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The washing machine is the device without which it is difficult to present modern life. Thanks to this technique, life becomes much easier and allows people not to spend a lot of time washing clothes. Today we will talk about quiet washing machines that are increasingly popular with consumers.

Top by type

To begin with, I would like to divide the models by type of management and make a kind of rating to be easier to navigate in the assortment.


  • Bosch Serie | 6 WLL24265OE;
  • Bosch Serie | 6 WLT24465OE;
  • LG FH0B8LD6.


  • Electrolux PerfectCare 700 EW7W3R68SI;
  • Whirlpool Bi WMWG 71253E;
  • Siemens WM 16y892;
  • Bosch Wat 28740;
  • SAMSUNG WW80H7410EW.

This is a list of quiet machines classified by type. It is worth saying about the advantages and features of everyone so that there is a brief idea of ​​what the difference between them. Mechanical machines require direct human participation. On the front panel of this type of devices there are various buttons and switches, with which the user will be able to set all the necessary parameters.

Worth saying about the fact that Mechanics have no such display that electronics have. Thus, if your clothes need a special process of washing and you understand it, then the mechanical model will suit you best. The main advantages of mechanical washing machines are their resistance to differentials on the network and a relatively small price.

The minuses can also be called a small variety of modes and types of work, for a long time washing relative to the electronic analogs and a small variety of data models in the market.

Electronic machines are the most common models that make the wash process of several buttons. All features, modes and status of work are displayed on a convenient display. A person only needs to set the basic parameters for the machine, for example, tissue type, temperature and rinse.

If we talk about the advantages, then the most important of them is convenience. Machine will do everything for you, namely selects the required temperature, the number of revolutions, time washing. Also in electronic machines there is a self-diagnosis system and protection against malfunctions, which protects the machine from both the system errors and the wrong installation of the components or the machine as a whole. Their main minus is the price, because really quiet and at the same time multifunctional cars are quite expensive.

Best models

Now we will look at the highest quality cars from various firms and find out what washing machines are the most silent.


Electrolux PerfectCare 700 EW7W3R68SI – Pretty expensive and very high-quality washing machine, which has a wide range of features and features. First of all it is worth saying about maximum linen capacity weighing 8 kg. Power consumption of class A +++, washing – a, and spin – in. Also built-in drying mode with loading of things up to 4 kg. Water consumption for the full cycle of washing is 115 liters. Script mode can be adjusted by speed, and its maximum indicator is 1600 rpm. There is a complete protection of the device from water flowing. In addition, the programs for establishing the stability of the machine are built.

This model is equipped A variety of technologies, among which can be noted washing jeans, delicate tissues, dark things, sportswear. A total of 14 programs. Among the special functions, it is possible to delay the washing with the maximum indicator until 20 o’clock. The noise level when washing is 46 dB, during annealing 70 – dB.

The height of the design is 82 cm, the color is white, built into the display with intelligent control.

Whirlpool Bi WMWG 71253E is a model having a front load of 7 kg. There is an electronic control embedded in the display. Power consumption A +++, washing a and spin in. As with the previous model, there is an opportunity to change the spin rate, the maximum speed of which is 1200 rpm. Protection against water leaks is built into safety. There is control of the imbalance of the machine and the level of foam. There are programs for washing wool, downs, silk, sportswear, denim and delicate fabrics. A total of 14 modes of operation. There is a timer to delay the start of washing. Model inexpensive, because there is no drying function.

Among features can be noted The possibility of changing the temperature and washing of things of different colors together. Machine color white, height – 82 cm, and weight – 64.4 kg. Noise level during washing reaches 54 – dB, during drying – up to 72 – dB.

Bosch WKD 28541 – Dear high-quality model with lots of features and benefits. Maximum linen load is 7 kg. There is a drying with a load of 4 kg and 4 work modes. Also, this process can be launched by the right time. Electronic Intelligent Office, Symbolic Display. The only disadvantage can be called a low class of energy consumption that is equal in. Wash class A, spin – A. The maximum rotational speed of the drum can reach 1,400 rpm, and it can be changed or disabled at its discretion. Security system includes machine stability system, protection against children and water leaks. Among 15 special modes there are pre-washing, washing mixed fabrics, work in the presence of a large amount of water. It is also worth saying about the built-in antisampling system of things, which is achieved due to the gradual flow of detergent through the drum. There is a night mode.

