Original toilet paper holders

Original toilet paper holders can please not only the owners, but also their guests. Currently, any store is happy to provide a huge range in which you can choose the necessary thing suitable for the interior and stylist of the room. But it will be better to make the holder independently. It will look original and interesting, and guests will definitely appreciate the fantasy of the hosts.


Toilet paper holder is an indispensable thing that allows you to make a toilet room much more comfortable and more comfortable. This thing is purchased so that the paper can not roll somewhere, fall and was convenient to use. It is necessary to choose a holder taking into account the design of the bathroom. It should optimally approach toilet.

Holders have features and many varieties, so it is better to view more options. Most often holders for accessories are manufactured either from plastic or metal. Plastic options are economical and short-lived, and can also lose color (burn out). They are rather fragile and easily break if they have nothing to handle.

Metal products are counted for high product class and are more expensive than plastic holders. Similar racks are decorated with a variety of ways. They are covered with chrome, paint, copper or brass spraying. The most durable is the products from stainless steel, since they are deprived of coatings.

Wooden holders are the most original and stylish, as they are made of natural wood and can have a very interesting decoration. On such products you can see any patterns cut by craftsmen, as well as beautiful drawings. They are suitable for those who prefer natural materials. Such holders do not allow paper to absorb moisture and add the necessary comfort to the atmosphere. Holders are with sleeves and without them.


There are wall, outdoor and built-in holders.

Wall mounted

Wall products are installed using special fasteners on the wall of the room, and the floor placed on the floor. Wall adaptation is represented by several varieties.

  • Closed type It is distinguished by the fact that the pump of the paper is placed in a container, and only the tip remains outside, for which you need to pull. This device has a movable lid at the top, which is capable of climbing when recharging the product.
  • Open type is a hook to which toilet paper. Such devices are rarely used, as it looks not too aesthetic. As well as open models are not able to protect paper from moisture exposure.

Wall racks are made in the same way as the floor holders and differ from them mount on the wall. There are two options for such a paper – horizontal and vertical. Vertical racks occupy much less space than horizontal. Wall holders typically include a shelf for spare rolls, a place for air freshener and the rash.

Wall products have another group – mobile or reinstalued. There are both closed types of similar devices and open. They have a common feature – this is a quick-consuming attachment in the form of suckers or lipukek. Vacuum products are not too reliable, as they cannot withstand a lot of weight and are able to break away from the wall, delivering unnecessary troubles.


Built-in type is the most aesthetic, as it is in a niche on the wall. It is a small container with a special hole for feeding paper. In order to recharge the product, you must pull it out of the wall and after installing the new roll insert into place. It is practically not visible, so it is very organically fits into the room with any design.


Outdoor toilet paper holders are usually multifunctional, as one roll, which is riveted on a beautiful rack, does not look aesthetic. The rack is a variety of diverse tools (double shelves).

Another option outdoor use is the holder combined with other devices. It is multifunctional. This type is different from the usual in what provides for a place to install a balloon or automatic air freshener. Such options are considered the most practical and compact.

Outdoor products have an advantage – they can be rearranged into other places and placed in a dishwasher in order to get rid of pollution. And they can be easily transported to the country, if necessary. They are pretty light and comfortable.


Even such a kind of increasing and small thing as a paper maker can become the center of the toilet room and determine what its appearance will. It is necessary to choose the option that will decorate the room and make it cozy and comfortable.

Rustic style is original and interesting. Here you can use a variety of varied variations. Materials for such holders should be purchased in construction stores. And it is also possible to buy a ready-made holder in a similar style.

You can choose an interesting and cool holder, making it yourself.

If the child collects toys and sometimes throws old, then you should show a fantasy and use them as funny holders. There are a large selection of original products in the form of skeletons or knights.

Metal holders of white, black or bronze color will be superbly looking in the style of Provence. They will make the toilet room more aesthetic and stylish. Wooden holders will suit those who like natural materials. Loft style holders are most often made of cast iron and steel and become the best decoration for the room.

Wrought holder is the original bathroom accessory. The base of the product consists of two guide holders. Forged models are often decorated with decorative forged sheets having holes in order to fix the paper on the wall. From corrosion processes Metal protects special primer, which is processed by the forging. Then she decorates patinating and black enamel.

