Potato mixers: selection and characteristics

In our modern world, a person simply cannot live without amenities, including hot water. It is water that is our source of life. But not everyone can spend it right. To do this, you will need to purchase a mixer that is perfect for a crane. It will be able to make not only an experienced specialist, but also a simple resident. The main thing is to pay attention to various characteristics, reviews, cost and model.

Features of Potato mixers

A modern man is quite difficult to distinguish a real bath faucet, so practically everyone acquires Chinese brands. As a result, they quickly break. In the center, behind the walls of the entire device is the heart of the subject or another TEN, as well as other water heating devices. The external sign of the present mixer is not only the wire that connects to the outlet. When buying, you can choose a color that will ideally approach your kitchen or a bathroom, you can also find a certain length and shape. This mixer must be a water heating, no fake.

The main question: what is a good water heater.

  • The body of the crane itself, without it, the tap does not have a form;
  • heating element (tubular tank), the main in this device;
  • a small sensor that automatically turns off with full heating of water;
  • hole for water intake in the crane;
  • button comprising power mixer;

  • Spilled, performing the most important function;
  • Mesh filter cleansing water;
  • Reostat for power control during device operation.

This mixer must be safe, so all the details are assembled very carefully and competent. It perfectly spends water, and the current is not afraid of the owner. The product perfectly controls pressure and temperature: if it rises above the norm, the special sensor works, and the device turns off.

Modes of work

The crane has 3 main modes:

  1. Cold water supply mode, which works without using the wire for electrically heating;
  2. hot regime at which it is necessary to rotate the lever to the right, including the tap and the operation of the Tan;
  3. Sleeping mode in which the lever is omitted, no electricity and water supply.


According to experts, the products of the mixers cannot be called too expensive, and therefore it is very popular among buyers. Indeed, in Europe, they are already buying products of this manufacturer.

Mixers made of expensive material: brass and copper. They are processed with special acid and acquire silver species and shine, like gold. So the manufacturer attracts the buyer.

The main advantages of products:

  • The product maintains a huge pressure of warm and hot water, does not burst in the process of use, does not flow;
  • exquisite and unique design in modern style;
  • Products have high strength;
  • well applied with all the cranes, suitable for all baths;
  • High warranty period from 5 to 10 years, does not require replacement for a very long time, but, unfortunately, this fact is so far difficult to certify, as this product just began to appear on the market.

What to choose color?

Crane can be bought from any color, there is a matte, black, silver, gray colors.

But to make it easy to launder, recommend buying either black or gray. They will not allocate fat stains, have a brighter shade.


The cost of these mixers is located within 1 thousand. rubles, of course, can be seen and more expensive, but, as a rule, they do not differ from those that cheaper. Therefore, buyers recommend purchasing goods from 800 to 1500 rubles, which will be in hand to everyone, and if they do not like it, it will be possible to pass on the warranty card.


Produce this mixer in the Chinese market for a very long time, but since 2010 it broke tightly into Russian markets, and became very popular throughout Europe. The company tries to create products that will correspond to their costs. The manufacturer itself firmly declares that the mixer is made at the highest level and fully corresponds to its initial characteristics specified on the package. But it is so surprised all.

Customer Reviews

If you study the materials of feedback, then you can generally conclude that the goods have a number of positive qualities and are very rarely found negative.

From the positive you can allocate a great design, good quality models and high safety. Bath faucets has superiority over the rest of the fact that long does not fail and serve much longer.

But besides the advantages there are cons: high price, a TEN is often breaking, it is necessary to replace it.

In general, buyers recommend purchasing this product in the Russian markets and markets in Europe.

How to choose a mixer, look in the following video.

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