Overview of the sizes of washing machine machines

Any household appliances are created with a definite goal, and therefore does not lose its relevance for a long time. The use of washing machines on production and houses has greatly relieved life and made it possible to perform a large amount of work using only machine work. The high popularity of this household appliance stimulated producers to create various variants of washing machines, which differ not only by power and functionality, but also sizes.

Standard dimensions of machines

The dimensions of the washing machines can be different, which allows you to place this household appliances in the bathroom, in the kitchen or embedded in the furniture headset. To convenient place the equipment and be able to use it unhindered, It is important to calculate the size of the future technology before purchasing it.

There are standard dimensions, full-size products, as well as small-sized variants of washing machinery.

Model dimensions are most popular, as their width, depth and height are most convenient for use and placement in any room. Despite the presence of certain standards, each manufacturer produces techniques according to its parameters, because standard indicators may have some variability.

For full-size washing machine, the standard is 85-90 cm height, the width can be from 60 to 85 cm, If this is an equipment designed to wash a large number of things. The depth of full-size models is 60 cm, which allows you to place a rather capacious drum. Depending on what type of washing machine is chosen for purchase, its dimensions can vary significantly, which allows you to choose the most convenient and wanted option.

With front load

Front loading washing machines are the most popular, as they have a pleasant appearance, high performance performance, and also allow the upper cover as an additional shelf. The dimensions of this technique can be different, due to the value and capacity of the drum.

Height and width have almost the same indicators, and the depth may vary.

Full agencies are considered the most cumbersome, their depth is often 60 cm, which allows you to wash about 7 kilograms of things at a time. This option of household appliances is perfect for families in which 4 to 6 people live, and there is a need for frequent and large wash. The height of such models from 85 to 90 cm depending on the manufacturer and height of the legs. The width of the equipment is selected at the calculation of the free space and volumes of washing, With medium dimensions – it is 60 cm, at maximum – 85 cm.

The most popular models are the standard washing machines, The depth of which is 50-55 cm, and the height and width are 85 and 60 cm, respectively. This technique will best fit into an apartment or a house where he lives from 2 to 4 people.

In the event that household appliances needed, which will take a minimum of space and can serve 2-3 people, it is best to stop the choice on a narrow washing machine, The depth of which is only 40-45 cm.

Bathroom or kitchen often have very compact sizes, because for some buyers the choice of narrow technology is the only possible possible.

The height and width of such equipment is often standard, therefore there will be no problems in order to enter it into space.

Manufacturers of washing machines did not stop at the production of narrow options, expanding their model range to ultrasound products, The depth of which is 32-40 cm. In the drum of such a device, not more than 3 kg of clothing can be downloaded, which can satisfy the needs of 1-2 people. The minimum dimensions allow not only to save space, but also minimize the cost of electricity and water during the washing process.

Another option of washing machines with horizontal loading is compact devices that differ from standard height. If the usual washing machinery reaches 85-90 cm marks, then the compact variety of these indicators stop at 70 cm. The depth of such equipment is usually also small and often ranges from 35 to 45 cm. The advantage of such washing machines is that they can be built under the sink or furniture headset, while saving quite a lot of free space. In a compact typewriter, you can place no more than 3 kg of things, which is convenient for a small apartment in which one or two people lives.

With vertical

Washing machines with vertical load are considered less popular, and therefore the dimensions of such devices are approximately the same. The height of almost all household appliances is 85 cm, the depth is 60 cm, and the width can fluctuate in the range of 40-45 cm. Due to standard dimensions, the volume of the drum is also about the same, which makes it possible to accommodate into the device up to 5 kg of things.

Compact dimensions allow you to place such equipment in any corner or small free space.

The main condition should be free space over the hatch opener.

There are only two varieties among washing instruments with vertical load:

  1. Large-sized – height is 85-100 cm, width 40 cm, depth 60 cm;
  2. Standard – the height of the equipment from 65 to 85 cm, width 40 cm, depth 60 cm.

In large equipment, you can put from 5 to 6 kg of washing, and in the standard – from 4 to 5.5 kg.

In addition to full-fledged washing machinery, there are still compact models, the dimensions of which can vary from 37×35 to 35×55 cm, which makes it possible to install the device in the country and anywhere where there is no possibility to put full-sized equipment. The small size allows you to transfer the device by making it a mobile, which can be convenient to those who have a cottage.


The size of the bathroom and the bathroom do not always have free space for a washing machine, therefore it is often installed in the kitchen, embedding in the headset. In order not to order furniture for the size of household washing machinery, it is usually selected under the existing headsets.

