Professional Washing Machines: Review of the best models and tips for choosing

Professional washing machines have long become a modern man. Without them can not do both in hotels and in other urban institutions. Public laundries are becoming a find and salvation for many, if it is not possible to wash the underwear at home.


Professional (industrial) washing machine consider equipment With loading of linen from 7 to 150 kg. It is intended for a large resource of work, therefore it is distinguished by durability and minimal wear of parts, and after all, their work is continuous, sometimes reaches 20 hours a day. The duration of the washing mode in such a technique is much smaller. Detergents or washing agents are served in the car using the pump. Quantity defines the selected wash mode.

Laundry, working with professional equipment, are used in hotels, bars and cafes. After all, there is a daily wash of linen. Cleanliness emphasizes the level of service. In kindergartens and hospitals also use such equipment. After all, children and the bold people must be in the most sterile conditions.

We give the important differences between the professional washing machine from the household.

  • Professional washing machinery in many criteria prevails and it differs primarily with the quality of washing. It is much higher in such a car than the household.
  • Resource of work and wear of parts. In professional technique there is an unlimited resource of work. It can no longer perform its function for almost a day. The household is designed for several styers per day, t. To. her engine can overheat and fail. Between the washing cycles, there must be a time lapse that will enable the ability to cool the tan and prevent its overheating.
  • Washing speed in professional models much higher than in domestic. Due to this, it appears the possibility of increasing the number of styrics per day. Also here there are several heating elements that change from the mode to the regime. In the household time, the washing reaches 2 hours with one heating device, which not only reduces the number of washes, but also loads the TEN.
  • As for warranty service, On household washing machines, as a rule, the manufacturer gives a guarantee with a small time interval, If they are used on an industrial scale. Then the company will repair, but for money. On the professional options, the seller, on the contrary, always provides a warranty, for some parts, it even increases the warranty time several times.
  • The size of the drum in professional technique is much more, And therefore, it is easier to unload linen. When washing, only liquid washing agents are used that do not harm the inner design.
  • Consumption of detergents in professional models much less, T. To. They are distributed dispenser. And thanks to computer control and weighing of the loaded linen, water and electricity consumption is significantly saved.
  • Practically in all models there is a function of drying. In professional washing machines, its working hours are significantly less than in similar household versions.


All professional and semi-professional washing machines have distinctive characteristics. Thanks to such criteria, they can be divided into types.

According to the degree of spinning

Due to its design, the washing machines with a low spin speed during installation require certain installation works of the foundation. This type of machine has a low spin speed 400 rpm with a centrifuge. After this press, the underwear is very humid and requires more time to dry. The high-speed model will have an index of spinning 900-1000 rpm. And this means that After such a cycle, the underwear will be a bit wet and will require a minimum time on drying, which means that the cost of electricity will be less.

By type of management

By type of control washing machines can be divided into models With automatic control and programmable. Automatic reminded by your home management methods. There are also several options for modes. You can set them manually by choosing the desired temperature, the spin speed and other parameters.

Programmable options have a special panel resembling a computer. With it, you can not only choose the required mode, but also to adjust the data before or during washing. It is possible to change the temperature, washing speed or any other option.

There are also still models that do not have centrifuges. They are high-performance and high-speed. They are comfortable in operation, t. k, take a small area. After washing in such machines, the underwear goes immediately into the drying cabinet. Such models are installed without the foundation and have a teaser suspension, high weight. The cost of such options is significantly higher than the analogues.

Top modern models

“Vyazma in-15 (MSU-402)”

High-speed washing-squeezed model has dimensions: height 133 cm, width 93, and depth 93.5 cm and weight 437 kg. Laundry load is 15 kg, and spinning speed 908 rpm. This model is made in Metallic Color. Designed for use in public laundries, which are installed in hospitals, kindergartens and other institutions. Thanks to the high-speed tummy, the underwear is well pressed and does not require a centrifuge help.

During operation, the machine makes a minimum noise level due to a tearful structure that reduces the load.

It is possible to connect to hot central water, which will significantly save electricity consumption and washing time. This model is one of the new. It reduces weight and sizes with respect to previous models. Not required centrifuge, and the frequency inverter is included in the kit. Thanks to computer control and monochrome graphic interface, machine control is simple and visual. The whole work process is visible on the monitor screen (temperature, time, spin speed). Of the 50 factory programs, you can choose the most appropriate.

All work errors immediately displayed on the monitor. All programs are saved on the external memory card, their reading and recording. There is a vibration control sensor. Stainless steel drum design has an internal 650/450. Detergents are dosed by a special system. External dosing pumps in the amount of 6 pieces have a direct connection with a capacity of 30 l / h to 120 l / h. Voltage for work technique you need 380 W. The manufacturer gives a 12 month warranty.

Alliance NF3JLBSP403NW22

This model is made in white color. The large frontal hatch is very convenient when unloading and loading linen. The machine is equipped with a drain pump. The case of steel is painted, and the drum also has all data for long-term use, since it is also made of stainless steel. The volume of the drum is 97 liters, and the maximum load of 10 kg. Standard Microprocessor Equipped with 6 Washing Programs. Energy consumption and water consumption as much as possible. Doors are blocked.

The model is easy to use, does not require a special foundation and fastening to the floor. She has a self-cleaning drain pump. Machine dimensions make up 1027x704x683 mm. Legs are adjustable by 3 cm. Mass of technology is 120 kg. Residual moisture after pressing is 53%. Maximum spin speed 1200 rpm. Heating power 5.47 kW. Required input voltage 380 W. It is possible to connect to hot and cold water. Capacity for powders has 4 holes with excellent flushing function and self-cleaning. The control panel is very convenient, is at an angle.

“Vyazma in-20”

The model has a steel housing and beautiful design. Maximum load of linen 20 kg. The volume of the drum is 200 liters, and the depth is 515 mm. Provided 50 factory programs. There is electronic control. Harting speed 865 rpm, and spinning 47 rpm. Power of equipment 18 kW, weight 490 kg. There is an approach to hot and cold water with a diameter of 15 mm.

How to choose?

If you want to purchase a professional technique for mini-laundry with large laundry volumes for the hotel, hostels and other institutions, then you will need some knowledge of the model selection.

All professional washing machines have their own characteristic features, so when choosing a suitable option you need to rely on such criteria.

  • Power connection to the power grid should be 380 V. Since only the presence of a three-phase power grid system will make it possible to warm the TEN as quickly as possible.
  • The heating element must be a capacity of less than 3 kW.
  • The material of the outer tank should be stainless steel.
  • There must be a device for a possible connection to the hot water supply system.
  • Models with a microprocessor of full programming will allow you to easily self-service techniques. You do not need to call specialists, because you yourself will be able to download a large number of programs and functions, as well as adjust and control the entire cycle from the beginning and to the end.
  • A small model of a professional washing machine can be intended for small weight linen about 10 kg. So the more dimensions, the more she can wash the linen. In this case, dimensions matter.

How to use?

Modern professional washing machines are equipped with a microprocessor with standard factory programs or a microprocessor in which there is a full programming function. In the latter, it is possible to create your programs with a number of about 100, relying on the degree of pollution of linen. Such control is easy to manipulate, but it is important to understand what you want to set the function and what to use the detergent. By pressing the button, the machine itself will determine its number.

To extend the life of such expensive techniques, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures anyway. At least once in six months, it is possible to clean from scale, using only special means. After each washing cycle, you must leave the door open, Press the circuit breaker and dry the surface of the drum.

Monthly it is necessary to check how the transmission belts are stretched and clean the cooling fan dust cleaning, check the state of the Tan. Skip should be absent.

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