How to make a black and white bathroom?

Most people tend to consider black in the design of interiors are too gloomy, and all its compositions with white is overly fidgeted, cold and deprived of heat and comfort. But, despite these opinions, a combination of such colors is often used in decoration of various rooms, especially the bathroom. The contrast of the flower data is considered classic, the interior can be made stylish, modern and luxurious, the main thing is to know how to make a black and white bathroom.


At first glance, a black and white palette in the interior of the bathroom may seem boring and deprived of any raisin. In fact, seeing live examples of rooms in such color solutions, you can understand the entire depth of sophistication and charismatic test. However, the black and white palette should be used skillfully and correct, otherwise there is a risk of getting a completely gloomy result. Despite the presence of only two colors in the decor, the number of design options is unlimited, “playing” with flowers can be created a unique and unique design.

The black and white bathroom interior in apartments of different stylistic directions has the following advantages:

  • This palette will never cease to be relevant, which cannot be said about the multiple of other colorful versions;
  • Black and white compositions are suitable for different styles, including classic and a number of modern interiors;
  • Thanks to the contrast of the main colors, you can safely experiment with the geometry of the room and visually control the size of the room.

    Despite significant advantages, The bathroom in black and white flowers has disadvantages that are also important to understand and consider:

    • Not every manufacturer is solved to produce its product in these colors. As a result, it is necessary to select the material for the equipment of the room. It takes a lot of time and effort;
    • Even the most insignificant error or deficiency in the installation is able to disrupt the balance, which will lead to the disharmony of the room;
    • Black and white colors are marked, and the room in these colors requires a lot of time and effort to eliminate visible contaminants;
    • For some people who are prone to depression, the contrast of these colors will have an oppressive effect on the already depressed mental state.


    Before proceeding with the arrangement of a black and white bathroom, you need to think over all the subtleties. It is important to plan in what combination will be colors. For example, the decoration of the room is white and black tiles, laid in a checker order, is considered to be a classic option. Despite contrast, such premises will not seem to be strict. For medium-sized utilitarian spaces, it is possible to increase the presence of black, for example, using it in the floor finish with a soft transition from black to white, gradually increasing the predominance of light shades to the top of the room. It is possible to achieve a smooth transition using an unobtrusive wallpaper on the walls, this technique will help to visually increase the height of the ceiling.

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    When making small rooms in white and black gamma should be extremely careful and strictly observe certain rules. The main requirement in such premises is considered to be the predominance of white, black should be used only as small additional inserts, inconschable patterns or ornaments. Contrast from narrow horizontal lines will help create the effect of visual expansion of the room.

    You can show fantasy, make creativity and equip a completely unique room with unique patterns, drawings and print. For this, special patterned tiles, various panels or even moisture-resistant wallpapers can be used. In this situation, it is better to listen to the advice of specialists, which will allow to obtain an oversaturated and obsessive setting. It should be understood that to achieve the desired effect there is a sufficiently small pattern, emphasizing and distinguishing a certain zone.

    The bathroom with a small area can be decorated with bright elements, such as inserts of red tile. On the floor you can lay a rug in a black and white strip or under the color of bright decor elements.


    Making the bathroom in black and white, you need to remember that the same color must be all that is inside the room. This means that the plumbing is: bath or shower, toilet, washbasin, and furniture, and textiles, and various accessories must be performed in two main colors. This rule is mandatory, because any bright elements will not match the overall style, fully broke. The exceptions are those cases when deliberately bright red or solar-yellow accents that were previously said. But it should be a small element.

    The modern bathroom should have an abstract black and white artwork, preferably in a white frame. Photos and sketches in this combination of colors also perfectly fit into the interior. The main thing is that the walls are the most saturated shades. To achieve a fashionable effect, it is necessary to combine various pictures, photographs or other elements of art.

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    The bathroom in black and white colors are made in various styles: Minimalism, Classicism, High Tech, Vintage, Modern, Art Deco and others. An important subtlety is that the black surface almost grows all embossed details and various rounders, so more relevant in this case will be laconic angular shapes of plumbing devices and furniture items. Black and white bathroom design is perfect for zoning plots, it is especially appropriate when the bathroom is combined with a bathroom. Contrast Plumbing Items Against the Background of Wall or Paul Profitable Rooms. Those zones that need to show should be white with black elements, and those that need to hide – dark.

    Method of laying tile

    Planning the interior in these contrasting colors, some rules should be followed. With black tone, you can safely experiment on the floor. Wall design requires caution in the use of this color to avoid creating an oppressive environment. In addition, brute force black on the surface of the ceiling and walls visually reduce the size of the room. If it is still assumed to have this color on the ceiling, then solely in the light source finish. It may be a mosaic or stucco around the lamps, imitating expensive wood breeds.

    Do not do too frequent, consecutive alternations of color data colors on large areas. You can bind with tiles, putting it in places in a checker order, for example, apron in a bath or sink, although it is not recommended to use such tactics on the whole wall. Data combinations in a spacious room will be perceived easier and positively.

    Another good option is the separation of the walls on fairly large black and white areas located horizontally or vertically. An excellent way of laying is a cladding of black and white shield-shields with a Christmas tree or in disperse. This option allows you to hide the lack of room volume and some shortcomings in the layout.

    Waiting will look a black and white mosaic laying near the subjects of plumbing. This is an excellent way to decorate space, which judging by the reviews of owners of such a design, never boring. Compensate Excessive Glooms of Black Tile Will be bors in white, mosaic tiled panels or decorative tiles-inserts with various ornaments. Nevertheless, for small rooms, it is not necessary to cherish with the use of such techniques, it can create a sense of susceptibility.

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    Tile room finishing is an important step in its arrangement, but along with this manipulation, there are still many no less significant stages of the design of the room. Room lighting is one of them. This process is considered an important stage to create a beautiful design of the room.

    Lights in the bathroom decorated in black and white tones should not be little, Otherwise, the whole interior loses its effect and seems somewhat gloomy. In order to avoid unwanted results, you need to use several different light sources located in different parts of the room. The optimal option will be elegant glass scaries of the corresponding color above the washbasin in combination with sofits above the bathroom. Increase the number of light, and with the help of mirrors by placing them in the right place. These products will perfectly reflect lighting and help visually expand the space.

    Furniture and plumbing

      Another important stage of the design of the bathroom is considered to be the choice and alignment of furniture and accessories. In order not to lose the created effect, you should not leave from the general style direction and install furniture of other colors. Each element in the room must harmoniously complement each other. But choose one of the two collected colors as a color of furniture is also not enough. There must be a game of contrasts – white furniture on the background of the black wall and the opposite. This rule applies not only to furniture, but also to plumbing, textiles and accessories.

      Shelves, lockers, shower shutters in the best way to perform from transparent materials. This will help visually save the useful space. Black and white furniture can also be used, although it must be placed against the background of monophonic walls, which will help to avoid the effect of Ryaby.

      The sophistication of the interior will give lockers and a dressing table, the doors of which are decorated with a black and white lace pattern. In this case, the chandelier can be from a black crystal. Winning in spacious room fit outdoor vases with flowers, small bedside tables lamps. The choice of the interior depends on the limitless fantasy, as well as on financial capabilities.

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