Melana sinks: species and features of choice

    Plumbing selection is carried out with practical tasks, bathroom design and personal preferences. Melana’s sinks perfectly fit into any interior, complement it and help competently expanding accents. The classic floor washbasin will become part of a minimalist interior, and a compact wool’s room is suitable for placing a small area, where every tens of centimeters.

    About brand

    The Russian company was initially engaged in the supply of sanitary ware, but in 2006 its own production was opened. Engaged in the design and creation of metal miles, Melana attracted the consumer with a low price. The cost of brand products has become one of the lowest segment in the occupied segment, which does not affect the quality and appearance of products.

    Stainless steel 201 brand is taken to create. It includes chromium and nickel impurities, which allows the use of sink in the kitchen. The material is absolutely safe, does not emit harmful substances, as well as resistant to the effects of food acids and aggressive media. In addition, such shells have increased corrosion resistance, which extends the life of their operation several times. Improving product quality is achieved and due to the regular implementation of innovative technologies in the production process.

    Separate category occupy ceramic shells characterized by elegance and refinement. Washbasins made from this material are distinguished by a variety of forms and sizes, as well as the ease of installation. Plumbing is easy to care, it is easy to clean and wash.

    Tracking trends in the plumbing market, the company’s specialists regularly develop new types of shells: every year in the range appears up to five positions. The direction “Melana Suux” includes design models supplemented by various decorative elements. Such a curly washbasin is suitable for the arrangement of non-standard bathrooms.

    Types of Rachin

    Washbasins differ in shape, dimensions and designs, selected for a specific interior. The manufacturer offers four types of shells from the point of view of the coating. Polished models are the most dark and fit into monochrome design. Such a black sink will be the embodiment of conceptuality, it is best to look in the room with a minimum decor.

    Matte coating – a neutral solution characterized by universality. Such a wage is suitable for any room, requires a minimum of care. Like the remaining two coatings, it has a gray color. Satin is a surface covered with the smallest stripes creating the effect of raw. Such a sink overflows into the light and will become part of High-tech interior. Unusually looks coverage of the type “Decor”, on which patterns are applied, for example, in the form of a variety of circles. Sinks classify depending on the appearance.


    One-piece outdoor sink, at the bottom of which is a massive base. The advantage of the model is that the design closes all pipes and siphon, it looks monolithically. The brand offers washbasins in the form of a cylinder or a rectangle, there are also models that are tousing towards the floor. Sink type “Monoblock” can be used as a detached.

    A variety of monoblock is the wage on the pedestal, the second name of which is “Tulip”. It is attached to the wall, easy to install and operate. In this case, the size of the base is approximately correlated with the diameter of pipes for water supply. The universal model is more compact, suitable for classic bathrooms. Comfortable leg allows you to use free space under the washbasin for any purpose.


    The washbasin is located on a special console, its edges protrude above the tabletop level, due to which the furniture is protected from water, soap and exposure to aggressive media (for example, washing powder). Bow-shaped models look elegant, suitable for classic interiors. Such washbasins become a central element, set the basis for the style of all rooms.

    Assortment contains rectangular, square sinks, made in the form of opened bud.


    The model is located inside the hole located in the console. Due to the fact that the edges of the washbasin are at the same level with the table top, it is almost impaired and occupies a minimum of space. Sink can be performed in the form of a bowl or to be equipped with an additional ledge for storing hygiene products, cosmetics. For bathrooms in public places Brand offers double models.

    Despite the original appearance, the mortise shell has a number of flaws. In particular, it is harder to install it, and this requires a special console. But there is an opportunity to locate at the bottom of the bathroom storage box. The model also allows you to hide from prying eye tubes, screws and drains. As for the design, the brand offers both clothes with a smooth surface and with the waves made.


    The most compact sink version. It is attached to the wall and does not require the use of additional components, while the drain remains visible. Fixing the washbasin is carried out with the help of anchors and mortgage elements, which speeds up the installation process.

    A feature of the model is conciseness, deliberate simplicity. Melana offers both standard sinks and having an enlarged length. In the second case, the shape of the wage ends with a hemisphere or parallelepiped, hiding fastening elements.

    Size – the following criterion by which plumbing is different. Sinks are considered standard, whose width ranges in the range between 40 and 70-75 cm. This type includes products purchased for household needs. Under conditions of limited space (in offices, cafes), mini-rowers can be appropriate – less than 40 cm, and the model of 80-90 cm wide is used in non-standard interiors. The optimal depth of the shell is considered 30-60 cm: the spray of water will not fly away and the person does not have to be too tilted when washing.

    Features of choice

    There are several subtleties that simplify the selection of the model. However, none of them is an iron rule, since the acquisition of plumbing is in many respects relate to purely with personal preferences of a person and the amount existing.

    How do buyers’ reviews, Melana sinks are distinguished by convenience, functionality and long service life, regardless of the specific product. Because the search for the best sink is largely related to the interior of the settling room.

    Selection criteria.

    • Style. The design of the sink should relate to the external appearance of the entire bathroom. First of all, they define the overall style of the premises. Melana offers classic models suitable for traditional interiors, as well as ultra-modern hay-tech washers made of metal. It is important to take into account the combination of colors, because in the collections there are both neutral white models and orange, salad, gray.
    • Dimensions. Dimensions directly relate to the room area. Big washbasin will look ridiculous in a compact bathroom, moreover, he can simply not fit there. All additional elements are taken into account, the presence or absence of a countertop on which the sink is located.

    • Availability of additional wings and protrusions. They are used for storing soaps, cups with toothpastes and brushes, wash products and other things. Elements allow organically to organize available space, but they can be completely useless when hygiene means are originally stored elsewhere. Consider the fact that the sink with protrusions takes more space.
    • Mixer. The crane is purchased taking into account the structural features of the washbasin, the specificity of the installation of components. Therefore, the mixer is recommended to buy after the sink: so it will be possible to avoid excessive waste of money.

    Assortment of Milana Rakovin includes more than 400 models. One of the most popular and universal includes Francesca 80 and Estet 60, having strict geometric shapes. The first of the shell is made of Sanfayans and is supplied complete with a table made of moisture-resistant wooden panels. It is equipped with a drawer for storing small items. Both models are mounted in a mortise.

    Estet sink is a rectangular bowl with protrusions on the edges. It has a minimalistness, has recessed edges. To create a washbasin, pillage marble is taken, giving it the shade of nobility and luxury. Medium dimensions simplify the embedding of plumbing in any interior, and the formation of forms makes the model universal. For cleaner, neutral gray.

    In the next video you will find a review of models from Melana.

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