Pumps for heated towel rail

Pumps for heated towel rail are very important in everyday life. Circulation pumps, mini and other models for heated towel rail in the apartment are known. Installation can be made from hot water riser, but there are other nuances. It is also important to take into account the parameters in the selection.


A mini-pump for heated towel rail (circulating) uses the natural circulation mode of fluid. It is assumed by default the placement of pipes above – above the drying apparatus. However, such a gravitational principle is used very rarely. More common scheme with forced circulating stream. As a result, a more homogeneous distribution of fluid on the system is provided (and with it and heat).

The return of heat from circular water vessels can be at least 1, a maximum of 4 kW. As a result, the greatest warm-up difference between parts of the design will not exceed 2-4 degrees. For comparison: more simple mechanisms can reach 10 degrees. Even for non-specialists is obvious, in favor of what decision it is necessary to make a choice.

Some models are made with dry-run protection.

Whatever fluid rocked the device, wherever it is located, the situations of drainage occur periodically. It is similar to the action and it is customary to call dry. Equipment works in normal mode. But it cannot download anything, because there is nothing to pump. It is necessary to ensure the prevention of such development of events.

And no, it’s not just that the power of the electricity will be consumed by the. Much more dangerous what gradually the motor will overheat and then burn. And luck can still be considered the situation when this fire will not spread to other designs and parts of the building.

Required protection provides special automation.

Modern small (and the other and inappropriate to attach to the heated towel)) the pump from dry stroke can protect:

  • Special relay;

  • systems controlling fluid flows;

  • Level Sensors (Combination of the Float Element with Level Relay).

Standard Relay – Electromechanical Device. It tracks whether there is a pressure in the circuit. When it decreases to the critical level, the electrical circuit opens. The pump is immediately stopped. Pressure reaction is provided with a membrane.

Usually the reaction occurs at pressures from 1/10 to 0.6 atm. The exact indicator is determined by the settings at the factory. Typically, a typical relay put in the supply system without a hydroaccumulator. More correctly in some cases apply a petal or turbine flow sensor.

Sometimes the same function is entrusted with electronic controllers.


But before selecting the pump for a heated towel rail with a feeding from the rating of hot water in the apartment, it is necessary to figure out why, in general, this technique needs. The pump that provides circulation guarantees the continuity of the movement of the coolant. It is very important in closed short-length contours. With the right selection of forced pumps, you can count on the efficient use of heating equipment.

What is important, swinging equipment allows you to arbitrarily select the installation locations of heating devices, including heated towel rails.

Criterias of choice

Correctly select the pump only with the features of the material. Ideally, the hull should be from bronze or brass. These materials are not subject to corrosion and wear little. The functional wheel must be made of pure polymer. The mass of the device is a maximum of 5 kg, the mounting length – 18 cm.

As for pump power, it should vary from 25 to 75 W. The greater the distance to the riser, the greater should be a mechanical impulse. Branded pumps have 3 different types of work, which affects the intensity of the heating of the coil. And also need to pay attention to the magnitude of the nozzle. It must fully coincide with the magnitude of the connecting channel on the heated towel rail.

It should be borne in mind that even the best pumps consume electricity. To reduce its consumption, it is required to apply models with timers and thermostats. Useful to pay attention to the bandwidth version. All major parameters are indicated in the technical documentation.

However, it is important to check this on independent reviews using them and to assess the manufacturer’s reputation.


Proper pump installation – strictly in Bypass. Support the autonomy of the device using an additional valve. In some cases, lock the channel can be crane. But then, when de-energizing networks, it is necessary to turn it out manually, otherwise it will not work. 2 cranes should be installed on both sides of the device that will help ensure natural circulation, perform prevention and repair the highway.

Sometimes there is one pump on the heated towel. Adding another pump means the need to use the heat relay. To improve the workflow, an automatic fuse is required. It is attached at a distance of at least 0.5 m from drying. The pumping device is allowed to be attached on the return, and on the feed branch; It is desirable that the temperature of the coolant is minimal in the selected section.

Pumping drives can noise. Reduce this negative effect manner due to horizontal installation. At the same time decreases the intensity of vibrations. Even if the device is fixed vertically, the axis of rotation of the rotor should be oriented horizontally. Another nuance: At the entrance you should mount mesh mud filters.

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