How to open a washing machine indesit?

The washing machine of the trademark Indesit is one of the first models of automatic machines that have widespread. Like any technique, it has some of its drawbacks, but at the same time fully matches its destination. Everyone who has such miracle technicians, knows the principle of his work. It lies in several stages: Linen tab, add detergents, selection of washing mode, start process.

After that, the door of the car is blocked and water fence begins. With a normal wash process, the unit will execute the specified mode and independently unlock the door. but There are cases when for any reason to open the car is not possible. Why is this happening?

Causes of blocking

If the washing process is successfully completed, the water is soldered, a spin is produced, and The door of the machine cannot be discovered even after 15 minutes, then the reason for this can be:

  • The program fails for automatic locking at the beginning and unlocking system at the end of the session – it may occur due to sharp electrical voltage drops on the network or due to the wear of some components of the equipment;
  • breakdown of the mechanism responsible for blocking the hatch;
  • Arbitrary activation of protection against children.

An option is also possible when the car stopped without completing the washing mode, while the door is blocked, and inside there is water. InDesit washing unit is programmed in such a way that if there is a certain amount of fluid inside it, it is impossible to open the door. Such reasons can be facilitated by this:

  • The absence of electricity in the network – with a sharp discontinuation of the supply of voltage in the machine control system, a program code fails may occur;
  • failure of the pump;
  • The plum hose was clogged;
  • Near the sewer pipe.

According to consumers, the most frequent breakdown of these models is popping out the castle latch fixing axis.

How to unlock?

So, there is a problem – the door of the washing machine is blocked. How to turn off the castle? The most logical and correct option – contact the service or call the wizard at home. But it happens that the service center is in another city, and the master is loaded with work and can not come. We’ll have to understand everything yourself – however, there is nothing complicated.

First of all, it is necessary to figure out whether water is inside the unit to have at least some idea about the reason for the malfunction. This action is mandatory, since the unlocking methods are fundamentally different from each other.

If the machine after washing does not open, while all the water is calcined and there are no incomprehensible burning lights on the display, then you need to wait for some time for some time until the system restarts. But this does not always happen. May be needed forced reboot. To do this, you need to disconnect the machine from the power source for 1 hour. This time will be enough to restart the system and zero data.

When there is no time for such a long wait, you can try to re-activate the washing program or spinning. However, if the reason for blocking is a faulty door mechanism, then this method will not help. Unopened hatch can talk about an axis displacement that fixes the lock. To eliminate the problem, you will have to promote fasteners, remove the hatch and return the axis in the groove.

With the accidental launch of the protection mode from children, simply open the door will not work. To remove the unit, you must simultaneously press the same buttons as during its activation.

If water remains in the drum, and the cycle of the machine is stopped, the first thing to do is get rid of the liquid. Then there will be more chances to open a blocked door. You can do this in several ways:

  • re-activate rinsing mode, draining water or pressed;
  • Check if the drain hose is not clogged, and if the permeability is difficult – eliminate the blockage and re-run the drain function;
  • manually get rid of water.

In the case when the hydraulic pump has failed during washing, automatically pump out water from the tank will not succeed. You will have to drain it through the hose and drain valve on the filter, located at the bottom of the machine. At the same time, it is necessary to turn it off from the network.

After the water in the washing machine does not remain, you can use ways to open the hatch described above.

Emergency discovery

There are cases when the InDesit washing machine needs to be opened immediately. And this means that all previous options did not turn out to be effective or the door handle simply could break. Therefore, it will have to make physical efforts. If the unit with water is necessary to merge it in any available way, and the discovery can be made like this:

  • Take advantage of the special device for emergency opening of the hatch – it is located below the protective panel;
  • Open the door with a lace, a thin rope or cable – you need to gently till it under the rubber gasket and pulling out for both ends, open the lock;
  • Some models have a lock opening not inside, and outside (lace or cable will not help here), – in order to open such a hatch, you need to block the car slightly, cover your hand from below, add a lock tongue and open it.

Before proceeding with a self-elimination of breakage, you should carefully examine the instruction manual. Perhaps the manufacturer has already provided a similar malfunction and indicated this in the instructions.

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