Ido toilets: functionality and beauty

The selection of the toilet room toilet room is complicated by the presence of a huge variety of modern products, which is different in quality, design and functionality. European manufacturer IDO offers a unique combination of modern technologies and elegance of the appearance of products.


Finnish company IDO has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality toilet bowls and washbasins.

For the manufacture of products, only environmentally friendly materials are used. All products comply with international and Russian quality standards. It is noteworthy that the toileties are adapted for operation in Russian conditions.

It should be noted that the specified dimensions of the toilet definitely coincide with real dimensions – this makes it possible to install the product without unnecessary hassle.

To improve the strength of the product, the firing method is used at high temperatures – this treatment prevents premature erasing of the material. Due to this method, the service life of the toilet.

Modern drain systems, for example, a double drain system, as well as the design features of the product allow water consumption.

The presence of a special Siflon coating provides not only smoothness and glitter of the product, But it prevents the appearance of unpleasant odor, spots and cracks.

Special retainer allows you to quickly clean the toilet cover.

All models of this company are equipped with a modern “ANTITIVSK” system, What makes products convenient in operation.

The special design of a drain tank containing two layers provides noise reduction when working, and also prevents the precipitate.

Among the features can also be distinguished the color palette of models, where, in addition to the usual white color, beige, gray, green shades are present.

Pros and cons

Knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturer’s products allows you to determine the type of toilet model model.

Among the positive moments, the following positions can be noted:

  • ease of care;
  • strength;
  • Elegance design;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • convenience;
  • ease of replacing the lid and seat;
  • Long warranty product – up to 10 years.

Along with the pros, there are also disadvantages, for example:

  • High price product;
  • Replacing faulty items is possible only on the original parts from the manufacturer.

Unique design and unrivaled quality IDO sanitary houses will be the perfect addition to any interior. By preferring the products of this manufacturer, you can be calm for the reliability and safety of the product, which for a long period will maintain its initial appearance and functionality.


The assortment of Ido toilezes is represented by a wide range of models that differ in form, sizes, method for fastening and functional characteristics.

By the method of fastening the toilet, there are:

  • nasty;
  • with fastening to the floor.

    The size differences:

    • Unitas of standard dimensions for conventional room sizes;
    • Compact toilet bowls that perfectly fit into small toilet or bathroom sizes.

      Also, the manufacturer produces orthopedic structures with handrails that can be attached to many models of toilet. Such products greatly facilitate the lives of people with impaired musculoskeletal system.


      Among the most popular identity models IDO can be allocated:

      • Aria toilet compact. The model is characterized by the presence of the lower flow of water and double drain.

        • Trevi toilet compact. The model is characterized by attaching an orthopedic design. In double construction, the tank is provided double draining.

        • Seven D Unitaz-compact with microlift seat. The model is characterized by a horizontal release, the presence of a two-mode drain.

        • Aniara Unitaze Netolone. The product is distinguished by the presence of one-dimensional drain and rigid seat.

        • Mosaik Unitaz compact with a tank. The model is characterized by the presence of two-mode drain, rigid seat and the possibility of fastening orthopedic design.

        It should be noted that before choosing the Ido toilet model, it is necessary to carefully read it with its technical characteristics and functionality. A wide range allows you to choose the desired model at an optimal price.

        Subtleties of repair

        Despite the fact that the Ido toilet is distinguished by reliability and long service life, the cases of its breakdown are not excluded. If this happens, then you need to contact professionals or you can try to solve the problem yourself.

        In this case, it should be remembered that this occupation is very responsible, and not to spoil the situation, it is necessary to take into account some points.

        • It is not recommended to twist a fixing nut too much. The inflection in one direction or another can lead to a violation of the fixation density of the gasket or to disrupt the functioning of the partial drain.
        • Plum floats must be installed at the desired level, for example, by 2.5 or 5 liters. Otherwise, there will be problems with a set of water.

        • When changing drainage, it may be necessary for their additional setting, because due to the displacement of parts, disorders often occur in the work of the drain.
        • Along the way, it is necessary to clean the design components from deposits.
        • When the water filter is clogged into the tank, or the valve impairment is necessary to fully disassemble the parts and thoroughly clean them. In the event of a water failure occurrence, the entire valve will have to change.

        It should be noted that the repair of this product requires special skills and knowledge. It is important not only to observe the sequence of actions, but also ensure maximum accuracy. The slightest violations may lead to the conclusion of any system, as well as require the replacement of integer parts.


        Navigate in all the variety of manufacturers of plumbing products and choose the optimal model allow buyers using such products for a long time.

        Among the positive responses about the Ido toileties are elegance of design, ease of use, impeccability of work.

            You can also meet negative reviews related to the high price, discontent of the product functioning, long drain, the need to constantly keep the drain button, by a small amount of water.

            However, it should be noted that most of the negative moments are often the cause of improper installation of the toilet or factory marriage. Therefore, when installing or repairing items, it is recommended to access specialists who have experience with plumbing this manufacturer.

            About how to install the Ido toilet, look in the following video.

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