Narrow Baskets for Linen: Features and Benefits

A narrow basket for dirty linen in the bathroom room serves as a good example of a stylish accessory, which does not just make the bathroom practical and ergonomic, but also emphasizes the overall interior of the room and characterizes the preferences of its owner.


Traditionally, the floor basket can be installed in any convenient location: near the washing machine, behind the shower or near the bathroom. The big disadvantage of such products is that in conditions of small bathrooms, they take too much space, so users increasingly prefer miniature models.

The room of the bathroom must meet some important criteria. It must be practical, and secondly, also comfortable.

The degree of convenience depends on the overall design, location of items and the availability of equipment, but the practicality is more determined by the arrangement of all sorts of little things, which most fully must fit the style of life.

That is why the linen container has become a truly indispensable attribute of modern bathrooms. Obviously, it is much more convenient and aesthetically to collect all the underwear in one place and then download them to washing, rather than arrange large-scale searches for dirty linen all over the house. Some owners of apartments are trying to find alternative options – either fit basins and buckets, or arrange a warehouse on the balcony, while others and at all throw out dirty things in the washing machine itself.

To avoid this, you can use a functional basket for things. Such an accessory practically replaces all uncomfortable tanks, pretends the view of residential premises more aesthetic and transforms the bathroom itself in front of.

Dimensions and forms

Before you purchase a basket for dirty linen, you should estimate the degree of its workload, which directly depends on the total number of family members, their age and health status. It’s no secret that families, for example, with small children, erase much more and in large volumes.

A large family needs a spacious basket, but alone owners such a capacity without need is half empty, it will only take place.

Dimensions baskets are diverse. The most popular option has a height of 50-60 cm with a capacity of 40 to 65 liters, and the depth and width may vary depending on the characteristics of the space and location of the capacity. As a rule, they are square or narrowed and long.

Similar dimensions are optimal for a middle family by 3-5 people, but if the family is numerous, then you should give preference to models with a volume of up to 100 liters. But for 1-2 people enough 25 liter basket.

Round options are most often narrow and at the same time high – their diameter is approximately 30 cm, and the height is from 60 cm, the maximum load volume corresponds to 50 liters. Such products ergonomically fit into small bathrooms and get well near the washing machine.

Corner baskets have a width of a 40 cm wall, and a height is about 55 cm.

However, the modern market offers many a wide variety of solutions. The choice of optimal dimensions depends solely on the individual characteristics and personal preferences of users.

Advantages and disadvantages

Unfortunately, most modern high-rise buildings cannot boast spacious bathrooms – there are barely enough space for the placement of the sink, toilet, bath and washing machine. That is why options for using baskets for linen are essentially limited – it will be optimal here a narrow capacity width of 15-20 cm, often produced models of 23 cm.

Small-sized laundry baskets allow us to use space effectively: She removes dirty things from residential premises, while not “stealing” free space and concisely fits into the interior of any type.

Narrow dimensions of the model make it possible to effectively establish it even on the most minor sections of the bathroom – it will easily fit between the shower and washing machine, will fit into the space under the sink or find a place in the corner of the racks. A narrow basket can be the best solution to the problem of lack of space and save the useful area.

Also, a stylish narrow basket for dirty linen will give design finished and concise appearance, will bring the long-awaited comfort and increase the level of comfort in the room.

To date, in stores you can find models of a wide variety of forms, Textures and shades, thanks to which you can pick up such a model that will emphasize the overall concept of the interior and become his “highlight”.

The lack of a basket flows out of its dimensions – narrow tanks cannot be accommodated, so they are not suitable for large families, especially if small children live in the house, constantly packing their clothes, or staying sick, for which a fundamental bed linen change.


Narrow baskets are performed from a wide variety of materials. Most often for production used braided versions of wood. They fit well into the country style, create a unique atmosphere “Shebbi-Shik” and “Rustic” heat.

The use of wood options is environmentally friendly and beautiful, however, quite expensive. In addition, such products must necessarily be impregnated with water-repellent compositions.

Plastic and other polymer materials are also in great demand – They are literally indisputable in the rooms decorated in the style of Hi-Tech, Modern and other directions that suggest the use of the most modern finishing materials. This is a practical and reliable material, and besides quite cheap.

Metal variants are used much less often, as they are only suitable for ultra-modern interiors in which chromium and glass elements prevail. These are stylish practical models that must necessarily be processed by anti-corrosion compositions.

Fabric version of the basket more resembles a bag for linen, although some models have a durable wire frame. Also there bags with handles and special carrying.

Other options for small-sized bathrooms

Narrow basket is not the only option that is suitable for storing dirty things in small bathrooms.

If there is no place for a bottle basket, it is worth using walls – Today, the industry produces narrow hanging baskets that allow you to collect all the underwear in one place without any damage to the useful space.

In terms of its functionality and design, they are similar to embedded tanks that are more reminiscent of drawers of different shades. Thanks to such hidden storage facilities, nothing will disrupt the ideality of the room, and no unnecessary detail will fall to the eyes of picky guests.

Similar baskets are most often installed on racks or in lockers, as well as in the tube under the bath.

If there is no place for storing dirty things at all, then you should pay attention to the bag. It can become not only a practical, but also a stylish element of the interior, and its location can be changed.

By the way, bags are very convenient if we need sorting of linen, for example, on white and colored. In addition, such a solution is optimal for apartments in which the underwear for different family members is erased separately.

About how to make a basket for clothes with your own hands, look next.

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