Rating of the best model toilet models Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard develops in the production of a variety of bathroom products, including toilet bowels. The office is located in Belgium, Mark actively cooperates with countries such as England, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria and other European powers. Thermal toilets are highlighted against the background of other analogues presented in the modern market.

Features, pros and cons

Brand is widely known in its segment. Its products are widely assorted. Firm creates high-quality products. In the manufacture use noble and environmentally friendly materials. Ideal Standard brand toilets are distinguished by reliability and practicality. Their feature is clear forms, as well as streamlined lines.

Thermal toilets are suitable for home use, office and public places. At the expense of its compact forms, they do not occupy a lot of space, make the bathroom stylish, save the useful area. Using the instruction you can independently install the toilet. The only minus of the models is the high cost. However, the products itself is high-quality in use.


There are several types of toilet bowls Ideal Standard.

Mark produces suspended, compact, outdoor varieties.

  • Outboard toilet bowls are equipped with covers. They attract the attention of the buyer with silent water plums.
  • Compact can be optimally placed. They are a good option for small rooms.
  • Outdoor models consist of a seat, bottom and tank. You can easily install the toilet, the advantage is a wide selection of the range of models.

The entire product range has an anti-infamous coating. In the process of long-term use of shine and whiteness, enamel remain unchanged. The maximum flow for washes provides water savings, the sewage supply system can be installed vertically, horizontally or even at an angle than the comfort provides. There is a huge range of components for modeling models Ideal Standard. Covers, seats and tanks are made of materials such as porcelain, plastic and douroplas. Seat caps are with or without microlift, washbasters have different volumes: 3, 4, 5 and 6 liters.

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Best models

Ideal Standard presents different model of toilet. Note the best.

  • Ocean – Outdoor, universal toilet bowl of sanfarf material with a funnel shape of the bowl. It has a button reinforcement, a drain tank, the seat with a lid, the bottom half drain.
  • Connect – Suspended toilet with a plumbing tank module, which can be hidden in the wall with installation. Deep scales system ensures clean and destroys all microbes.
  • Tesi – Suspended toilet with a rectangular shape of the bowl, produced from ceramics. Cover and seat are ordered additionally. The volume of flushing depends on the embedded equipment. There is an antivisplex system.

  • Tempo – Product made of ceramics, distinguished by reliability and safety. Edges have a rounded view. There are three modifications (suspended, outdoor and tank). Bowl shape rectangular, located in the center. There are overflow and a hole for the mixer.
  • Eurovit Plus – Outdoor toilet with an oval shape of the bowl made from ceramics. The flush mode has three types: double, economical and usual. All communication is hidden in the walls of the bathroom and inside the toilet.
  • Aquablade – Outdoor toilet with an oval shape of a bowl made of ceramics, Sanfayans, Porcelain. Included there is a tank with a mechanical drain of water, which is installed on the toilet. Constine design.

  • Space – suspended toilet, sold along with the seat and with a lid; produced from the material of Sanfarfor. Drawing water horizontal.
  • ECCO – Unitaz-compact from Sanfarfora, has a drain tank with lower water supply. Lid seat can be sold separately.
  • DELLA – CD toilet from Ceramics and Sanfarfora. The coating of the product has moisture resistance and provides reduction in the level of pollution. Water with horizontal drain.
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Ideal Standard toilet – reliable plumbing device. But it may be damaged by breakdowns. Some elements of a malfunction are able to repair independently. Toilet bowls consist of a bowl and drain tank in which the hose from the water pipe is carried out in order to receive water.

Most breakdowns are connected with a tank, from which the water is merged while pressing the wash button. If the water supply does not stop or does the wash button work well, you need to get acquainted with the instructions and remove the tank cover. However, you first need to overlap cold water and flush wash. The button often breaks. It can be fixed in different ways: to wind the wire, glue, but it will be better to replace it.

When repairing the toilet, you can pick up certain parts. Drain fittings has two descent regimes (3 and 6 liters). Its package includes a drain mechanism, a sealing gasket, a chrome button and instruction. Filling valve 3/8 connects to the water supply system from below. It is made of brass. The membrane assembly for repair is used in the case when the valve does not have damage, but poorly passes water or does not overlap it.

Remkomplekt is necessary to troubleshoot the filling valve operation. The exhaust mechanism has two washing modes (you can adjust in height), the chrome button is present. Single-mode drain mechanism is adjustable in height with a high work resource. The bulk valve is connected to the water supply system from the bottom, designed for ceramic tanks. The drain mechanism for installation is provided with two species (large and small washed), calculated for the systems of the hidden type.

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Shut-off ring (gasket) for drain reinforcement is intended to eliminate water leakage into the bowl of toilet bowl. The wash button with a mechanical drain launch has an economy mode. Cartridges for mixers are two types: thermostatic and ceramic. They can be of different lengths: 25, 32 or 40 millimeters.

Seats with a lid for toilet bowl available in various designs. You can purchase a seat with microlift and special metal fasteners, the length of which is 80 mm. All parts and components of the toilet toilet Ideal Standard can be ordered or immediately buy in a plumbing store. If a person himself cannot cope with the breakdown, it is better to call a master who will help eliminate malfunctions or replace the toilet spare parts.


Overall, Ideal Standard Positive Toilet Reviews. Consumers celebrate high quality goods. Products are characterized by design convenience in use, originality, practicality, and functionality. With the help of detailed instructions, the buyer can install the product itself.

Most consumers are satisfied with a smooth base, a low-noise water set, anti-tape system, double drain. There is a complete mount to the floor, the tank is made of ceramics, inside it has a plastic container. There are no extra bends and is able to quickly remove the seat to wash it easily and attach it back. Consumers like this product for style and convenience.

Detailed Ideal Standard Connect Rimless E814901 toilet Review You will see in the following video.

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