Piteco Bitate Overview

To date, the biotales are in high demand. If we consider Russian manufacturers, you should pay attention to products from Piteco. In this article, consider an overview of Piteco’s biotoids, their advantages and disadvantages, nuances of choice, as well as instructions for use.


Piteco’s domestic brand is quite famous, because it offers a wide range of high-quality drying facilities and at an affordable price. Through the use of innovative and modern technologies, the company produces high-quality toilets that can associate even with analogs from European manufacturers. Piteco provides a wide selection of toilets. They differ in size, the degree of maximum load, the presence or absence of indicators, capacity, tank pressure valve, and so on.

This brand is known precisely thanks to peat types of biotoids.

Many owners of cottages, country houses pay attention to the toilets from Piteco. Attention should be paid to the following advantages:

  • safety;
  • ergonomics;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • considerable guarantee;
  • durability;
  • an autonomous device – there is no need to connect to sewerage, electrical network or central drainage;
  • lack of unpleasant odors;
  • quite just repair, while all the details are always on sale;
  • The possibility of fixing the toilet to the floor, since it has labels at the bottom;
  • Comfortable transportation – the toilet is equipped with an automatic valve, so the liquid does not flow out of the tank during transportation.

It is very important to properly use the Biotic Piteco, since otherwise it can lead to many problems. For example, It is impossible to throw in the accumulative reservoir underwound products, toilet paper or metal items. This may disrupt the composting process, and as a result, flies may appear, no excited compost and unpleasant smell.

Be sure to make a washcloth after each use of the toilet. If there is a little dry mixture in the cumulative tank, the composting process will slow down significantly. And as a result, with each opening of the lid, the unpleasant odor from the tank will break.

Scope of application

Today, the biotales are found quite often because they attract the attention of transportability and compactness. Such a device is perfectly suitable for a country house or cottage. This option is optimal for giving. Since the biotales are distinguished by environmental friendliness and capacity, they are used for trips, especially long and long distances. Such a toilet will be a real find on the road.

If you take a standard dry look for the car, it necessarily includes two tanks, while the bottom is designed for waste, and the upper – tank with water and the seat. For the car you can purchase different models, but you must consider the number of people who will use it.

Important! Biottoles are also used for patients and older people. Some models can even be embedded in a wheelchair. If a person cannot move independently, then such a decision will be just by the way.

Principle of operation

To understand the principle of operation of the Biotic Piteco, consider in more detail the design of the Piteco 905 model. It is autonomous and consists of two parts:

  • The top includes a peat capacitance, a built-in peat supply mechanism and a seat complemented by a lid;
  • The bottom is presented in the form of containers for waste accumulation, while it contains drainage and filter.

Consider in more detail how the bite works. To begin with, waste that fall into the receiver is divided into solid and liquid. It should be noted that solid waste does not close the holes for drainage. With the help of the ventilation and drainage system, the accumulated waste is dried, in the future they are sent to the compost yam. When he dates back there, it can be used as a fertilizer.

Review models

Piteco provides a wide selection of biotales. They can be several main types.

  • Peat. Such solutions are not connected to the water supply or sewage. Such models are still called anhydrous. After using the toilet, you need to press the tank, the sewage will be covered with a dry mixture, which usually includes composite additives, sawdust and peat. Autonomy is one of the main advantages. Should be remembered about convenience.
  • Biological. Such toilets are the most secure from an environmental point of view. They use a special filler created on the basis of bacteria. In the future, waste is excellent for fertilizing soil under the landing of crops. But the filler itself is quite expensive.
  • Electric. This option does not differ from the usual toilet. It functions exclusively from the network, so the availability of electricity is mandatory for use of the toilet. The unit has a compressor and ventilation. After entering the tank, liquid sediments are drawn into drainage, and solid – burned.
  • Chemical. Chemicals created on the basis of formaldehydes are applied to disinfection. This option is possible only in the presence of central sewage, for this reason this version of the toilets does not relate to popular.

In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that all Piteco toilet models can be divided into two large varieties.

