Review and selection of Miele drying machines

Overview of Miele drying machines allows you to say: they really deserve attention. But the choice of such equipment should be carried out no less carefully than other brands. The range includes embedded, separately and even professional models – and each of them has its subtleties and nuances.


Almost any Miele drying machine has Special technology Ecodry. It implies the use of a filter complex and a thought-out heat exchanger to reduce current consumption and simultaneously guaranteeing excellent clothing processing. Fragrancedos linen flavors make it easy to achieve persistent and saturated odor. Heat exchanger, by the way, is designed so that it does not have to be serviced at all. Any drying machine of the actual generation T1 has a special PerfectDry complex.

It is designed to achieve a full result of drying by determining the conductivity of water. As a result, driving and insufficient drying will be completely excluded. Novelties have the option of steam smoothing. This mode allows you to simplify ironing, and in most cases and do without it at all. For the T1 line, the exceptional level of energy savings is also characteristic.

Overview of the best models

Separately standing

An excellent example of a detached drying machine is the version Miele TCJ 690 WP Chrome Edition. This device is painted in the color “white lotus” and has a chrome hatch. A unique feature can be considered a thermal pump with the Steamfinish option. Drying will occur under reduced temperature. Feed a carefully calculated steam mixture and slightly warm air will smooth out folds.

In addition to a single-line white display, a swivel switch is used to control. There are 19 programs for tissues of various types. You can load up to 9 kg of linen on drying, which is very important for working with bedding. The design is designed in such a way as to be provided Consumption of energy at class A+++. For the dryness itself is responsible HEATPUMP compressor.

Other parameters are as follows:

  • Height – 0.85 m;
  • Width – 0.596 m;
  • Depth – 0.636 m;
  • Round hatch for loading (painted under chrome);
  • Cellular drum with special soft ribs;
  • inclined control panel;
  • Special optical interface;
  • coating frontal surface with a special enamel;
  • the ability to postpone the start for 1-24 hours;
  • Indication of the remaining time.

Special indicators will also allow to determine how filled the pallet for condensate and how clogged the filter.

Provided LED backlight drum. At the request of the user, the machine is blocked using a special code. Options for selecting language and connecting to complexes of the smart home are available. The heat exchanger is designed in such a way that the maintenance is not required.

Speaking about technical parameters, you should specify:

  • dry mass of 61 kg;
  • the length of the standard network wire – 2 m;
  • operating voltage – from 220 to 240 V;
  • Total current consumption – 1.1 kW;
  • Built-in fuse at 10 A;
  • depth after the door opening – 1.054 m;
  • Located on the left door stop;
  • Type of refrigerant R134A.

As an alternative to consider Miele TWV 680 WP Passion. Like the previous model, it is performed in the colors “White Lotus”. Management translated to touch mode completely. Therefore, the choice of washing program and additional functions are simplified to a minimum. The display reports how much time it remains until the current cycle is completed.

Special thermal pumps guarantee a gentle drying of linen and exclude fibers deformation. In the stream of moisturized warm air, all the folds and dents are smoothed. The amount of loaded linen, as in the previous model, is 9 kg. Wherein The class of economy is even higher – a +++ -10%. Linear dimensions are made 0.85х0,596х0,643 M.

Round lobe for loading linen painted in silver color and has a chrome edge. The angle of inclination of the control panel is 5 degrees. Inside the cell drum to which a patent is obtained, there are soft ribs. Provided and special optical interface. The indicators of this model show the current and remaining time, the percentage of the program execution.

It is still denoting the degree of clogging of the filter and the filter of the pallet under condensate. Of course, the possibility of connecting the device to the smart home. The system will give prompts in text format. The heat exchanger does not require maintenance, and there are 20 drying programs. Protection against crumpled tissue, ferry final processing and reverse reverse mode.

Technical parameters are as follows:

  • mass – 60 kg;
  • refrigerant R134A;
  • Power consumption – 1.1 kW;
  • depth with a fully opened door – 1.077 m;
  • Fuse on 10a;
  • The possibility of installation both under the countertop and in a column with a washing unit.


Speaking about the built-in Miele cars, it is worth paying attention to T4859 CIL (this is the only one model). With its manufacture uses a unique technology Perfect Dry. It guarantees an excellent result and at the same time saves energy. There is also a protection of fabric crumpled. Users can set preservation of residual moisture to enjoy clothes was more comfortable.

Configuring the device using a touch display occurs relatively easily and harmoniously. Effective condensate discharge. Maximum allowable load – 6 kg. Drying will be made in condensation mode. Energy consumption category B is even quite acceptable today.

Other indicators:

  • Size – 0.82×0.595×0.575 m;
  • painting under stainless steel;
  • direct control panel;
  • Sensortronic format display;
  • the ability to postpone the start for 1-24 hours;
  • coating frontal surface enamel;
  • Highlighting the drum from the inside of incandescent bulbs;
  • availability of a test service program;
  • the ability to specify and save your own programs in memory;
  • Dry mass – 52 kg;
  • total current consumption – 2.85 kW;
  • The possibility of mounting under the tabletop, on top of the COLOs WTS 410 and in the columns with washing machines.


