How to install a drying machine?

Nowadays are very popular not only washing, but also drying machines. These devices are presented in a large assortment. They differ not only by functionality, but also for design design and dimensional parameters. Whatever the dryer you are picking up for home, it is important to install it correctly. In this article, we will deal with how to do it without mistakes.

What is necessary?

If you decide to purchase a high-quality drying machine, you will need to think in advance where you will install it.

Not only the convenience of operation will depend on the correct fixation, but also the service life of such household appliances.

No device will serve for a long time if you install it, without observing the basic rules and norms.

If you have already bought perfect, in your opinion, the dryer model, you will need to prepare everything you need for its further installation in the house. For this it is worth stocking in the following positions:

  • straight or crucible screwdriver (better prepare both options);
  • construction level (may be bubble or laser – construction devices always turn out to be the most accurate);
  • pliers;
  • Hose for dryer;
  • clamp;
  • mounting bracket (often included with the household appliances under consideration);
  • shelf (sometimes these details are offered by the manufacturer of technology, and sometimes the owners themselves are prepared);
  • Connecting Element (Universal).

Installation options

Functional drying machines that produce many well-known brands can be installed in different ways. Each user chooses the most suitable installation option for its home, at which household appliances will use it convenient, and it will not spoil the appearance of the interior. Let’s consider in more detail what existing options for installing the dryer.

In a column

One of the most popular mounting options for drying machine. Many users who bought such household appliances are resorted to it.

If mounting the device in this way, it will be possible to significantly save free space, which is especially relevant for small housing, where every centimeter is important.

If the owners did not want to establish a simple drying rack, then this decision will have to be. To install the dryer on top of the washing machine in the column, you will need to set special fasteners that are sold in a set with appliances.

Installation of the dryer in the column is very simple. On the body of the washing machine, you need to put antioxide fasteners and caps. After that, the cabinet part of the drying device is inserted into the caps, the legs will be required to unscrew, and set the unit by level. Do not neglect the last stage, even if it seems to you that the device is exactly.

You can also use another fastener option – with the help of rail. To this decision resorted in rare cases. Need to take into account one important point – the technique should be narrow. Otherwise the stability of the body from above will not be the most reliable.

In niche

A not bad solution can be the installation of a drying machine in a niche. This option is also suitable for small-sized housing with a lack of a large number of free space. It is impossible to call this method of installation the simplest, because it will take the appropriate niche for it. Most often It is made of drywall, metal profile with the use of finishing materials.

Most often to this solution resort, if there is a need for overhaul in the corridor or bathroom.

In most cases, people call specialists to perform such works, since Errors can not be allowed. If weak connections will be present in the design of the niche, or drywall will be low-quality, the structure is unlikely to have a long time. There is a good niche replacement – a special cabinet, which provides for the dryer and for the dryer, and for a washing machine. In such a design, the household equipment will be easier.

Under the tabletop

Often, drying machines of suitable dimensions are installed under table top or under the sinks. Many hostesses are much more convenient to use such a technique when it is in a similar place. Most often this is a kitchen where many household appliances are concentrated.

If the unit for drying linen has compact dimensions, it can be embedded in the design of the kitchen headset.

Such improvements are desirable to provide on the stage of the furniture project for the kitchen. In this case, household appliances will be installed easily and without unnecessary problems. If you picked up a condensation model, installation in such conditions will be quite by the way, because in the kitchen space just near the sewer system. Due to this, the connection of the dryer to the drain system will be very simple.

Next to the washing machine

The method of fixing the drying unit is influenced by many factors. In each individual case there are their own nuances, so there is no universal solution for absolutely all situations. In many cases, it is best to install a dryer over a washing machine, but it happens that it will be more expedient to fix it nearby.

If it is possible to fix the drying machine over washing, it is better to do this. Such a method has a lot of advantages, therefore it is selected more often than others. But many users prefer to refer to simpler solutions and install the dryer next to the washing machine.

This option is ideal for the premises where there is enough free space. Two aggregates standing next to each other will take a lot of space that it is necessary to take into account before installing.

But the technique will be more stable, and it will be possible not to worry about the fact that the dryer during operation can have a negative impact on the washing machine below. For such a way of installation, people often equip a separate room like laundry. In a spacious house or apartment with a large bathroom, installing equipment such as a way does not create any problems.

Maintenance work in this case does not imply anything difficult. With big temporal costs, the owners will not face. All procedures can be made independently, not referring to the specialists – and this is saving money. Just need Install the housing next to the washing machine, unscrew the legs, so that the device was put up by level and was stable.


Installation of the drying machine in a private house or apartment you need to pay enough attention. Conducting such events may seem very simple, but in fact it is necessary to take into account many nuances. We will get acquainted with some useful recommendations regarding the installation of the considered household appliances.

  • Do not think that the drying machine can be installed on top of washing, just putting it on the device cover. To this method can be resorted only if you recorded special attachments.
  • Do not rush to install drying equipment until you turn off the electricity in the house. It is necessary for the safety of all installation work.
  • If you live in a small apartment, for example, in 1-room, You should choose the installation method at which the dryer is installed on top of the washing machine on a special adapter (transition frame). This is the optimal option in which you save enough free space.
  • Condensation drying machines It makes sense to buy for premises where there is no air removal. In private houses and apartments with a good ventilation system, it is better to install exhaust devices and devices equipped with a thermal pump.
  • If you have chosen a way to install the technique in niche, then you should call experienced professionals who can make all the facilities as high quality. Independently to take for such work, it makes sense only if you have previously come across such procedures and know all their subtleties.
  • Picking up a suitable place to install the dryer, do not forget about the interior. Technique should not spoil the appearance of the situation. Pay this nuance enough attention and try to choose the most appropriate installation option.
  • You can purchase a special cabinet, which provides free compartments for dryers, and for washing machine. You need to select a similar design in accordance with the size of household appliances. It is recommended to refer to a similar solution if it allows the quadrature of your home – in a very small room, this object is better not to put.

About how to properly install drying on a washing machine, look in the video.

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