LG washing machine errors: decryption, causes, malfunction

Automatic washing machine – an electrical appliance, without which today it is impossible to do in modern life. Like any complex electronics, washing machine in case of breakdown requires a neat and gentle circulation. To independently eliminate malfunction, you will need a clear understanding of the essence of the failure, and only after that you can make a decision exactly how to eliminate one or another breakdown.

Fault codes and their causes

LG washing machine error code – one of the ways to accurately determine the cause and complexity of breakage. This is a kind of language, the designation appears on the display after self-diagnosis, and the user receives all the necessary actions to eliminate breakage.

Manufacturers are often compiled table of the most common mistakes. The table shows the decryption of each designation. Thus, understand what one or another set of letters and numbers will not be difficult – just look into the instructions.

That is why experts advise not to throw any documents related to electrical appliances after purchase.

In general, all breakdowns can be divided into two groups.

  1. Errors arising Due to the human factor (Usually it is wrong actions from the user itself).
  2. Serious breakdowns, arising after long-term operation. Repair of such faults is impossible at home in the absence of knowledge and skills. In this case, it will be much more reliable to call a specialist.

Error codes make it possible to narrow the range of troubleshooting problems, the washing machine itself gives a signal about problems with a specific node or part, it remains only to refer to the table provided by the manufacturer. This, together with the automatic function of self-diagnosis, makes it easy to facilitate the operation of complex electronics.

Among the most common faults in the fault of the human factor are mentioned:

  • overload the device;
  • problem with automatic locking hatch;
  • incorrect installation of protection against children;
  • Problems with drain or water heating.

Important! Errors in the work of a modern washing machine can be a lot, so each problem requires an individual approach for a qualitative solution. Most of the minor faults can be eliminated by their own by performing everything that is required by the instructions.

If the OE code appears in the midstocking operation on the electrical displays, there may be several reasons:

  • Zoor in the drain system (usually this is a filter or hose);
  • Zoor in the sewer system where the device is usually connected;
  • failure in the work of a drain pump during washing;
  • the sensor faults, measuring and controlling the water level;
  • Course of the controller protecting water engine.

DE malfunction in LG usually signals that The door of the drum was not closed.

Sometimes it is a mechanical problem when the door lock mechanism is broken.

UE – A rather popular malfunction with many users. It signals the balance of the balance in the drum, that is, things for washing were not distributed quite evenly to start washing. It should take into account that:

UE – means that the device independently distributes the weight to complete the task, any actions from the user in this case are not required;

UE – To start washing, you need to put underwear again manually, the automatic system of weight distribution does not cope with the task.

Mistake IE Signals the absence of water in the tank, sometimes if the water fills it too slowly, the system signals this code PE. The causes of such a malfunction are usually several:

  • blocked water supply or water is not supplied into a specific house;
  • The water supply dropped in the water supply, because of which it becomes impossible to supply water into a washing machine;
  • Bay valve is damaged;
  • Faulty water level relay.
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CL error usually familiar with all small or big families. This is a reliable signal that children will not launch a washing machine by chance and do not interfere with its work during washing. If this inscription flashes constantly, it suggests an explicit fault in the function and the need to apply for help from a specialist.

Fe or Le – signals that the tank is filled with water, which is why the work of the entire system in general is blocked, There may be several reasons:

  • breakdown of the electrocontroller;
  • Violation of the level relay;
  • malfunction with valve bay;
  • Surplus foam, settling in a tank.

For a more specific definition of the reason, it will be necessary to diagnose, attention should be paid primarily on the sensor and wiring, make sure the relay work accuracy. Lastly, the density and tightness of the valve is checked, they can be broken even when a small foreign subject.

PF – Failure in the operation of the power supply, occurs for a number of reasons, ranging from improper fixing of the power cord or the lack of connection into the outlet and ending the filter breakdown, wiring disorders or overheating.

Problems with a water heating element are often solved by a simple replacement to the new, indicated by the code He and signaling can, as a serious malfunction of the device, and about breaking the sockets to which the machine is connected.

Another combination TE indicates a problem with the thermistor if the temperature in the tank does not correspond to the instrument readings.

Here we are talking, rather, about the violation of the heating contours themselves.

When using a direct drive type, users can very often encounter an error SE – this is a violation of the work of the Tachonogenerator, which is responsible for controlling turnover. Externally, it is possible to notice the breakdown by the absence of the shaft rotation, the problem is solved only by replacing the damaged part.

Mistake E3 It arises much less than all the others, in some models of the LG line it is indicated by the code EE. It appears only when the device is first loaded when it is not possible to determine the level of the device loading.

TE – indicates a breakdown of the temperature sensor. It makes sense to check the condition of contact circuits and the presence of a closure. Failures in the controller usually occur precisely for these reasons.


Most often, the solution to the problem in case of breakdown was a washing machine consists in replacing the part, but dealing with the LG brand, many things can be performed with your own hands. The most important thing is not to forget about the safety technique, before making repairs, since the most important nodes work when connected to electricity with a voltage of 220 volts.

In the event of a problem with the drain of water, it is originally to check the integrity of the pump. It may optionally be damaged, problems with drain occur and in the case of a normal blockage. First you need to merge water, otherwise everything will be on the floor. Near the round cork behind the drum or behind the panel (depends on the assembly version) you can find a thin hose plugged with a small plug. Extending it and scolding it, it remains gently to drain the water into any suitable container.

There is another rather simple way – to lower the drain hose to the floor level. Only after draining the water you can remove the pump and view the state of the drain system. In most cases Helps ordinary cleaning from trash manually or with special means.

