Overview of the size of washing machines

Unfortunately, the area is far from all rooms in modern apartments allow you to equip them with large household appliances. This, in particular, is about washing machines, which, as a rule, are installed in the bathrooms or in the kitchen. Taking into account all the nuances before buying equipment, it is recommended to study the reviews of its size and compare the available options with the design features of the room.

What are standard dimensions?

As practice shows, when buying a washing machine, a machine is required to take into account Not only functionality, operational indicators and design of models. To date, manufacturers are more than a wide range of its products on the market – from narrow and compact to full-size “stylars”. Based on this, another key selection criterion will be the size of a washing machine.

In situations where the size of the room allows you to establish a full-size technique, the acquisition of such models and will become the most reasonable solution.

It should be taken into account The number of tenants from which the average wash volumes will depend on. By the way, not only the dimensions of the machine will depend on the features of the room, but also the location of the loading hatch. If the “washing” is installed in a small bathroom or kitchen, as well as in situations with embedded options, it is worth considering narrow models.

Evaluating the dimensions of any cm, take into account height, width and depth. It seems that even recently the overwhelming majority of representatives of the series of leading manufacturers had Standard dimensions, components of 85, 60 and 60 cm. But the modern market is able to satisfy the requests of almost any potential buyer.


Many modern models of washing machines both with horizontal (frontal) and vertical load have an 85 cm height. In this case, this parameter can reach 90 cm due to the flipped legs. They allow you to adjust the dimensions of the device, taking into account the features of the room and the nuances of the installation.

It is possible to maximize the height with the help of rubber depreciation linings designed to compensate for vibrations.

In situations when it is necessary to install “Washing”, for example, under the sink, it is worth paying attention to compact models.

In the rules of most leading producers of modern household appliances, there are models whose height does not exceed 70 cm.

This allows the machine from above to set the cup of said plumbing device having a edge drain. As a result, the whole design in height will be on one level with the rest of the furniture in the bathroom.

The height of the embedded machines in the overwhelming majority varies in the range from 81 to 85 cm. Extendable legs allow you to adjust this parameter and seek the distance between the top cm and the bottom of the component from 2 to 4 cm. When installing household models of vertical loading machines ranging from 85 to 90 cm, a number of rules should be taken into account.

This, in particular, is about the mandatory presence of a free space above the technique. This is due to the fact that their covers and hatches of the drums open up the top. In most cases, the sizes of the first make up 40-45 cm. If the dimensions and design features of the room allow you to install a comfortable shelf for washing powders and other household chemicals above cm.


As already noted, the standard width of the washing machine machines with horizontal loading is 60 cm. However, now developers offer narrow models to their customers with a width of 55-59 cm. In practice, when installing equipment in small cuisines and bathrooms, it is often necessary to fight literally for each centimeter.

In situations with width of the embedded “Washing”, it is necessary to remember that the gap between their walls and table-top racks should be 2-4 cm.

Most often, the problem with the choice occurs when for installation, see in the bathroom, corridor or in the kitchen it turns out to be allocated too small space. In such cases, experienced owners and specialists recommend considering modifications with vertical loading. The fact is that most often their width does not exceed 45 cm. This is the most relevant with a limited space forced by another equipment and furniture.

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The third parameter of the washing machine – the machine has no less meaning than the two above. It is worth noting that the market presents both standard models and cm having different depths. For example, From the smallest in 32, 34 to more overall variants in 43 and 47 cm.

When equipping small-sized combined baths, you should choose the minimum parameters of the technique. This will allow the most save precious free space in a small place.

As already noted, the standard Depth of many classic models is 60 cm. However, such samples of household appliances without difficulties can be placed in boiler rooms or other specially designated rooms in a private house or a large apartment. In other situations, even with large volumes of washing, the only exit will be narrow and small-sized washing machines.

Choosing a “washer” with frontal (horizontal) loading of linen, you must first take into account availability of space for the free opening of the door of the hatch. Another important point concerns the placement see in the corridor. In such a situation, it should be taken into account that the place (10-15 cm) will be required for the rear wall of the device for supplying communications. Taking into account the total listed, the optimal depth of the equipment will be determined in each specific situation.

When installing the machine-machine in the bathroom under a small sink sink with the edge drain, first of all it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the latter. Pretty wide selection of models with different depths will allow you to choose the optimal option and harmoniously combine cm with plumbing. The parameter of most embedded models varies in the range from 54 to 60 cm, which allows you to find a typewriter to almost any kitchen furniture, taking into account the gaps provided by the rules.

Non-standard options

Taking into account different parameters (namely, depths) Modern washing machines can be divided into the following categories.

