing the seal:

    • Disconnecting the upper cover from the unit of the unit, it costs to unscrew the bolts that it is retained;
    • Revolving the rear side of the housing, removal of the rear wall;
    • removing the drive belt by rotational movements of the shaft hand;
    • Removing the cuff, which is sliding the hatch doors, due to the separation of the metal ring;
    • Turning off the wire from the TEN, the electric motor, grounding;
    • cleaning hoses, nozzles, which are attached to Baku;
    • separation of the sensor, which is responsible for water fence;
    • dismantling shock absorbers, springs that support drum;
    • removal of intricaded counterweights;
    • removing the motor;
    • pulling the tank and drum;
    • Tank promotion and pulling pulley with hexagon.

      After the washing machine is dismantled, you can access the siblon. In the extraction of the seal there is nothing complicated. To do this, it will be enough to easily subscribe a screwdriver. After that, the sealant should be examined and replaced if necessary. The next step will be a lubricant of each installed part, as well as landing places.

      It is very important to be able to correctly put the sealing ring.

      If there are no labels on it, the installation should be carried out in such a way that the gland closes the nichel with movable elements of the bearing. Camely and back to glue the tank in the case of the following assembly of the machine.

      The glands for washing machines are details that belong to the sealing and sealing. Thanks to them not only bearings, but the unit as a whole serve much longer. However, in order for these details to qualitatively coped with their destination, it is worth lubricate them with special compositions.

      How to install the gland to the washing machine, look next.

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