How to make a toilet paper holder with your own hands?

Real hostesses dream that beauty and comfort dominate in their house. Often, a cozy atmosphere can be created using all sorts of household trivia and objects. Some ergonomic accessories that meet the requirements of aesthetic and practicality can also help. Moreover, the uniqueness of the interior can be secured independently by creating their own items. You can create not only beautiful, but also useful in practice item that will delight your appearance and usefulness, for example, the holder for toilet paper, which is located in the bathroom.


It is worth noting that none of the premises in a residential building or apartment can not be considered secondary. Therefore, it’s not one of the rooms to deprive attention. The bathroom or toilet room also applies to their number. Talk about the improvement of this room.

One of the distinguishing features of the toilet room is the presence of a special holder, which is invested with toilet paper rolls. This is definitely a useful thing that ensures the greatest comfort and convenience of residents. Create this convenient item can be done, while the model can be amazing and creative. The material for holders is possible to use fabric, wood, plastic bottles and many other technicians.

Thanks to its own production, you can get the original designer solution, unique and unique. Consider possible options for style and designer ideas.

The interior doll is often found, which you can perform step by step using the instruction in Russian, placed on the network. It can be made of Capron or ordinary pantyhose. Work schemes simple, such a billboard will certainly decorate your interior.

Today, a dispenser for the toilet production of stamps “Thomas”, “Luchery”. Their range will have to taste those who do not want to engage in independent making accessory. However, those who are ready to conquer, you can search for inspiration among ready-made dispensers.

Style and Design

Made with your own hands the charming paper holder is often called a device. One of the great decisions in terms of design – use textiles. The device can also be associated as a cover. Such an item will look stylish. At the same time, it is advisable to consider the overall style of the room so that the Case holder fits well in the interior.

Toilet paper holder can be done so that it looks like the basket. In this case, it will be possible to store more than one roll immediately. Such a stylish decision, of course, will delight those who like to save free space in their home.

Holder can also be made of wood. Making such models is easy, it is enough to have a material at hand, a couple of tools and determine the external design. And the design variations of wooden paper holders can be invented an infinite set.

Accessory can be made in the style of marine vintage. This option is suitable for families with children or just for sea lovers. At the expense of such a holder in the room will be created a completely special atmosphere. This style is suitable for combined bathrooms.

With your own hands you can create a savory option that both owners and guests like. The most original and glorious example is a holder in the form of a strongman who can hold two rolls instead of one. Men such a model will have to taste especially.

An accessory in the form of a knight will be the original option, which can also be created with your own hands. It will be an excellent opportunity to express your attitude to Middle Ages. Fans of fantasy genre should pay attention to the holder for toilet paper in the form of a fire dragon or in the image of a fierce town.

Spectacular choice – Shebbi-Chic style. This is a rather elegant option that will also arrange the lovers of the classics. Cloud holder – shape characteristic of minimalistic style. This is due to the fact that such a variation combines simplicity, beauty and style. Undoubted advantage of the holder model will be practical. Like children and fans the most rational way to fill the space.

The next variation is the most suitable for fans of eccentricity. These are the most original and unusual options that will not be understood and not for everyone acceptable.

How to choose and make?

Make independent paper holders from several types of materials. You need to choose them in accordance with your own wishes, opportunities and needs, and sometimes – based on the presence of certain materials at hand. Consider possible options for choosing a material, for example, a pop.

From fabric

The fabric is one of the most suitable and successful materials from which to make a toilet paper holder is the easiest way. You can simply take the material, twist in the form of a rope and fasten to the wall. But there are less simple, more unusual options. One of the options for performing a tissue holder – a device in the form of a doll.

Having created a holder doll with your own hands, you can apply it differently. For example, you can give a doll-holder complete, for example, with a set of towels. And you can put in your bathroom and please the pleasant spectacle of yourself and your loved ones.

It should be noted that for the performance of the doll, a large fabric cut on the body will be required, as well as small loskutka, from which you can sew clothes. In addition, accessories will be required: buttons and threads, plastic eyes, other small elements for decor.