In a professional class should pay attention to Miele PDR 908 HP. The device has a heat pump and calculated on 8 kg of linen. An important feature is special SoftLift blades that stirred the underwear gently. To adjust the modes, the color display of the sensory type is applied. Optionally, you can connect to the system by Wi-Fi.

Loading is performed in the front plane. The machine is set separately. Its dimensions are 0.85×0.596×0.777 m. Permissible loading is 8 kg. The inner capacity of the drying drum reaches 130 liters.

The heat pump can supply air along the axial method, and the reverse drum is provided.

Other features are:

  • ground plug;
  • The diameter of the loading hatch is 0.37 m;
  • Opening the door up to 167 degrees;
  • Left door hinges;
  • Reliable filtration that interferes with dust heat exchanger;
  • the ability to install the device in a column with a washing machine (optional);
  • The limit level of evaporation is 2.8 l per hour;
  • Own mass of the device – 72 kg;
  • execution of the reference drying program for 79 minutes;
  • Use for drying 0.61 kg of substance R134A.

Good alternative turns out Miele PT 7186 Vario RU OB. Cell drum made from stainless steel steel brands. Dimensions are 1.02×0.7×0.763 m. The capacity of the drum – 180 l, the drying of the air is provided. Diagonal air supply is provided.

Users can ask individual programs in addition to the existing 15 modes.

TDB220WP Active – Stylish and practical drying machine. The rotated switch provides speed and accuracy of the selection of modes. It is possible to provide ease of ironing, and in some cases it is completely abandoned from it. Due to the “impregnation” option, hydrophobic tissue characteristics increase. It is valuable for the usual top and for sportswear.

Main characteristics:

  • separate installation;
  • Category of economy – a ++;
  • Compressor version of Heat Pump;
  • dimensions – 0.85×0.596×0.636 m;
  • PROFIECO type engine;
  • Color “White Lotus”;
  • Large round loading hatch white color;
  • direct installation;
  • 7-segment screen;
  • Condensate removal complex;
  • launch posting for 1-24 hours;
  • Highlighting the drum with LEDs.

Complete the review appropriate on the dryer TDD230WP Active. The device is not too difficult in control and consumes relatively little current. The rotated switch provides a simple selection of the desired program. Limit loading when drying can be 8 kg. Dimensions – 0.85×0,596×0.636 m.

Average 1 cycle requires us to use 1.91 kW electricity. The mass of the drying machine reaches 58 kg. It is equipped with a two-meter network cable. The volume of sound when working is 66 dB. The default setting is performed in a column with a washing machine.


At drum drying Width is usually 0.55-0.6 m. Depth most often equal to 0.55-0.65 m. The height of most such models ranges from 0.8 to 0.85 m. Where it is necessary to save place, it is advisable to apply embedded and especially compact devices. But too small drum does not allow high-quality underwear, and therefore its volume should be at least 100 liters.

Much more size has drying cabinets. They still have the instruction. The efficiency of work depends not so much from the capacity of the camera, how much from the height of the structure.

With an increase in its drying speed increases. Typical parameters are 1.8×0.6×0.6 m; Other sizes are usually manufactured to order.

Choice rules

Attention must be paid primarily to smells that creates flavoring. It is also useful to familiarize yourself with what filters are installed. Still worth considering how accessories are available for a particular machine. In addition to these parameters, the equipment is estimated by:

  • performance;
  • sizes;
  • compliance with the design of the room;
  • the number of programs;
  • Additional set of functions.


In the “Auto +” mode, you can successfully dry underwear from mixed fabrics. Mode “Slim” guarantees careful operation with synthetic threads. The “shirt” option is also suitable for blouses. It is advisable to use the maximum allowable download in each program to improve the efficiency. It is impractical to apply drying machines at a very low or very high temperature indoor.

Filters for pile need to be cleaned after each drying. Noises when working comply with the norm. After graduating from drying it is required to lock the door. Cleaning machine is not allowed using high pressure cleaners.

You can not use a device without pile and base filters.

Possible malfunctions

Even the excellent Miele’s drying machines often need to be repaired. Often you have to clean the filters and air supply channels. When the device is not dried or simply does not turn on, probably broke the fuse. Evaluate its health will help checking a multimeter. Next check:

  • launcher switch;
  • motor;
  • Switch on the door;
  • Drive belt and associated switch.

Error F0 is the most pleasant – more precisely, this code shows that there are no problems. As for such a component, as the check valve, it is meaningless about it – in any instructions for MIELE technique and in any description of errors does not mention it. Sometimes problems arise with a basket that does not extend or disagree. In this case, it can only be changed. F45 error shows the control unit failure, i.e. violations in the Flash RAM memory block.

The car overheats when short circuit. Problems also creates:

  • heating element;
  • scored duct;
  • impeller;
  • Outlet air duct.

The machine does not dry underwear, if:

  • Loading is too large;
  • The type of fabric is incorrectly selected;
  • small voltage in the network;
  • Paul a thermistor or thermostat;
  • Paid Timer.

Next you are waiting for useful tips on using the MIELE T1 drying machine.

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