How to make with your own hands: Original ideas

To create an unusual and fashionable holder, you can use various materials and flight of fancy. It is worth relying on creativity and feeling of taste.


You must purchase 1 meter of two-millimeter steel wire, then exacerbate it with pliers via drawn in advance in the size of the paper roll size. Surplus cut off, holder can be used. Production of a product only takes a few minutes, it will look aesthetic and it is convenient to use all households in use.

Plastic bottle

The lower part is cut into the length of the paper, and the upper will be lid. The neck cuts out, and a piece of roll of paper is taking into a hole from the inside. Looks like this product quite original and is a budget option.

Old videotape

In the nest of the cassettes, it is necessary to glue a wooden stick and attach it to the wall. Such a holder is suitable for any interior styles.


In order to make crossbars and side elements, you need to prepare a plank of 20 mm. For the corner you will need a plate, the thickness of which is 10 mm. First, the sidewalls should be made, then the crossbar. After you need to cook two recent elements using a thin board. They will form a corner at the top of the design. The sidewalls are connected to the rails and fasten. The crossbar is not attached to anything.

Wooden holder is a unique product from a natural material that is able to become a real diamond in the interior of the room. He looks unadveaded but attractive.

Old Skate

It is necessary to get rid of the wheels and hang rolls on the axis. Similar option is suitable for those who like the active view of the rest. And he can be an excellent original gift.

Old details and toys

If there are many details in the household houses from furniture, electrical appliances, cars and other elements, you need to study them. After all, you can find interesting spare parts, ideally suitable for the role holders. Sometimes this detail should be adjusted a little, paint, and then attach to the wall. From old toys, you can make a funny holder that will always raise the mood. There are many options: old dinosaur figures, dolls and others.

In the form of doll

Such an original product will create comfort in the room, as well as amazing guests. In order to make a holder-doll, you need to use a straight fabric of beige color, filler (cotton or syntheps), wire, material from which doll clothing, cardboard, paper, simple pencil, scissors, embroidery threads, hair yarn Dolls and needle.

Parts of the body for dolls are cut and stitched. Rabbit, sneakers and handkerchief. Then create elements of clothing. The features of the face are embroidered, two parts of the body are cut out of the fabric. The front and rear part must be added to the front side to each other. They need to be sehered among themselves, but leave the hole in order to fill the toy filler.

From the fabric it is necessary to cut your head in the same way. Both parts to sew among themselves, leaving the hole below. After you need to do pattern legs and hands, not forgetting about holes in order to connect parts of the body with a torso. Inside the wire should be inserted so that they bend.

The doll is stuffed with filler, all parts of the body are sewn into place. Cut outerwear and slippers. Here the hostess can take advantage of his fantasy. The face is made of threads, and the hair is from yarn. When the doll is ready, you need to fold her hands so that the paper rolls on them.

The original solution will be a knitted holder. The one who is interested in knitting will be able to make it very quickly. It is a cover that is powered by a roll of paper and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Useful advice

Between the wall and toilet, it is necessary to have more than 35-45 cm of free space both on the right and left. The holder must be installed correctly: it should be hung at an altitude of 60 cm from the floor. You need to move a little forward relative to the plumbing equipment (20-25 cm). The holder is installed on the right hand from people using toilet. It provides comfortable conditions.

After mounting the holder, you should place the paper end up, because:

  • It will not be thrown about the wall, and exposed to a variety of microbes;
  • The tip is easier;
  • comfortable winding (space for hands);
  • Children and pets will not play with her;
  • It looks aesthetic and neat.

Beautiful examples

There is a large selection of a variety of holders that can change the room beyond recognition. Everyone can choose something individual. It is quite difficult to choose only one product from an abundance of options, but it is necessary to take into account the design and interior of the room, as well as tastes and preferences of the owners. Here you can see some beautiful and original examples of decent holders.

  • The original textile holder in the form of owl will definitely decorate the room by making it more cozy.
  • Delicate version made of fabric.
  • An interesting option with a shelf for those who need to place a number of magazines or newspapers.

  • Funny Mouse Holder.
  • Holder in the form of a giraffe for creative personalities.
  • Laconic holder having a comfortable shelf.
  • Creative Product in the form of a face.

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