Migliore mixers: selection and characteristics

There are many stamps of sanitary products in the Russian market, however, consumers have good reasons to choose exactly solutions under the MIGLiore brand. And it’s not only in the Italian quality, but also in a number of other subtleties and nuances.


The company supplies mixers for a variety of plumbing:

  • baths;
  • shower cabin;
  • hygienic soul;

  • sinks;
  • Installations in bidet.

The range includes products outdoor, wall and hidden editing, There are structures on three holes and many other options. If you wish to connect to mixing water, special filters will not work.

The company’s products are also equipped with sensory control, built-in thermostats, water cranes in dishwashers.

The production of plumbing elements was established in the distant 60s of the last century, and since then, the quality has been invariably held at the highest level. The supplied mixers are classified as flawlessly elite things – qualified developers know how to achieve impressive operational capabilities.

Design and models

Great variety of paintings of mixers produced in Italy: In addition to chrome and golden surfaces, users can choose white or red tone, satin or green, black or imitation bronze, nickel, copper. There are even ancient solutions of imitation of aged silver.

Designers from the Apennine Peninsula The subject of his inspiration made the revival style, But this motive is carried out flexibly and skillfully, without too much pressure and obsession. It is this circumstance that consumers celebrate their feedback and outlining the impression.

Developers diligently create such structures that are attractive in any interiors: both in the rooms are retro and in an ultra-modern space.

It does not matter whether the KVANT collection is chosen or any other – the Italian brand will be at the height and in purely engineering. All its mixers are divided into two basic groups: with one and two levers.

They are performed exclusively from selected metal, after casting there are strictest quality control.

Bottom valves are invariably installed in mixing devices. High professionalism of the collectors and careful selection of the raw materials allow the firm to quietly give a five-year warranty on its product.

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Consumers can buy a mixer for both vertical and horizontal consolidation. Water supply device in the bathroom Lem Swarovski BN. Lem-1902 Performed in classical geometric shape and is represented in three main coloring: chrome, golden and bronze.

For the shell, one of the best solutions can be considered Beatrice ML. BTC-134. This mixer is made according to a two-liter scheme with two water capture points, is mounted horizontally, it is painted in production under chrome or bronze. But the mixer for installation in the bidet (model Prestige ML. PRS-744) can be painted in three main colors, the form is also classical.

The high-quality Italian mixer Migliore in gold can be viewed in the video below.

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