How to unlock washing machine samsung?

Automatic washing machines have become an indispensable assistants of each person, regardless of its floor. People are already so accustomed to their regular trouble-free use that even the slightest breakdown, including a blocked door, becomes a global tragedy. But most often it is possible to solve the problem and independently. Consider basic ways to open a blocked door Samsung.

Possible reasons

Special programs are managed by all work in automatic washing machines. AND If the door of such a device just stopped opening, that is, it was blocked, it means that there is a reason for this.

But you do not need to panic, even if the device is full of water and things. And it is not worth a convulsive to look for the phone number of a repair specialist.

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the list of possible reasons that could lead to such a malfunction.

Most often, the samsung washing machine is blocked due to just a few factors.

  • Standard blocking option. It is activated if the typewriter starts. It is not necessary to take absolutely no action. As soon as the cycle is over, the door is also unlocked automatically. If the washing is already over, the door still does not open, it is worth waiting for a few minutes. Sometimes SAMSUNG washing machine unlock the doors for 3 minutes after washing.
  • Toward of the drain hose. Such a problem is found quite often. This is due to the fact that the water level determination sensor in the drum is triggered incorrectly. About how to do in this situation will be talked below.
  • The program fails can also cause the door lock. It may occur because of the disconnection of electricity or the jump of its voltage, overload weight of the washed clothing, a sudden disconnection of water supply.
  • The protection program from children was activated.
  • Castle block is faulty. It could happen due to a long service life of the most washing machine or too sharp open / closing the door itself.

As can be seen, the reasons, because of which can independently blocked the door Machine Machine Samsung, not so much. At the same time, in any case, the problem can be solved independently, if it is correct to determine and clearly follow all the advice.

It is important to remember what to make extra efforts, trying to just open the hatch, not worth. It will only aggravate the situation and can lead to an even more serious breakage, which will not be able to solve independently.

How to open the door after washing?

Solve the problem in all cases without exception is only at the moment when the program activated on the typewriter will be completed. If this is not possible, for example, as in the case of a blockage of a drain hose, then it is necessary to do this:

  • turn off the machine;
  • set the “Dummy” or “spin” mode;
  • wait for the end of his work, then try to open the door again.

If it did not help, then it is necessary to carefully examine the hose itself and clean it from the crowding.

If the reason was the activation of the operation of the washing machine, then here you can do differently.

  • Wait for the complete end of the washing cycle, if necessary, wait a few minutes, and then try to open the door again.
  • Disable power supply devices. Wait about half an hour and try to open the hatch. But such a trick works far from all models machines.

In cases where the work machine-machine of this brand has just been completed, and the door does not open up, you need to wait a couple of minutes. If the situation is repeated, then it is necessary, in general, turn off the device from the power supply and leave it alone for 1 hour. And only after this time should open the hatch.

When all the funds were already tested, and the door did not succeed, most likely, the lock lock came out, or the handle itself was broken.

In these cases, two outputs:

  • Call masters at home;
  • make your own hands the simplest device.

In the second case, you must perform the following actions:

  • We prepare the cord, the length of which is a quarter of a meter larger the total circumference of the hatch, with a diameter of less than 5 mm;
  • Then you need to push it into a slit between the door and the machine itself;
  • slowly but forcibly tighten the cord and tighten it to yourself.

This option makes it possible to open the hatch in almost all cases of its lock. But it should be understood that after the door is open, it is necessary to replace either a handle on the hatch, or the castle itself. Although professionals recommend changing both of these parts at the same time.

How to remove the blocking from children?

Another frequent reason for blocking the door on washing machines of this brand is a random or special inclusion of the protection function from children. As a rule, in most modern models, this mode of operation is activated by a special button.

However, the models of the past generation it turned on by simultaneously pressing two specific buttons on the control panel. Most often it is “spin” and “temperature”.

In order to accurately determine these buttons, you need to explore the instruction. It contains information and how to deactivate this mode.

As a rule, for this you need to press the same two buttons for another time. Or carefully inspect the control panel – a small lock is usually drawn between such buttons.

But sometimes it happens that all these ways are powerless, then you need to resort to extreme measures.

Emergency door opening

Samsung washing machine, like any other, has a special emergency cable – it is it that allows you to quickly open the door of the device in case of any malfunction. But it’s not worth using it.

In the lower front part of the machine-machine there is a small filter that is closed by a rectangular door. All you need is Open filter and find a small cable there, which has yellow or orange. Now you need to slowly pull it on yourself.

But here it is worth remembering that if there is water in the device, then as soon as the lock is open, it will turn outward. Therefore, before the door, you need to put an empty container and lay a rag.

If the cable is missing, or it is already faulty, it is necessary to perform a number of actions.

  • Disable power supplies, remove all unnecessary items from it.
  • Gently remove the top protective panel from the device.
  • Now carefully tilt the unit to any side. The tilt must be so that the locking mechanism can be seen.
  • We find the castle tongue and open it. We put the machine at the starting position, and install the lid in place.

When performing these works, it is best to take advantage of someone’s security and acceleration.

If none of the described solutions to the problem helped, and the door does not open the machine, it is necessary to still ask for help from a specialist, and in no case try to open a hatch.

About how to open a blocked samsung washing machine, look in the video below.

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