LG washing machine overview with drying

LG is known as a manufacturer of high-quality equipment for the whole house. Brand washing machines are enjoyable due to excellent specifications and pleasant cost. Recently acquired devices with drying function. In the article, we will consider the pros and cons of such aggregates, make a review of popular models and give useful tips on the choice of the product.


Washing machines with drying LG have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider their details.

The main advantage of such models is the saving time that will be especially noticeable in a large family with children, where the washing accumulates every day. Built-in drying mode will allow linen to dry faster. Thus, clothing from the device can be immediately sent to the closet or on an ironing board. In the model range of the brand there are products with steam function. They make it easier and speed up the further process of ironing, as the couple smoothes fabric.

In addition to the time of washing, saves and place in the apartment. With the unit 2 in 1 disappears the need to buy a separate drying machine. No need to hang clothes on a hanger, which sometimes takes a significant space.

Drying mode allows you to avoid both high humidity in the apartment that, as you know, is not very good for health. The fact is that the hanging of wet products indoors is the reason for increasing this air indicator.

Also on clothes waved in the hanger, dust is going, which later settles in the apartment, respectively, to clean the surface of furniture and sex more often. LG washing machine with drying mode will avoid this problem.

An important advantage of brand devices is the presence of TrueStream function, responsible for removing allergens from the surface of the linen. This is especially important for families with children. If you are in a hurry somewhere and you urgently need to wrap the necessary clothes, this technique will quickly cope with the task.

Unfortunately, similar washing machines have some minuses that need to be considered when buying.

First of all, it should be noted the impossibility of full drying of clothing. If you load 4 kg of linen, dried the technique can be exactly two times less, that is, 2 kg. Either you have to get a semi-drying products and additionally dry them in the apartment. Yet before a full-fledged drying machine such devices lose. The devices do not have a wide range of functions, for example, there is no fast drying mode and the ability to customize the type of tissue.

The humidity sensor is present only in expensive models. This is a very important detail that allows the device to independently assess the degree of dryness of linen. When setting up drying by a timer, you risk reaching either more wet things, or, on the contrary, stolen, which adversely affects the quality of the fabric.

Essential minus is High electricity consumption, which then reflects on electricity accounts.

Consumption increases by about 1.5 times. The only thing that can help reduce this indicator is the presence of a delayed wash function. Timer will include techniques at night when tariffs below.

Unlike full-fledged drying machines Such devices are not equipped with an air filter that prevents dust output and its distribution by room. As a result, from time to time she cares more and on clothes.

Application in the process of working hot steam negatively acts on the work and durability of the unit. Therefore, such devices serve significantly less than standard washing machines. From the disadvantages should be highlighted and high noise. Some units work too noisy, so the erase will wash at night problematic. There are products that the quality of washing is slightly “lame” due to the presence of additional modes.

Below will be a review of the most popular and rating machine machines with a drying function from LG.



Washing machine automatic size 600x640x850 mm, has a capacity of 10.5 kg. The product is characterized by a minimum noise level, which allows you to turn it on at night. The model has a spin speed of 1400 rpm and 12 washing modes. The Trueseam pair function gently affects the fabric and finally shears the residues of the powder or air conditioner, additionally remove any allergens from the surface of the linen. The product can be synchronized with a special program on a smartphone and driving a wash remotely.


The product has 12 embedded programs and the following compression modes: 1400/1200 / 1000/800 / 400 / “Without press” with the ability to adjust. 6 Drum rotation options are selected depending on the type of fabric. The device can be synchronized with the program on a smartphone that independently conducts the diagnosis of technology. Capacity of the drum – 8 kg, and the drying mode is calculated on 6 kg. Management occurs with the LED display.


Standard model with a capacity of up to 8 kg has several spinning rates 1400/1000 / 800/600 / “without press”. Sensory control panel offers to choose from 19 wash programs. There is a function of silent washing, which suppresses vibration when the washing machine is operational. 6 Motion technology provides 6 drum rotation options, depending on the type of fabric. The direct drive allows you to connect the motor directly to the drum, which increases the wear resistance of the product.



This model has dimensions of 600 × 440 × 850 cm. The volume of the drum is 9 kg. The device is equipped with 3 spain speeds 1200/800/400 / “without press” and 9 washing modes. The drum is equipped with 6 rotational modes, depending on the type of fabric. Thanks to the straight drive system, the motor is attached directly to the drum, which provides increased wear resistance of parts. Besides, The noise and vibration level decreases during the operation of the aggregate.


The device with dimensions 600 × 450 × 850 cm is equipped with 14 washing modes and three spin speeds: 1200/1100 / 800/400 / “Without press”. Maximum reels of drum – 7 kg. Mobile diagnostic feature allows you to synchronize equipment with the program on the phone and adjust the operation of the device remotely. Seven drying programs will allow not only to choose the desired degree depending on the type of fabric, but also get a completely dry and minimally crumpled clothes that you can immediately wear.