As the manufacturers of kitchen walls also have their own standards, it is easy to determine which dimensions should have a washing machine to get up instead of one of the Tumb.

The height of this technique ranges from 75 to 85 cm, Sometimes you can meet models with indicators of 70 cm. Width is usually standard and equal to 55-60 cm. Depth depends on the headset and often equal to 55-60 cm.

So that in the process of work vibration from the machine are not transmitted to furniture, It is important to organize the right indents:

  • In the depth, the distance from the machine to the walls of the furniture should be at least 5 cm, and it is better to leave 10 cm;
  • An indent on the sides should be within 10-20 cm, which will ensure the quiet operation of the machine, with the tolerance of the device displacement for a couple of millimeters during the washing process;
  • from above it is better to leave at least 10 cm to convenient to put and remove the equipment if necessary.

Choosing an embedded washing machine, it is important to take into account the size of the furniture. If its height is 82 cm, and the width of the section under the household device is 60 cm, then you need to look for a compact model that would correspond to all safety regulations and made it possible to use it if necessary.

Minimum and maximum sizes

The dimensions of washing machines depend on how much washings are planned to be put on how often to use. Industrial options are often dimensional, as they must accommodate from 7 to 15 kg of things. Average height, widths and depths have those devices that are used in kindergartens or in the house where a large number of people live.

Standard models are designed for the average families living in an apartment with a small number of square meters, and small models will suit those who are rarely erased and little.

Depending on how much the drum will be loaded, how often washing, how much there is a free space for the washing machine, one should give preference to large, medium or small equipment.

In the laundries, cars with standard dimensions of 65x60x60 cm can be used, which contain up to 7 kg, but often at large enterprises set technique with a capacity of 20 to 200 kg. The dimensions of such devices significantly exceed the standards.

  • Height. When loading from 20 to 40 kg, this indicator is 180 cm, when loading in 60 kg height is 189 cm, and for loading at 100 and 200 kg, the indicators will be 2 and 2.5 m, respectively.
  • Width. When loading 20 kg – 1080 mm, 30 kg – 1340 mm, 40 kg – 1600 mm, 60 kg – 2 m, 100 kg – 2370 mm, 200 kg – 2860 mm.
  • Depth. When loading from 20 to 40 kg – 1090 mm, 60 kg – 1060 mm, 100 kg – 1500 mm, 200 kg – 2000 mm.

For machines, the maximum load of which is 10 kg, the dimensions will look like: height – 2112 mm, width – 810 mm, depth – 874 mm. For equipment that can accommodate up to 35 kg of things, the dimensions will be: height – 1550 mm, width – 1330 mm, depth – 1250 mm.

If we talk about the smallest washing machines, their height, width and depth are significantly less than standard full-size models. The variants at which the height is 67-70 cm, from 47 to 60 cm, and the depth of 30 to 45 cm, are considered small. The smallest among machine guns can be distinguished by such copies in which the height does not exceed 50 cm, and the width and depth may vary from 30 to 40 cm.

    Miniature machines cannot boast the presence of a large number of functions – there is often no spinning, and due to low weight and size, the product may be subject to strong vibrations. Choosing a washing machine, you need to consider all the pros and cons of the desired products.

    How to pick up?

    To purchase a good washing machine, which will cope with the tasks set for it, it is necessary to correctly choose the size of household appliances. It is worth highlighting the most important nuances.

    • Determination of a place for future technology. Knowing how much free space is indoors, you can determine the dimensions of the machine, which will cause its other characteristics.
    • Availability of communications. For the full performance of the washing machine, a permanent source of water will be required and the possibility of wastewalling. Choosing the most suitable place for a new product, it is important to have the necessary pipes in the presence or bring them to the place where it is planned to place a washing machine.
    • Selecting the appropriate model of the washing machine, you should pay attention to its weight, which will be an important factor in the case of delivering goods and lifting the floor. It is important to consider the process of making equipment in an apartment and placement in a specific room, for which the doorway should be wider than the size of the machine.
    • Need to enter a washing machine in furniture headsets. In the event that there is no possibility to set the washing machine inpatient and autonomously, the most convenient and correct option is the placement of equipment directly inside the headset. To accommodate the washing machine inside the furniture, it is important to choose its size and type correctly, since the vertical models can not be opened if the tabletop is located above them.

      Choosing a washing machine, you should know exactly where it will be installed, think over the system of feeding and disgracing the fluid in advance so that there are no problems with the work. The size of the equipment will mostly depend on the capacity of the drum, because considering the available options, you need to look for the one that will fully satisfy all the wishes.

      What sizes are at washing machines, look in the video.

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