Narrow Drying Machines: Principle of Work, Model Review and Choice

Machine for drying linen greatly simplifies life. Such household appliances makes no more things all over the apartment. Conveniently install drying over the washing machine, column. The most comfortable and compact are narrow models.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern drying machines greatly facilitate clothing care. Main advantages:

  1. Effective drying of linen in a short period;
  2. There is no need to hang clothes, occupying her place;
  3. In the process of drying, wet clothing is smoothed;
  4. a large number of programs for gentle processing of different fabrics;
  5. easy use and care;
  6. Narrow technique compact, takes little space;
  7. drying refreshes clothes, makes the smell more enjoyable.

Narrow machines for drying linen are not perfect, like any technique. Basic Disadvantages:

  1. Technique consumes a lot of electricity;
  2. You can not load the maximum, otherwise the laundry will not dry;
  3. need to sort clothes by tissue type.

Principle of operation

The drying method depends on the type of drying machine. Most classic ventilation models simply blow wet air through the tube. As a result, it enters the ventilation system. Modern condensation models are more expensive and work a little different.

The drum is spinning, and the air circulates. First, the stream warms up to 40-70 ° C and sent to clothing. Air collects moisture and goes into the heat exchanger. Then the flow becomes dry, cooled and goes back to the heating element. A narrow drying machine has a drum that rotates at a speed of up to 100 revolutions per minute.

Wherein Air warming temperature depends on the selected program. It should be selected under the features of the material of clothes.

There are washing-drying machines for linen. They can first wander clothes, and then dry by the same principle.


Narrow drying machine is distinguished by a small depth. 40 cm is considered the minimum indicator, and the maximum – 50 cm. The most sought-after models have a ratio of width and depth of 60×40 cm. Such a compact technique, but spacious. A shallow drying machine can be put even in a small bathroom or storage room.

Review models

Currently, narrow drying machines are rare. On the market there are only models from Candy. It is worth noting that the manufacturer deserves consumer confidence.

    Candy CS4 H7A1DE

    Popular condensation model with thermal pump. The main advantage is the drum for 7 kg. There are special sensors that control the level of humidity. Reversing rotation does not allow linen to spine and get sneak. User disposal 15 programs that provide all types of fabrics. Among other things there is a mode that simply refreshes the fragrance. There is an indexation, which indicates that it is time to pour a liquid from the tank.

    Liquid completely clean, as it passes through filters. The depth of the machine is only 47 cm with a width of 60 cm and height 85 cm. It is worth noting that during drying the air indoors does not heat up, which is a big advantage. Do not use for woolen things – there is a risk of shrinkage.

    An alternative to the drying machine can be considered washing with drying function. Such equipment is universal and convenient. Consider popular models of washing-drying machines.

    LG F1296CD3

    The model is characterized by low noise. Thanks to the direct drive system, there are no extra details that usually quickly fail. The motor is attached directly to the drum, which simplifies the repair in case of breakdown. The depth is only 44 cm with a width of 60 cm, height 85 cm. The model can dry up to 4 kg of linen at once. There are programs for quick and delicate underwear. Separately, the mode of drying woolen things.

      Haier HWD80-B14686

      Intelligent model herself weights things during drum boot. Dried up to 5 kg of linen. The washing-drying machine is only 46 cm deep into the depth, 59.5 cm wide and 84.5 cm in height. The technique is distinguished by a pleasant design and the presence of lighting holes for loading linen. The model works quite quietly.

      Tips for choosing

      Machine for drying greatly simplifies the owners. When choosing a narrow model, pay attention to a number of important criteria.

      1. Power. The optimal indicator varies in the range of 1.5-2.3 kW. At the same time, the maximum power of 4 kW, however, for household use it is a lot.
      2. Boot weight. After washing underwear it gets harder at about 50%. Drying machines can be calculated by 3.5-11 kg. Finding on the basis of the number of people in the family.
      3. Number of programs. Usually drying methods differ on the basis of fabric and dry clothes. So you can prepare underwear for stroking iron or immediately in order to wear. Optimally choose drying machines with 15 programs.

      Family of 3-4 people without children will be enough model with a load of 7-9 kg. If there are more than 5 people, then things are erased quite a lot. Need a drying machine for 10-11 kg. If there are children in the house, then it is worth considering the presence of blocking buttons for security. One person or young family will be enough model by 3.5-5 kg.

      On the principles of the choice of drying machine, see further.

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