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Everyone who is stimps repairs in the bathroom, for sure I want to replace outdated plumbing for the newest modern systems. Fortunately, the market of these goods is great and, most importantly, available. So anyone can create a bathroom in its taste and financial capabilities. One of these examples – AM brand products. PM. In recent years, installations for toilet bowls have become increasingly popular.

Brand features

Installation is a plumbing construction that is mounted in the watertime wall, and only the toilet and the drain keys remain on the surface. Such structures in a wide range offers am. PM, who enlightened the best European trends. The main feature of the brand is the so-called emotional design. The company’s developers seek to create a product, in cooperation with which the host has an emotional connection. The design is designed to charge energy or soothe after a hard working day, and every detail – give pleasure.

This is a brand that united the leading manufacturers from Italy, Germany, England and Denmark in creating various bathroom accessories. Thus, product design is an embodiment of the North European and Italian style in German quality.

In everyday life, such a kit has explicit advantages:

  • saving space;
  • Silent drain and a set of water, because the tank is located inside the wall;
  • Ease of cleaning due to the laying of toilet over the floor.

    In addition to other advantages, all products of the company are divided into different price categories. This allows each customer to choose the most suitable model for him in the price and design ratio.


    The variety of brand products is represented in a variety of collections, their number includes: SENSATION; AWE; INSPIRE; BLISS L; Spirit V2. 0; Spirit V2. one; Like; Gem. Consider each line and its distinctive features detail.

    • SENSATION – This is the embodiment of natural natural outlines. The collection is ideal for sensual people, those who sees beauty in simple things.

    • AWE collection Differs on its gloss and elegance. Suitable to those who appreciate the dimension, comfort and cozy tranquility.

    • Inspire – This is the newest design, perfect lines in combination with affordable prices. Option for modern and practical people.

    • Unlike other options, Series Bliss L Provides huge scope for choice. Solid and discreet design is so diverse that in this line you can find a model, ideally suitable for each family member.

    • Innovative Collection Spirit V2. 0 Easily combines the last word of technology and the newest design. This is the choice of modern and energetic. But Spirit V2.1 is designed for people with a more conservative taste, but as the previous series, affects its virtuoso and modern technical equipment.

    • Collection Like Pleases with many pleasant details and nuances on a very reasonable price. Buyer gets excellent quality with minimal cost.

    • For people of bright, creative specially created GEM collection. She will also please the availability of prices for goods affecting the originality of their forms.

    All elements for the bathroom are available in each collection. These are washbasins, shower cabins, baths. What allows you to make your bathroom in a single straight style.

    Customer Reviews

    All of the above applies to the external and technical characteristics stated on the official website of the manufacturer and sites of campaigns that implement products. But when the thing directly falls into the house of its owners, often many characteristics do not justify themselves and disappoint. Having studied customer reviews, you can make some conclusions.

    To start – price. For the Russian consumer “European quality at an affordable price” turned out to be not so affordable and painless, apparently, as for residents of Europe. But for quality and brand all the same.

    Most users note durability and long-term. But there are those who drove less and the technique broke. Apparently, it depends on the plant producing the product. After all, besides Germany, Italy, England and Denmark, plants are available in China. And it is the last country mainly serving our consumer.

    The bewilderment of many buyers caused the absence of the Anti-Spex system, because the stated quality and price is not at all. Despite this, many remained satisfied with the draining system. Here the developers really tried. The whole diameter of the toilet is cleared, and the structure does not have cavity under the rim, which eliminates the formation of rust and pollution, facilitates cleaning.

    Complain about the assembly, it does not always take place at the level declared by the company. Westing the keys of the drain, unreliable keeps the toilet. And nothing remains, how to correct mistakes for your money and collect re-. So it is better to take the guarantee and carefully examine the reviews of the company implementing campaign products.

    In general, the toilets with installation from am. PM are noting attention to them. These products correspond to Time and Technology Trends.

    In the following video, you will see step-by-step instructions for installing the Intrallation.

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