  • Full-size models, being the largest, with a depth reaching 60 cm. Such samples of household appliances are installed in special and spacious rooms. They are able for one washing cycle to handle up to 7 kg of linen.
  • Standard, with a depth of 50 to 55 cm.
  • Narrow models, The depth of which does not exceed 45 cm. Models with a depth of 36,37 and 39 cm become the best option for small bathrooms and cramped kitchens. It is important to take into account that these non-standard devices are designed for small families and can accommodate no more than 3.5 kg of linen at once.

Separate attention deserve exactly Maximum compact see, related category. As a bright example of such “Washing”, you can bring the model Aqua 2D1040-07 Famous brand Candy. The width, depth and height of this machine – automatic are 51, 46 and 70 cm. It is clear that it is much lower and already standard equipment. It should be noted that such small-sized models have the following flaws.

  • Little drum does not allow you to wash big things. Due to the small size of the tank and the drum, the quality of washing is significantly reduced.
  • As a rule, non-standard models are not cheap.
  • Manufacturers represent a rather modest line of such washing machines on the market.
  • Because of the small sizes of “Washing”, there is no possibility to install a normal counterweight. This, in turn, negatively affects the sustainability of equipment.

    Non-standard, small-sized cm are sometimes called “shell machines”.

    Externally, they most often resemble small bedside tables and become the optimal choice for close, combined bathrooms.

    In such situations, equipping the room with full-size equipment is not possible.

    It is worth noting that non-standard categories include not only narrow and compact “Washing”. Speech can also go large-sized household appliances. Such models are designed to load from 13 to 17 kg of linen for one approach. As an example, you can bring Model HS-6017 from Girbau. This washing machine has Height,width and depth 1404, 962 and 868 mm respectively. Of course, in a house or apartment, installation of such equipment will be inappropriate because it is used in hotels, restaurants and laundries.

    In model rows focused on using the usual consumer in household conditions, you can also meet non-standard models. For example, ARISTON offers potential buyers a washing machine AQXF 129 H, designed for 6 kg. At the expense of the basement, as well as an integrated dirty linen box Its height reaches 105 cm.

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    In addition to the listed, unandardial units can also be attributed to the cars equipped with water tank.

    These models capable of working partly offline, without binding to the water supply, differ from other “styral” with their dimensions.

      Unfortunately, at the moment the line of cars with tanks are rather modest. The biggest distribution today has received Gorenje products.

      Different models

      In the production of modern models of washing machine machines, developers take into account not only existing standards, but also requests for potential consumers. As a result, various types of styrals are presented on the market, in terms of dimensions of technology. This applies to model rows of overwhelming majority of leading brands. Buyers are given the opportunity to choose the most appropriate options in each case. Considering the different ranges of parameters, the following types can be selected:

      • Ultrasive and compact;
      • narrow-member;
      • medium;
      • Full-sized.

      It is these criteria that will be key when choosing a model of a washing machine. It is important to remember that The dimensions of the equipment must correspond to the features of the room in which it will be installed and in the future. Based on the name of the category, it is not difficult to guess that the ultrasive washers have the most compact dimensions. Their depth usually does not exceed 40 cm. Now the models are used in the market with the greatest demand, the parameters of which are 32 and 35 cm.

      The main distinguishing feature of compact household appliances was not the depth (32-45 cm), but height not exceeding 70 cm.

        Most often capacity of drums such cars Limited 3 kg of dirty linen.

        Choosing a narrow-circuise machine, it should be taken into account that this category includes models whose depth varies in the range of 32-35 cm. Preference to them most often give the owners of famous “Khrushchev”. At maximum compactness, such devices have certain disadvantages. Often small-sized “Washing” are shifted when working at elevated circulation (mainly during annealing). This completely predictable minus is characteristic For models of LG brands, Beko and Ariston.

        Medium-sized washing machines machines have a depth within 40-45 cm, depending on the width and height (can be adjusted using twisted legs). These models can be installed in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In the latter case, it is mainly about embedded devices. At the same time, they are the optimal ratio of dimensions, performance and functionality.

        Medium on the dimensions of the model of such famous brands, as ARISTON, SAMSUNG, ZANUSSI, BEKOAnd many others are equipped with drums capable of accommodating up to 6-7 kg of linen.

        Such samples of equipment in the presence of an appropriate area of ​​the room will be the best solution for a family of 3-5 people.

        In addition, in such situations you can safely declare a practically perfect combination of price, quality and productivity of models.

        Full-mounted or full-sized models of “Washing” differ increased capacity of drums, therefore, and performance. Depth of such models fluctuates in the range of 50-64 cm. With a standard or enlarged height, such equipment requires the corresponding free space.

        Experienced users and experts recommend placing such models cm in rooms from 9 “squares”.

