Laris towel rails

Laris heated towel rails are minimized on a general background. Need to carefully examine customer reviews. Under the Laris brand, electrical and water dryers, “Classic” and other models are supplied.

general description

Immediately it is worth saying that Laris heated towel rails can work from the mains either from hot water. Now the company produces at least 40 options for such products. High quality achieved due to the use of ultra-modern technologies. The company has a thorough control system. Production process is thought out and devoted to the smallest detail.

The manufacturer itself claims that its products:

  • Made in a unique style;

  • extremely functional;

  • designed to satisfy the requests of the most demanding consumers;

  • are suitable for buyers with different levels of welfare;

  • produced strictly from first-class materials on exhaust technologies;

  • packaged in such a way as to eliminate damage to the design during transportation.

Views and models

Among the water dryers it is worth noting the model “Victoria P6 450×600”. In its title, the product size is indicated. There are several color options:

  • without additional coating – simple polishing;

  • White;

  • bronze;

  • Golden color.

Basic technical parameters:

  • The main material is an AISI 304 stainless alloy;

  • The possibility of drying towels due to the supply of antifreeze, technical water or oil;

  • Internal semi-leaf thread;

  • Stand thickness 2 mm;

  • jumper thickness 1.5 mm;

  • permissible temperature 100 degrees.

Alternative – “EUROMIKS P8 500X800”. This heated towel rail is equipped with shelf. His colors are the same as the previous versions. Connection can be made from below, and a diagonal method, and with a rack.

The thickness of the shelf rack is 1.2 mm, and the optimal level of operating pressure is 1.5 MPa (at the recommended temperatures up to 100 degrees).

Another good water dryer is “Classic”. Or rather, version P6 400×600. Molding methods and colors do not differ, again, from previous options. Check quality and reliability is made by supplying pressure 3 MPa. In general, the device manifests itself not bad.

The elite water dryer is deserved and “Quatro P10 500×800”. Its main parameters:

  • the flow of heat due to both technical water and oil, and antifreeze;

  • operating pressure is normal up to 1500 kPa;

  • permissible temperature – to boiling point of water;

  • Test for acceptance – pressure of 3 MPa;

  • Polyethylene casing for attachment in the set.

An example of the electrical dryers of the same brand is the model Zebra Comfort Chk8 500×800 E ».

It connects strictly left. By default, the product is painted with powder paint in a white glossy tone (position on the RAL 9016 scale). Power supply is provided by the most ordinary household power supply. The power adjustment is made using a block on a fork, the operating temperature varies from 45 to 55 degrees; In production testing, it is necessary to find out the resistance to the insulation breakdown when the current is supplied with a voltage of 1.5 kV.

The set of delivery includes:

  • fastening system;

  • key hexagon;

  • package;

  • technical certificate.

But the same company supplies electric dryers plugged on the right. It’s about the model Zebra Zmeevik 25 CC3 500×500 E ». Power is carried out traditionally, through the power grid with household parameters. The switch is rendered on the plug. Completeness is the same as the previous version.

Terms of use

At the time of installation of the dryer, it is necessary to very clearly follow the rules for connecting pipes containing the coolant. Standard rules provide for the obligation of local disconnection of the device as needed. This is achieved by using bypass or shut-off adjusting reinforcement products. All thread connectivity points should be sealing. Levels of heated towel rail vertical and horizontal at the time of installation should be checked scrupulously.

Liquid models must be connected so as not to be delivered highways. Because of this, the turnover of the coolant and the operation of the device is often disturbed.

Connection scheme must comply with engineers instructions. If the heated towel rail must be fixed, it will be dismantled. Local shutdown is most convenient due to bypass.

Control the correctness of the position when installing can be used using hydraulic or laser level. The second type is more accurate and more preferable. If possible, installation should be entrusted with experienced performers. More detailed instructions can be obtained in technical passports. And, of course, you should only use the provided regular or identical fasteners.

Review reviews

Laris heated towel rails differ in general incentive quality. Judging by customer estimates, these products justify their prices. Any significant problems appear rarely. But the level of execution is quite high. Devices are beautiful and easy to use.

They allow you to dry a large number of things at the same time. But network cables in some models are short. This may be difficult at low or very remote placement outlet. In addition to the main function, the heated towel rails of this brand successfully coped with the heating of the premises. However, the speed of drying is sometimes not high enough, which grips many lovers to swim.

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