To begin with draws patterns on paper. With their help, then there will be parts of the body and head. In this case, real dimensions should be used. For seams, you should leave the allowance of about 0.5 cm. After that, patterns need to be transferred from paper on fabric material. In this case, the material is better to rejuvenate. Fabric patterns cut out. After you can sew a doll.

First stitches the body, then head, handles and legs. It should be remembered that it is necessary to leave a small hole for subsequent filling. You can fill the doll using a synthetic procession or heavier materials, such as pebbles. After that handles, legs and head joine to the body. For stability in the handle and legs can be pasted wire. So paper will hold better.

The field of this doll will be ready.


Wooden devices will be stylish and neat accessory. It will takes the use of materials and tools in the form of associats, sandwich, hacksaws and glue. First prepare side parts. After which you can engage in crossbars. In this case, each plate need to be processed using sandwich. The final stage will be the connection of parts among themselves. For this uses glue. After drying it, a wooden holder can be used.

It should be noted that it is possible to use not glue, but some fasteners. However, it will significantly waste design.

From Foamyran

Doll, as one of the original holder variants, can be made of Foamiran. It is better to understand the product performance technique with a master class.

Foamiran is a decorative material that resembles a touch and in appearance suede cloth. It is also called foam rubber, eva or tweeer. The manufacturer sends a material to the market with thin sheets – about one millimeter thick. In this case, the material is inherent in the properties of the pull and the ability to take the necessary forms. To start working with Foamiran, you will have to warm it first. For heating, you can use an iron or thermopystole.

The variety of material properties provides the most wide selection of possible variations of external design. For example, you can make a toilet paper holder in the shape of a pig doll.

Before starting work on the pry, it will be necessary to conduct a preparatory stage on which separate parts will be created for the future doll. So, you need to cut the shape, from which the muzzle and head of the doll doll will be created later. After that, you need to take a foam and cut a number of blanks from it – balls that will be the basis of creating a head and legs, as well as a foam in the form of a cone for the body. It should be remembered for proportions. You can make them “right” or more comical. Reubult when choosing your own wishes and needs.

After that, you need to prepare the Foamiran, which will be used to create legs, head, neck and clothing. You can also use other fabric, threads and ribbons, for example, for hats, sneakers and bathrobes. Those whose flight fantasy does not stop, acrylic paint, iron, glue or hot gun can also come in handy. In short, everything that will serve as auxiliary tool for creativity, it is appropriate here.

After the preparation described above, you can proceed to work on Foamiran. First you need to warm up and smooth up with the Iron. At the same time, you need to remember the suitable coloring of the material – for example, it is necessary for the muffin. After preparation, the material must be pulled on a previously prepared foaming face. At the same time, it is necessary to trace that the adjacent of the phoamyran to the billets is the most dense, especially in thin elements and small details. After cooling the material, it is necessary to cut down too much and put all sticking edges.

With the help of paints on a muzzle, eyes are applied, mouth, nose, eyebrows, eyelashes – everything you wish to draw. After the preparation of the face you can proceed to the body, legs. The final stage will be a handle that will just perform the role of the holder for toilet paper.

As a result, it turns out a funny doll-pig, which can be put in your bathroom or give someone out of loved ones. Especially like this useful and decorative item to children.

Successful examples and options

It happens that some old things become even more useful than before. For this you only need to apply them in a new way. Consider some good variations of the use of girlfriend as a holder for toilet paper.

Original and practical can be the use of skate as a papermaker. If the old shell came into disrepair and it can no longer ride on it, or there are other reasons for not using them for their intended purpose – make a paper holder from it. In this case, rolls will be attached on the pendants for the wheels.

You can apply a rope as a holder, attaching it to the Wall of Scotch. This is the easiest and fastest, but no less useful option. The main thing is to ensure reliable fastening of the material to the wall.

As you can see, variations of holders for toilet paper are almost infinite set, especially if you create and make them with your own hands. At the same time, you can completely move the flight of fantasy and self-expression. The result will not make yourself wait. The combination of originality and practicality will delight the owners themselves, and their guests. And the most creative options can be used as a gift for loved ones.

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