        As examples, you can specify the characteristics of several popular models see of different dimensions produced by the leaders of the modern market.

        • EWD-71052 from Indesit – Full-size washing machine machine, the drum of which is able to accommodate up to 7 kg. This model with an altitude of 85 cm has a width of 60 and a depth of 54 centimeters. With such dimensions, the assigned class “A” testifies to the high quality of washing. Naturally, before buying and installing equipment, it is recommended to objectively assess the area and features of the room.

        • ATLANT 60C1010 model refers to categories of machines with standard sizes. Its height, width and depth are 85, 60 and 48 cm, respectively. From the point of view of energy consumption and quality washing, the models are assigned classes a ++ and and when the potential of the drum is up to 6 kg. It is worth noting that in terms of size, such cm are universal.

        • Speaking about the category of narrow “styrall”, you can pay attention to Iwub-4105 from indesit. Because of its modest dimensions, the machine is able to accommodate up to 3.5 kg of linen, while the washing efficiency is marked with the class “B”.

        • Model Candy Aqua 135 D2 is a representative of a relatively few family compact devices. More than modest dimensions (height – 70 cm, width – 51 cm and depth – 46 cm) allow you to place the technique in almost any room and install it, for example, under the sink in a small bathroom. The maximum load of AQUA 135 D2 is limited to 3.5 kg.
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        • Machine machine Indesit BTW A5851 Represents a model row with vertical loading. Height, width and depth of this model are 90, 40 and 60 cm, and in the efficiency of washing it refers to the class “A”. With such dimensions and characteristics, the drum accommodates up to 5 kg of linen. Installation significantly facilitates the boot method.

        It is important to remember that when choosing a specific model, not only needs, potential washing volumes and machine functionality. Determining with the choice, first of all it is worth thinking about what kind of equipment “Eat” least of all space indoors.

        At the same time, cm must fully cope with certain loads.

        Features of the selection

        To avoid most problems associated with installing, connecting and subsequent operation of the washing machine, it is necessary to choose to correctly pick up, first of all, in size. At the same time urgently It is recommended to pay special attention to the following important points.

        1. First of all it follows Measure the doorway, through which cm will be entered into the room. It is relevant for both the bathroom and kitchen.
        2. When choosing a place of installation of technology take into account its dimensions with an open door.
        3. Choosing dimensions cm, will be rational Consider the average washing volumes. So, it is better not to consider full-size models by 6-7 kg, if they are used with loading 2-3 kg. In such situations, the optimal option will be narrow and compact “Washing”.
        4. When choosing a typewriter and place to install it It is necessary to take into account the features of connecting the device to communications. From the location of the pipes will be directly dependent on the position of the SM itself, therefore, its dimensions.

        Picking, Initially, you need to decide on the type of load. It is this moment that will become key when analyzing all other parameters. Including equipment dimensions.

        In situations with frontal models, it is necessary to take into account the presence of a place sufficient to open the hatch.

        All models available on today, the models with horizontal loading in their standard version can be divided into the following types, in terms of sizes.

        • Narrow 85 cm high, 60 cm wide and depth from 35 to 40 cm.
        • Full-sized, The height of which is 85-90 cm, width – 60-85 cm and depth – 60 cm.
        • Compact with a height, width and depth of 68-70, 47-60 and 43-45 cm, respectively.
        • Built-in (in / sh / g) – 82-85 cm / 60 cm / 54-60 cm.

        Often, with a lack of free space for installation, see a roomy drum in the bathroom, a corridor or in the kitchen, it makes sense to consider models with vertical loading.

        They allow you to significantly save this precious space at the expense of our constructive features. In this case, you need to remember that the cover of the machine and the doors of the drum opens upstairs. At the same time, they should not interfere.

        Models with vertical load are divided into large-sized and having standard sizes. In the first case, the washing machines have a height of 85-100 cm, width – 40 cm and depth – 60 cm. The height of standard modifications ranges from 60 to 85 cm with a width of 40 cm and depth – 60 cm. Turns out that In most cases, the first type from the second is characterized by height.

        Separate attention deserve nuances of choosing embedded models of automatic cm.

        It should be remembered that niches in kitchen furniture are usually designed to install “Washing” with a height of 85 cm.

        Standard dimensions of embedded machines have the following form:

        • height – 75-84 cm;
        • width – 58-60 cm;
        • Depth – 55-60 cm.

        When choosing sizes of embedded cm Important to take into account that In a niche, when installing equipment, the gaps should remain on the sides and from above. As a rule, niches under the working surface (countertop) and the dimensions of the described models are commensurate. At the same time, manufacturers in both cases leave some stock. Naturally, we can talk exclusively about models with horizontal loading.

        How to choose a washing machine, look in video.

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