With big loading

TW7000DS / TW351W

The peculiarity of this unit is the presence of two drums. The main is designed to wash a large volume of things with strong pollution. Nizhny – for delicate washing of small products with small pollution. Separate styric cycles allow you to reduce the process time by 2 times, because in the amount of the device can accommodate up to 20.5 kg of clothes. The mini drum is installed directly under the main way, which allows you to save place. 700 × 835 × 990 cm machine 700 × 835 × 990 cm has 6 pressure modes: 1100/1000 / 800/600/400 / “Without press” and 12 washing programs.

The function of drying is equipped with only the main drum, it includes 5 modes, including the Ecocouple, which saves water. Device management occurs using the touch screen.

With laundry ferry


The device size 600 × 610 × 850 mm is equipped with 14 washing programs and the following pressure modes: 1400/1200 / 1000/800 / 400 / “Without press”. The volume of the drum is 10.5 kg. Trueseam pair function mixes hot air water that flips washing residues and removes any allergens. This feature is important for families with children. 6 drying modes, including ecohybrid, allows you to get underwear not only dry, but also slightly smoothed.


Washing machine class of power consumption A has a capacity of up to 7 kg. Couple function TruesEam allows you to remove all bacteria, wash the remaining of household chemicals and eliminate the absorbed smell. In addition to antiallergenic properties, Trueseam with a powerful steam feed slightly smoothes underwear, thereby facilitating the subsequent ironing iron. Low noise allows you to use the device at night.

Useful will be the “Add Lingerie” function, at which you can stop washing and put forgotten things inside. The device is synchronized with the program on a smartphone that allows you to adjust washing remotely.

Tips for choosing

When buying a washing machine with drying function, it is recommended to pay attention to the following items that will help make the right choice.


First of all, determine the volume of drum. For a small family, there will be enough washing machine for 5-6 kg. If you have more than two children, and you are going to erase large-sized things, the best option in this case will be the device with a capacity of 8 kg.

Script class

Since the product is equipped with a function of drying, it is important to pay attention to the prescript class. The effectiveness of the drying depends on this parameter, because the better the clothes are pressed, the faster it is dried, because there will be no extra moisture. LG offers devices at press speed up to 2000 rpm. As a rule, enough power 500-1200 rpm. Be sure to have the possibility of adjusting the spinning rate.


Much depends on the size of the device, including the quality of washing. LG company produces a wide range of washing machines, including very narrow. Loading such products does not exceed 6 kg, but this is quite enough for a small family. Before buying, be sure to measure not only the place where the unit will stand, but also the width of the doorway. Unfortunately, there are often cases when the purchased washing machine does not pass on the door. An excellent option will be embedded technique, it is less than standard and helps save space.

Additional functions

You should also pay attention to supplements that greatly facilitate the use of the device. remember, that Each function significantly increases the cost of equipment, but also facilitates life. Therefore, it is worth not only from your tastes here, but also from financial opportunities.

An important aspect is the level of noise, as well as the presence of vibration when working as an aggregate. Often the washing machine is launched at night – remember that her work should not interfere with the neighbors. A convenient function will be a delay of time that is configured using a timer. After setting, you only need to fall asleep the powder, close the hatch and the machine itself will start at the time you need.

When studying the functionality of a washing machine with drying, make sure that all the necessary washing modes are made of cotton, synthetics, wool and delicate fabrics. An excellent helper will be the Ironing Function, which will greatly alleviate the subsequent smoothing process of linen. Things after processing steam become smoother. This is especially good for linen, which is poorly smoothed by an iron or during washing can give a shrinkage.

It is important to watch and the presence of security systems. All models of washing machines with drying LG are equipped with a hatch blocking function, preventing the possibility of opening it during washing. The function of protecting against leaks, control of foaming and imbalance of linen in the drum will be useful. Well, if the device will have a double insulation of the side walls of the case and the extra glass on the door. These additions will prevent the ability to burn.

Energy class

Another important point to pay attention to. The fact is that washing machines with a built-in drying mode spend a lot of electricity. The best choice in this case will be the device with an energy consumption class A, A + and A++. They cost more than standard models, but will help save a significant part of money to pay for electricity bills.

Review of customer reviews

In general, all buyers are satisfied with the purchased goods. LG washing machines with drying mode have the best price and quality ratio. Korean brand devices appreciated most users. First of all pleased a large number of washing modes from children’s things to sports. At the same time, the unit independently issues the desired degree of prescript, depending on the material of products.

Several drying modes are noted, among which there is a quick option for a small number of things. The TrueSeam function with the release of the steam allows you to get not only clean, but also slightly smoothed clothes, which is later much easier to handle iron. Plus, the presence of narrow models is also considered, as they are easily fit in any bathroom.

Of the minuses allocate difficulties of working with the timer, as the instruction is incomprehensible written. Some users complain about noisy draining of water, the sound of which could not eliminate even the direct drive. The disadvantage is considered to be I The possibility of drying a smaller number of things than when washing. You have to dry clothes in two approaches or not fill the drum to refusing.

The following is a video message of the LG washing machine with drying.

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