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If a broken pump is broken, then here you will have to carry out a small disassembly of the device:

  • Be sure to remove the plug from the outlet;
  • pull out the dispenser, water remains in it, so the machine is better tilt;
  • Remove the bottom panel and put the machine on the left side (most LG pumps are on the right).

Before removing the pump, mandatory stage – Test its multimeter. It also makes sense to check the integrity of the electrocups or pump.

Sometimes the drain does not occur due to mechanical wear or the fact that the impeller is not tightly kept in the design.

With the wear of the pump, it will also be necessary to replace. For this purpose, the dispenser is also extracted and the bottom panel is removed. Regarding the latter, the usual cross screwdriver may not always be. For reverse assembly, it is best to take a picture of all terminals and hoses or mark. The hoses are attached to the clamps, the filter cork is unscrewed when everything else was turned off. With the selection of a drain pump should not have any problems, they are usually versatile and suitable for all modern models.

Before the back assembly necessarily need to clean dirt and deposit. First, the pump is screwed, then all hoses and wires are connected back, then the plug closes. You can make sure you can, just running a short operation. For example, a rational. And if everything is in working condition, you can collect a typewriter back.

Water heater breakdown implies its replacement, but before that It is necessary to check it with the help of a multimeter or a similar instrument. The TEN itself is at the bottom of the tank, the ground wire is connected to it and several power supply for current supply. After disconnecting the terminals you can check the device for performance.

In order to extract the device, just just unscrew the nut in the middle and press a little hairpin. Next is removed the rubber seal. It needs to be done extremely gently so as not to break the tightness.

The replacement heater is also bought with a seal in the kit. If a temperature sensor is installed in the heater, it is not necessary to change it with the whole kit. It is enough to check the efficiency of work. Inside the tank for installing the heater there is a special bracket in which it must be installed. When scrolling the drum after installation there should be no scrubbing sound. It makes sense to pour water into a drum and make sure that the sealant does not proceed.

If the water is recruited slowly, it makes sense to check and clean the filter, it is located behind the bay hose at the entrance to the machine.

Cleaning will not require any particularly complex actions, it can be done with a shower or small toothpicks.

If the water in the machine is not recruited at all, In addition to checking and cleaning the filter using a multimeter tested and valve. It is behind the top cover, which is easily removed, if you unscrew several screws.

If the machine does not erase, but the water is murmur, this is the correct mechanical wear indicator. Before replacing the valve, you must take a picture of the wires. The valve itself is removed after disconnecting all wires and hoses, it is fixed with special latches that you need to clamp, turning it slightly. With the installation of the item to act in reverse order.

If, on the contrary, it takes too much water, then here the program reset the settings may not help – you will need to change the press service to the new. The sensor itself is in sight immediately behind the top cover, removed after turning off the terminal. But before this you can blow the press service. If a characteristic click was heard, it means that the part is good and does not need to be replaced.

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The most difficult of wiring malfunctions, violation of contacts or integrity of wires can lead to a variety of consequences, up to the present fire. Terminals in a serviceable typewriter must be clean, and the wires are homogeneous, bright and well isolated. It is recommended to monitor the state of wiring for the subject:

  • oxidized contacts or the appearance of a characteristic laid;
  • insulation disorders;
  • Water getting contact.

In the latter case, everything is not as scary, as it seems, water can be dried or wipe. And in the case of oxidation, it is necessary to find the cause of moisture on the terminals. Sams themselves happy security needs to be replaced.

During the repair of the wires, a soldering iron with a minimum of 60 watts will be required. If the insulation is broken by the wire, it must be completely replaced so that it does not lead to a closure or fire.

If a hummime appears during annealing or while working, it makes sense to pay attention to the state of bearings and glands. The repair itself is simple, but the delay can cost expensive consequences in the future. Spoiled bearing inhibits drum rotation, it can lead to broken Baku and broken cross.

If the bearing is rusty, water will fall on the electric motor and the consequences will be more than serious.

To work with bearings, a number of instruments will be required:

  • key by 14 mm;
  • Passatia;
  • nippers;
  • screed or clamps;
  • Silicone sealant (in no way glue).

In addition, it is worth stocking gloves and a flashlight. Before removing the tank, you need to remove all attachments and wires. Buds will be useful to cut the clamp. Tank keeps at the expense of several springs and shock absorbers. If the machine has a direct drive, remove the engine. For this, the screw is unscrewed, the drum is better in the process to hold, so as not to cut down about the edge and do not damage the whole design. Clamp can be removed by footing with a screwdriver.

Next, the front panel is removed, the wires and hoses are disconnected, the press service is removed. To remove the edge of the top cover, it is enough to remove the jumper. After removes the dispenser and valves, the key or head is unscrewed by the counterweight. LG is usually from above and in front. Shock absorbers are attached with the help of latches, so they will not remove them and take out.

The tank is pulled forward extremely gently so as not to damage the water control tube. Next, it will be necessary to disassemble it and replace bearings and glands that it will not take too much time.

Assembly, disassembly and repair of the washing machine requires accuracy and a phased approach. You can learn about the nature of errors using codes and personal observations, but most importantly – not to postpone even small problems and immediately find them. Cope with the elimination of LG washing machine errors by anyone who has at least basic repairs skills. The main thing is not to rush and checked with the manufacturer’s instructions, there it contains all the necessary information capable of facilitating the operation of the electrical appliance.

Additionally about LG washing machine errors See next video.

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