Indesit Washing Machine Pump Repair: How to Remove, Clean and Replace?

Washing machine machines perform a complete duty cycle, including a set of water, its heating, washing of things, rinse, spin and exhaust release. If a failure occurs in some of these processes, this situation is displayed at the work of the entire mechanism. Today we will be interested in the pump device, methods for cleaning, repair and replacement for a new.

Features of the drain system

To independently perform repair / replacement of the pump or pump washing machine Indesit, it is necessary to understand the device and the principle of operation of its drain system. The functioning of the drain system in the washing machines indesit of different models is not much different. It consists of the following processes.

  1. After washing, rinsing and spin, the water used follows the pipe and heads to the pump.
  2. Electronics fits the corresponding signal to the pump, which results in. Water is injected into the plum pipe, and then sent to the sewer. After freeing the tank of the washing machine from the water, the pump again receives the signal and turns off.
  3. The drain system is attached to the “snail”, which is a distributor.
  4. Pump is experiencing a huge load, which is particularly enhanced in Pressing Mode.
  5. The design of the drain system also includes a lattice filter. Water from the tank, heading towards the pump, passes through this filter, which delays a large and small garbage. The filter saves the pump from breakdowns, which could arise from foreign objects to its design.

Signs and causes of faults

A drainage system pump may fail for several reasons.

  1. In the process of operation of the TENA, scale is formed, the amount of which increases from water rigidity. If you do not use special softeners, then a large amount of hard scale is formed on a tan, which can fall into the pump and lead to its breakdown.

  2. When washing Strongly contaminated things A large amount of sand, dirt, small stones and other garbage falls into the pump, leading it into a non-working condition.

  3. Wrong choice of means for washing or using them in large quantities. In such situations, the powder dissolves poorly and washed together with water, settled on the impeller and internal structures in the form of a plaque, which greatly complicates the operation of the drain mechanism.

  4. Natural wear, from which no mechanism is insured. Pump service life can be reduced by excessive loads that it is experiencing during operation.

Learn about the faults in the operation of the drain system By code of mistakes. Such capabilities have models with self-diagnosis function.

In models without display, the code is issued by flashing indicators. By combinations, you can learn about the nature of the malfunction.

Also, violations of the pump can also be found in the following signs:

  • When the drain is turned on, the system does not work and does not fulfill its direct duties;

  • When draining the water, uncharacteristic noise and buzzing sounds appear;

  • Slow water leakage with the pump running;

  • disabling the car when pumping water;

  • Boat and motor noise do not cause drain.

If one of these situations is detected, you can confidently talk about a fault of a drain pump.

How to check the pump?

To finally verify the pump malfunction, you need to check its performance. To do this, you will need to prepare some tools:

  • Multimeter;

  • set of screwdrivers;

  • pliers;

  • awl.

When everything is at hand, you can proceed to check the state of the pump. To do this, you need to know where it is and how can it be reached.

Drain pump is located at the bottom of the machine and connects to the filter.

To get to it, you need to perform simple actions:

  • Remove the lower protective pad, which is attached on plastic latches;

  • under the machine put the rag, because water will necessarily be present in the system, which will be out of the machine;

  • Now you need to open the lid by unscrewing;

  • We take out the filter and clean it from small parts and garbage, in some cases already at this stage you can restore the performance of the pump;

  • We put the machine to the side and unscrew the fastening elements that hold the pump;

  • Turn off the electrical wires and disconnect the hoses from the pump, which will allow you to remove it from the machine;

  • First of all, check the engine winding with a tester in order to identify breaks (normal resistance is in the range from 150 to 300 ohms;

  • We disassemble the pump, remove the engine and the rotor from the stator;

  • We carry out their visual inspection and test tester.

How to clean?

Cleaning the drain pump is easy to make it yourself. For this you do not need to have deep knowledge in the device of the washing machine and its work nodes.

Pomple inside in most cases clogged with various pollution and garbage. It all needs to be cleaned because the pump motor can not function normally in such a state.

That’s why all insides are thoroughly washed. Also need to fix the gland on the rotary axis. The bearing restores the lubricant, for this you can use a litol or graphite lubricant.

It remains to collect a pump in reverse order. It is necessary to miss all connections and places of joints by plumbing sealant. This will prevent water transmitting and pumping the pump on the entire period of operation.

Repair and replacement

Do not rush to change the pump – In some cases, it can be returned to life by performing a simple repair. Frequent cause of a pump malfunction is an impeller. This item can spin with effort, which is already an abnormal situation. The pump at the same time will be noise, but the water will not be able to merge. The cost of the impeller is more than affordable and certainly cheaper than buying a new pump.

Remove the faulty impeller and put a new one in her place – the case is simple and will take a minimum of time even at an inexperienced user.

Another common problem of drain pumps are spent gaskets. They definitely change in the presence of at least the slightest hints for wear. It is also necessary to study all the inner parts of the pump, including the pulley. All faulty items change to new.

If the pump did not work out, it will have to be changed on a new. It is important to choose an identical model. Only in this case can be hoped for stable and correct operation of the machine. If it is impossible to find a similar pump, then you have to pick up similar models from the list of interchangeable. Here you need to consider a number of important parameters:

  • matching connectors for connecting;

  • connecting hoses that can be shortened in acute need to shorten or put longer;

  • The location of the fasteners should accurately correspond to the original, otherwise the new pump will not be able to properly fix.

It remains only to install a new pump in place, connect the wires and connect the hoses. We put the machine in place and enjoy its stable work.

Prevention measures

To extend the life of a drain system, in particular, the pump, It is necessary to adhere to uncomplicated prophylaxis rules:

  • For washing, the means are selected that are intended for washing machine machines;

  • The amount of powder should not exceed the recommended level, it is better to enable the soaking mode of soaking;

  • Things can be washed in special grids for linen;

  • Before the filling hose must be a coarse filter in the form of a grid, which must be cleaned periodically;

  • The drain filter should be cleaned every three months, and with the frequency of use of the washing machine, the frequency is reduced to one month;

  • Things before downloading should be checked for small parts in pockets;

  • Too contaminated things you need to pre-rinse to remove dirt, sand and small stones.

Pump repair in the washing machine indesit Look in the video.

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