There is a 24-hour timer delaying the start of the start of the cycle, the compartment for the liquid powder is provided, which is the advantage over most of the other washing machines. This model has a hypoallergenic protection system and the ActiveWater function, which redistributes condensate back into the car, which saves electricity. Availability of this economy is associated with a low energy consumption class. The noise level when washing is 57 dB, during drying – 74 dB. Among the additional features should be said about Select temperature mode for washing and the presence of the program ending. Machine color white, height – 82 cm, weight – 83 kg. Water consumption in full cycle – 95 l.

Separately standing

Siemens WM 16Y892 – Dear Machine with Wide Functional. One of the distinguishing features can be called a large load of linen in 9 kg. Design is provided by a removable cover for installation of the machine. Management is carried out through the display with electronic control. Power consumption a +++, washing class A, spin – also a. The variable spin speed can reach 1600 rpm mark. There is a complete protection system similar to the features of previous models. Among the 16 programs are the washing of the most basic types of fabric.

If you have a speech about the peculiarities, then it is worth name A system of direct injection that faster spreads the detergent, making clothes better and dries faster and faster. There are also programs to remove stains and washing mixed fabrics. Among the functional there is a 24-hour timer to delay the start of the operation cycle and the liquid powder compartment. There is a display backlight and drum. The loading hatch opens by 180 degrees, and its diameter is 32 cm. The noise level during washing is 47 dB, during drying – 73 dB.

To diagnose the drum, its automatic impregnation and cleaning is provided, the water level is automatically adjustable. Height – 85 cm, water consumption – 62 liters per cycle.

Bosch WDU 28590 – Model of the average price category. Its main advantage is the very large capacity of linen, namely 10 kg for washing and 6 kg for drying. Control Touch with Symbolic Display. Class of power consumption and washing A, pressing this indicator is equal to. Water consumption for washing 125 l, the maximum rotational speed of the drum during operation is 1400 rpm. There is a complete protection of the system from imbalance, leakage and physical damage to the case.

The total number of programs is 14. In addition to standard, built-in and special, which are associated with different washing options. First of all, it can be attributed to economic washing and work with a large amount of water. The manufacturer focused on these modes of operation due to the fact that the full cycle of work requires a large amount of water. Noise level when washing – 47 dB, during spinning – 71 dB.

Of the additional features, it is worth saying about the supply of steam, the rapid removal system of spots, the function of protection against friction and the presence of a signal at the end of work. Machine height 85 cm, white color.

Samsung WF1600YQR – inexpensive model with front load type. Maximum linen capacity – 6 kg. Control is carried out through the intelligent electronic panel, there is no full-fledged display. The main distinguishing feature of this model can be called the presence of an Eco Bubble system, which repeatedly accelerates the ingress of detergent into clothing by mixing the air flow powder. This makes the process of flushing spots more efficient, while the considerable amount of water.

The functionality of this machine is not as wide as the more expensive analogues, But thanks to Eco Bubble, the full cycle of work lasts long. A ++ power consumption class, washing a and spinning in. As for safety, the protection against leaks is partial, since moisture protection components are installed only on the washing machine housing. The maximum spin speed is 1,200 rpm, the total number of work programs – 7, of which the mains are the program to remove stains, superpopping, preliminary and fast washing. The level of washing temperature can be changed, the maximum noise during operation is 42 dB. It is worth saying about a special drum with a Diamond structure. This feature is that the surface of the part is made in the form of bubbles that allow air to freely enter clothing during washing. This machine has a silver color, weight of 57 kg and height 85 cm.

How to choose?

When buying a quiet washing machine, guided the most important criteria for any technique. Explore the potential purchase in detail. Whether it is suitable in size, whether you need a functionality that provides a car, because there is no need to buy an aggregate with drying function, if you do not use it. It is also worth paying attention to other important criteria, such as water and electricity consumption, the number of operation modes and the availability of special programs.

It is worth considering the fact that the more complicated the technique, the more careful it should be treated. As a rule, expensive models have a large number of different functions, so the probability of their breakage due to the presence of a large number of electronics and components inside the machine.

In the next video, you will see a review of a quiet and reliable washing machine Gorenje Wei 72S3.

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