  • Stationary. This option is suitable for giving. It is usually represented as a cabin with a cassette bed.
  • Portable. These are small and very comfortable toilets that can be easily transported, installed and operate. Usually they are bought to travel by car over long distances, to care for people with disabilities or for a comfortable stay in the country house.

And now we will stay in more detail on several models of Piteco.

With Piteco 905V fan

This model among peat toilets produced a furor, because it is equipped with a ventilation system and drainage removal for liquid fractions. It is made of high quality plastic. Is one of the largest brand in the peat line, since it has a length of 80 cm and a width of 60 cm. If we talk about the fan, then it is low noise, and also characterized by small electricity consumption. This model has permissible load up to 150 kg. The weight of the product is 25 kg. It has a stationary installation. The volume of the lower cumulative tank is 120 liters, and the upper – 20 l. Model cost – 11900 rubles.

Piteco 905V model with fan shares hard and liquid waste. This model is characterized by the capacity. Due to the presence of fan, unpleasant odors are outlined from the room. Special valve automatically closes the drainage hole.

The toilet is additionally equipped with wheels, and lower tank – handles to ensure convenient movement to the emptying place.

With heatmossid

The Piteco 506 model is supplemented with heatmoss, which is created from warm polypropylene. On such a seat will be comfortable for any weather. This model is an advanced solution of the Biotic Piteco 505. Equipment weight is 8.5 kg. Cumulative tank has a volume of 44 l. Product dimensions are 39x71x59 cm. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material. The model is able to withstand a person weighing more than 150 kg.

This model draws attention to compact dimensions, so it can be purchased for installation in different country extensions. The toilet is suitable for all – and adults, and children. The design is characterized by simplicity and convenience. The Piteco 506 model feature is that composting and cleaning products are not used. For functioning only peat.

Separate attention deserves model Piteco 905. This relay has many advantages.

  • Design. The model is made of high strength polypropylene. It looks stylish and beautiful. Such a toilet will look a little career in any interior design.
  • Volume. The cumulative tank has a volume of 120 liters. It is the biggest among other models. But this feature does not affect the size of the product. The toilet is characterized by compactness.
  • Installation. This toilet is fairly easy to install, because the manufacturer offers a special base, due to which the design becomes stable. As well as the drainage system connects to this database.
  • Convenience and reliability. The toilet is able to withstand the load up to 150 kg. The seat is located at an altitude of 48 cm, which gives him convenience during use.
  • Uncomplicated service. To empty the bottom tank, one turn should be done, the extract to disconnect from the coupling, and the toilet can be easily rolling on wheels or transfer by handles.

In addition, the Piteco 905 model has a heatmoss for comfort during operation, but not equipped with a fan.

Criterias of choice

To properly make a choice in favor of a certain model of the Piteco beyto floor, you need to pay attention to several nuances.

  • Mobility. The beyatuette can be stationary or mobile. If there is a need to move the product, then the mobile version will be the optimal choice.
  • Price. Not always the expensive model will be the best choice. The price of the product has an impact manufacturer. Usually foreign companies sell biotales more expensive than domestic. Of course, cheap options should not be purchased, look at the quality.
  • Dimensions. If the room where the toilet will be, it will be small, then it is better to acquire a compact product product. Usually mobile models are not large.
  • A type. They can be chemical, electrical, peat and biological. The latter option needs a bioactivator that is used to process the contents of such toilets. Thanks to special microorganisms, waste is processed into water and carbon dioxide, as well as solid masses decrease in volume.

Instructions for use

Be sure to be familiar with the instruction before using the Piteco.

  • Initially, detailed instructions for assembling and installing the product. Everything is quite simple, because the sequence of actions is accompanied by pictures. The product has a horizontal surface and connect to communications if necessary.
  • Nizhny tank should be filled with peat. After emptying, the waste is sprinkled with a layer of peat composition. Thus, the smell is eliminated, as well as the process of creating compost. To create humus, the contents of the lower tank is placed in a specially reserved place – it can be a compost pit or composter.

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