How to use the washing machine Candy?

Candy washing machines deserved a good reputation, in the range there are models that differ in dimensions, functionality and appearance. Depending on this, instructions for use are also drawn up. Understand them is easy, as the developers tried to do everything as simple as possible and convenient.

Loading detergents

The quality of washing depends largely on the detergent used. Since their huge amount, before use should be disassembled – what and how to add. To do this, in the washing machines, Candy has special containers (they are also called trays or bunkers), which are located at the top of the left. Depending on the model, they can be from 2 to 4 compartments. Similar internal separation is necessary for feeding the tool at that moment when it is necessary, and not all at once.

In the model Aquamatic only two compartments:

  • It is proposed to fall asleep powder;
  • Right – special additives in liquid form.

If the tool for washing is poorly washed away, you can use a special container and run it together with the linen in the drum (sold together with household chemicals). Just fall asleep powders in the drum is not recommended, as they are distributed unevenly, remain after rinsing in the fibers, and at large concentrations can affect the fabric – change its structure or color.

In the upgraded models of type Activa Smart compartments more:

  • for preheaking;
  • for basic programs (if liquid means – you need to use the bath, which comes with the machine);
  • for bleach;
  • For special additives (softening, attaching, apperiting and t. D.), in the last two compartments only liquids, gels and solutions are poured.

Anyway The detergent container must be washed periodically, otherwise it may start mold or fungus, which can be causing an unpleasant odor. It is usually quite easy to remove completely, but in some cases, efforts and skill may be required. All parts need to be rinsed with soda solution and slip with running water.

As a prevention, after each washing, the container is better to leave open until complete drying and remove the residues of the powder.

How to choose a mode?

A set of modes for laundry laundry in all machines is about the same. For simpler techniques, the optimal set of the most basic, in more advanced models, the choice is a little wider. All information about the possibilities of the washing machine is contained in the instructions, but, as a rule, the control panels are arranged in such a way that they can be understood intuitive.

The desired program is installed by turning the switch, after which the light indicator lights up or information appears on the display. In some models, before this, you must additionally set the temperature. Typically, modes are focused on a specific type of material:

  • Durable fabrics – provide intensive washing, high-quality rinse, spin at high speed (including intermediate);
  • Mixed – its cycle is shorter;
  • Delicate (for example, wool) – Less intense wash without intermediate spin, with crushing protection.

In Candy Activa Smart, the program time can be reduced if you click the corresponding “Super Speed” function. Among the additional modes there are “Handwash” at low temperature and with a slow, neat spin. Mode “Eco-friendly washing” Suitable for different types of fabrics. “Ultrafast washing program”, “Special rinsing” and “intensive spin” speak for themselves. At the same time, a smart washing machine itself controls the volume of water and rhythm, adjusting these parameters for linen material and its weight.

If any fears occur during the washing process, some parameters (for example, the number of revolutions during annealing) can be changed. To do this, click on the “Start”, then make changes and press the aforementioned button again.

The selected program can be canceled at all by pressing the start key and transferring the device to the “Off” position. After resetting the settings, you can set a new mode and run it.

How to upload linen?

Lingerie intended for laundry Before starting, it is necessary to paint not only in color, but also by type of fabric, since for most of them there is its own program. In this case, it is not always a washing machine can be loaded to the maximum. Even if it is intended for 5 kg, things from delicate and woolen fabrics can be downloaded not more than 1-2 kg. Smart models themselves weighing underwear and inform about the translate. Otherwise, approximate weight can be determined from tables or what is called “on the eye”. And we are talking about dry underwear, because wet weighs much more.

After loading in the drum should be enough space to work effectively, and things extended well and did not look too mint. In the case of cotton, you should fill out no more than two thirds, if we are talking about a more capricious material – then only half.

During sorting of linen, you must take into account a few points:

  • study the information on the label of things if it is (in addition to the composition, it is necessary to clarify whether the washing machine is allowed in the car, the water temperature, the possibility of pressed);
  • Check the pockets and cavities for foreign objects;
  • remove removable parts;
  • Sewing cutters, sew buttons who hold badly, fasten the lightning;
  • Remove clothes and bed linen inside out;
  • Pre-process strong pollution and complex stains.

During download things need to be laid not chaotic, but in unfolded form. Heavy clothing objects twisted in a lump, can disrupt balance and create too much load on the drum. And this, in turn, will strengthen the vibration, noise and will reduce the service life of technology. Small things better folded in a bag of mesh material. In order to save electricity and tools for washing, you should not launch an incomplete loading machine. Lingerie with weak pollution can be wrapped on a shorter program and at low temperatures.

In Candy Activa Smart and her like forgotten things can be added after launch. To do this, you must press the start button, wait for the unlocking of the door and add what is necessary. In the same way, you can remove those things that were in the drum by mistake and were noticed in time.

After all the manipulations, the washing will begin from the moment from which it was interrupted. For obvious reasons, it is better to do this at the very beginning.

Running and ending washing

Before launching a new technique for the first time after buying and delivering, you need to make sure that it is correctly installed. We are talking about transport bolts and protective elements that need to be removed. In addition, it is necessary to check the connection of water supply hoses and drain, whether the plug of the machine is turned on into the outlet. Although these actions seem obvious, but practice shows that they sometimes forget about them. That the newly acquired Candy is not very noisy and swollen in annealing, it is important to align the legs so that it stands smoothly. In addition, before starting exploitation, it is worth familiar with the safety regulations.

Preparation of the washing machine before first use consists of cleaning it. If this does not have a special program, you start the mode for durable tissues at the maximum temperature and additional rinse. Naturally, the machine is driven without linen, but with detergent. Starting the work begins with the “Start” key.

After that, the electronic display will show the weight of the loaded linen, the water temperature and the time that remains until the end of the washing process. If there is an appropriate launch key, you can postpone up to 23 hours. The car will not start working until this time will not expire.

At the end of the washing the door remains blocked for some time, after which the underwear can be removed. In accordance with the user’s manual, the machine should be turned off from electricity and block water supply faucet. After each washing cycle, the drum should be inspecting, since it may remain extraneous things (forgotten metal buckles or rivets can lead to rust formation).

So that the mold does not develop in the cuff, it needs to wipe dry. The external body of the machine is wiped with soft sponges with any cleaning agents without abrasives.

In the next video, you are waiting for a review and instruction of the washing machine Candy Evogt 13072D.

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