Review of towel rails with shelf

At the moment, the market of heated towel rails is a fairly large range of products that has its own types and purpose. If the model has constructive features that perform operation more convenient, then such a product is easier to use. Among such heated towel rails, it is possible to mark products with a shelf.

Pros and cons

In inexperienced buyers often have questions about how the models with the shelf differ from those that do not have it. The answer can serve as a description of the advantages and disadvantages. From the advantages of the shelves can be called the opportunity to post more things. And not only towels and so on, which can be hung on ordinary ladies or hooks, but also wide items. Hinged design and dimensions are allowed, so you can, for example, place shoes and hats, which is much more convenient than to embed them between sections.

As for the electric travelers, the presence of a shelf saves on electricity. According to the size and cost ratio, this constructive feature is more profitable than individual crossbars. Some manufacturers equip their models with rotary shelves, which makes it possible to customize their location so that you can use the accessories even on a lot of distances.

The advantage can be called the convenience of. Since the shelf in comparison with the design of the ladder is advanced, it allows you to save a small height of the product. It is important to take into account due to the fact that the technique needs to be placed at an optimal distance from the floor and the ceiling.

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Do not forget about the appearance that is more supplemented if the product has a shelf. In this case, the advantages make equipment better not only from the point of view of capacity and other parameters, but also add aesthetics. This is important and when creating a certain interior in the bathroom.

The only obvious disadvantage of the shelves can be called an enlarged area of ​​the product.

Due to the fact that the design is repeated forward, difficulties may occur when placing such a heated towel rail in a small room, where there is no way to physically embed a model.

Brands and models

Since heated towel rails with a bath shelf are represented from most manufacturers, in this case it is worth navigating not only on these models, but also in general on the range. As a rule, most models with a shelf have the structure of “ladder” and can be with two and more structures. As for variability, everything depends on the manufacturer. Bronze, white, black, silver and other colors, as well as models with a folding top and other features – all this is presented in the product market.

“DVIN F” – a model with dimensions of 800×500 mm, having a shelf on one crossbar. The material of the manufacture is steel with an anti-corrosion coating, which allows you to increase the service life. And also it makes the design of the heated towel rail. Total 5 sections, power 430 W, heating temperature up to 60 degrees.

2 mm collector wall thickness, there is a thermostat and protection against overheating and freezing.

“Akvanerzh Trapezium” – a technological model of a well-known domestic producer. Connection is carried out through an electrical wire with a fork, only 6 sections. Installation through the lower side direction, the power is 300 W, the maximum heating temperature can reach 70 degrees. Collector wall thickness 2.2 mm instead of 2 standard, which increases thermal conductivity and has a positive effect on the strength of the device.

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The technical part has the on / off button, thermostat, protection and auto power conclusion when overheating.

The approximate time of full heating is 10 minutes, the package includes everything you need to install.

LARIS “EUROMIX” P8 – a heated towel rail who likes consumers due to its design and attractive appearance. The ladder has 7 crossbars, three of which make up a shelf. In contrast to many other models, the upper part is not one section, and two, which allows you to place even more things and towels. It should be noted that some of the crossbars are nominated in comparison with others, because of which the clothes do not hurt each other and does not interfere with drying.

Connecting through a wire with a fork, manufacturing material is stainless steel, connecting lower right. The horizontal inter-axis distance is 50 cm, power 145 W, the voltage of the network 220 V. Heating temperature of 55 degrees, among the functional features, you can note the presence of a thermostat.

The equipment consists of fasteners required for installation.

Lemark Pramen P10 is an expensive model that surpasses most others by its technical characteristics. Like other heated towel rails, PRAMEN is made of stainless steel alloy having good strength and resistance to corrosion. In total there are 11 sections, the shelf is equipped with one of them. In addition, there is an advanced separation. Connection Lower.

Power is 300 W, which allows this heated towel to heat up very quickly. At the same time, the maximum temperature is 65 degrees. Collector wall thickness 1.6 mm used network voltage 220 V. Among the available features, it is worth noting the thermostat, protection against overheating, as well as the power / off button to save electricity.

The design provides both the right and left installation of the Tan.

Among individual brands, it is possible to note the products of domestic producers Terminus, Mstal and cheaper “Aquarent”. They have a wide range and a variety of models in their characteristics and sizes, among which the most popular can be called 500×600 mm, 600×800 mm, 600×700 mm and other.

Width and length depend on the species of the model, so the choice remains only for the buyer.

Examples in the interior

An important feature of healers with a shelf and without it is the possibility of various use of material manufacturing. They may be like stainless steel, which advocates the most popular option and copper, brass and black metal. In this regard, different models have an appearance peculiar to them. It is impossible not to say about the fact that manufacturers sell products in different color, which also makes the interior of the bathroom more diverse.

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An optional location can be installed in the installation of a towel rail over the washing machine or next to the mirror so that the tenants can take towels in the most convenient way.

If all things will be at the distance of an elongated hand, it will facilitate the use.

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