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The size of the washing machine plays an important role when choosing its model. The buyer is most often guided by which space in his apartment it can allocate for the installation of this technique. Not always common dimensions of washing machines are successfully suitable for the interior, and then you have to look for special models with non-standard sizes. Each manufacturer of washing machinery, including LG, have various variations of the dimensions of their products, which can satisfy any, even the most demanding consumer request.

Standard dimensions

LG washing machine can be a full-sized model that has a front load, or it can be a compact technique where the download type is vertical. The choice of variations of models today is quite large enough, and their dimensions are directly dependent on the volume of water tank and the type of linen load.

Choosing a model of a washing machine, you should know that the width and height of the overwhelming majority of the models does not change, but the depth may have different parameters.

The standard parameters of the height in the washing machine machines of the LG brand are 85 cm. Sometimes buyers are looking for cars with a height of 70 cm or 80 cm, but such models LG does not produce, but they have other manufacturers, for example, Candy.

Height, equal to 85 cm, is non-randomly chosen as standard. This size corresponds to the majority of kitchen heads, which is embedded and washing machine. In addition, such a height of washing machinery is ergonomically convenient for the use of man whose growth is 1.70-1.75 m, which is a very common phenomenon.

It is this height of the kitchen headset that provides comfort for the shoulder belt and the spine of a person, and the washing machine is ideal for the whole of this design, as it will correspond to the height of the tabletop.

If you plan to put a washing machine in the bathroom, then its height is not always a fundamentally important parameter. However, if you choose a model with top loading of linen, then before buying it is worth ensuring that the opened cover of the car will not interfere.

Small dimensions have the models:

  • LG FH-8G1mini2 – the parameters of the height – 36.5 cm;
  • LG TW206W – the height of the washing block is 36.5 cm.

Such washing blocks are designed to embed into cabinet furniture and have a small performance, since their load volume ranges from 2 to 3.5 kg. For a large family, this technique is unlikely to be comfortable.


Whatever the depth of the washing machine, but its width according to the standards is 60 cm. Even narrow automatic vertical loading machines have such a width parameter. Exceptions are semi-automatic LG machines having compact dimensions and vertical loading. In activator type machines, the width is provided much more and ranges from 70 to 75 cm.

Options for non-standard deep and compact washing machines LG following.

  • LG TW7000DS. Width – 70 cm, height – 135 cm, depth – 83.5 cm. Such a car not only erases underwear, but also has a function of drying.
  • LG WD-10240T. Width – 55 cm, depth – 60 cm, height – 84 cm. The machine performs only washing and suitable for installation in a kitchen furniture set. Loading is frontal, the volume of the tank is designed for 6 kg of linen.

Non-standard models are in demand on a par with standard models on dimensions, but their choice is significantly less.


Most of the manufacturers of washing machinery, including LG, produce cars, the depth of which ranges from 40 to 45 cm. The load of linen depends on the tank capacity and varies from 4 to 7 kg. Standard Machine Dimensions make it possible to wash not only small, but also large things, so many buyers give them preference when buying.

In addition to standard models, LG has large-sized automatic versions.

  • LG TW7000DS. Height – 1.35 m, width – 0.7 m, depth is 0.84 m. The machine allows you to erase for one cycle of 17 kg of linen, in addition, it also has an additional margin of strength of 3.5 kg.
  • LG LSWD100. Height – 0.85 m, width – 0.6 m, car depth – 0.67 m. For one cycle, this automatic is able to wash up to 12 kg of linen. In addition, it also has a function of drying, and the extrusion rate is 1600 rpm.

Non-standard models of washing machines allow for one cycle to erase more underwear, but the cost of such equipment is much higher than that of the standard on the dimensions of the analogues.

Sizes of narrow models

Narrow models are designed for the convenience of embedding in cabinet furniture, while the volume of their tank allows you to wash for one cycle no more than 2-3.5 kg of linen.

An example of a narrow modification of washing machinery from LG is the WD-101175SD model. Its depth is 36 cm, width – 60 cm. This is an embedded model at press speed up to 1000 rpm.

Narrow models of washing machines are compact, but the download volume is significantly less than that of standard analogs.

Parameters of supporting machines

During the presence of LG in the Russian market, miniature models of washing machines had a depth of 34 cm. As an example, such equipment can be given the LG WD-10390SD model. Its depth is 34 cm, width – 60 cm, height – 85 cm. This is a separate model that allows you to download for washing up to 3.5 kg of linen.

It is worth noting that the compact variants of washing machinery because of the small tank and the drum, a rather weak spin and low-quality washing, but the price will be at the standard model level.

Overview of one of the models in the video below.

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