How to eliminate condensate on cold water pipes?

Rust arising on cold water pipes delivers a lot of hassle to the owners of houses and apartments. The cause of such a phenomenon in many cases is water drops formed on the surface of the pipes.

Causes of occurrence

Condensate – quite frequent phenomenon. It is mainly formed on cold water pipes. The reasons for this are the presence of high humidity in the air of the room and the difference between air temperature and the temperature of the pipeline.

This phenomenon occurs just as dew on the leaves of grass in the morning. Under certain conditions (air humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure), the so-called “dew point” is formed, when the water vapor is reached, present in the air, it settles on the surface of the surrounding items.

Also pairs settles and on the surface of the water pipes, which seem to “sweat”, covered with drops. To appear this effect, it is necessary that the surface temperature is below the ambient temperature. Therefore, it happens with cold water pipes in the bathroom and a toilet, which are cooled due to the passage through them the cold flow with the temperature below the room temperature in the room.

In order to determine the true cause of the appearance of condensate, it is necessary to accurately determine at what point it appears, since cooling is associated with the direct movement of water flow.

If water through the pipe does not flow, then the pipe together with water located in it heats up to the ambient temperature. In such conditions, the formation of condensate is impossible.

Therefore, when dropping droplets of water on the pipe, it is necessary to accurately find out the finding of the source of water. This may be a drain toilet bowl, through which, because of those who lost their properties or broken pads, water is imperceptible. Such a movement of water on the pipe is quite enough for its cooling and condensate formation. Also, the source may also be a poor-quality gasket on one of the cranes, through which water flow passes.

In addition, the reason for the formation of water droplets can be both neighbors who live above on any of the floors, if they, for example, flows the drain tank. In this case, condensate can be formed on risers with water passing through apartments from below-up. At the same time, the constant movement of water and, accordingly, the cooling of the pipe occurs due to the fault of these leaks. When determining this reason and desire to eliminate it, it is necessary to inform the residents that are above.

It should also be noted that the formation of condensate on pipes contributes to insufficient ventilation or its absence, especially indoors with high humidity. For example, it can occur in the bathroom, where a couple is formed from hot water, which cares on pipes in the form of droplets.


One of the consequences of condensate education is rust. The formation of rusty leaks not only spoils the appearance of metal parts, but also destroys them. Often condensation occurs on risers that pass through the apartment vertically. In this case, it is possible to peel the paintwork.

Drops fall on the floor, forming small puddles, due to which the floor covering is destroyed. From moisture can be spoiled and furniture located in the room. Also, due to the constant accumulation of moisture on the surfaces, mold and fungus may arise, which have a negative impact on human health. Especially unpleasant the appearance of mold in hard-to-reach plumbing sites.

Especially dangerous condensate occurrence in closed places (where it is not visible). At the same time, moisture can enter the wiring, oxidizing contacts. Also water is an excellent conductor. Lects on the walls can carry out electrical out, which is a very dangerous factor.

First actions

Noticing the moisture formed on pipes, should immediately take measures to eliminate it. First of all, it is necessary to erase the resulting condensate and drain the place of its appearance.

It is important not to allow moisture to accumulate. To do this, establish the reason for its appearance. At the same time, it is necessary to find out exactly which source gives a constant flow of water, as a result of which the surface of the pipes occurs. To determine this, you need to check the drain blade of the toilet and all the cranes for the presence of constant flow. You should also pay attention to the washing machine installed in the house through which the valves can flow in the presence of malfunctions.

In order to correct the situation, in most cases you can do without special knowledge, it is enough just to replace the faulty gasket. If it is impossible to independently eliminate the malfunction, it will be better to contact the specialists, especially this concerns the repair of washing machines.

You can check the performance of the ventilation system using a simple sheet of paper. When it is raised to the hole of the working ventilation, you can see the easy movement of the sheet. This is an indicator that ventilation works. But to determine the efficiency of installed ventilation, you need to invite specialists.

If it is found that condensate is formed onto the riser, it is necessary to attract the cause of neighbors from above, which may have leaks in sanitary equipment. In this case, condensate will also be observed on their pipes.

Methods of deliverance

If the identified problem was not too serious, it can be successfully solved by replacing the gasket on the drain tank or crane. However, the decision is not always so simple.

In some cases, the cause is an incorrect divorce of pipes, in which the hot and cold pipe takes place at close range from each other. This is quite enough to form condensate. After all, if there is a flow of water through both pipes, one of them is heated, and the other is cooled. From such a temperature drop and moisture is formed. Often such situations arise in private houses, where pipe wiring is carried out without the involvement of specialists.

In this case, to eliminate the cause and avoid moisture formation, you need to change the divorce of the plumbing pipes, isolating them from each other, which is not always simple. For the organization of a new layout often accounts for the integrity of the walls and their coverage.

In such cases, the use of special thermal insulation material can be helped with a water supply. So you can make isolation, eliminate mutual heat transfer and protect pipes. This method is quite effective and does not require capital work on the alteration of water supply.

If the reason lies in an insufficient exhaust from the room, then the fan must be installed on the ventilation output to create a forced air flow. Due to this, excessive moisture is eliminated from the room.

Tips of professionals

Specialists in the field of sanitary work have extensive experience in finding the causes of condensate education and its effective elimination. For example, one of the modern ways to solve the problem is the pipe coating with a special liquid heat insulating composition. It is applied to the surface of the pipes, forming a durable, elastic and not subject to corrosion layer, allowing to get rid of moisture.

However, with a very large difference in the temperature of the pipe, you must additionally insulate. To do this, often use foamed polyethylene, which is fixed using conventional wire. It is light and not subject to rotting. It is produced both in the form of sheets and the form of soft tubes of various diameters with a longitudinal section.

To obtain the maximum effect it is necessary that the internal diameter of the tube corresponds to the outer diameter of the tap pipe. In this case, the tube is put on tight, without unnecessary gaps. If it is smaller diameter, then the gap will remain, if more – will hang out. At the same time, it will practically do not bring benefit. Ease of use is that it is possible to wear the part on the pipes by immediately receiving the desired result.

If there is no possibility to purchase special thermal insulation, then you can make a temporary option from quite affordable materials. It can be a fabric from old things or bed linen, bandages or other materials.

Before using them, it is necessary to clean the pipe, remove rust and degrease the surface with solvent or acetone. After that, put a putty, and from above – layer of fabric, not expecting until the putty dries. The layers of the fabric are wound with approaching each other, without gaps, and at the end are fixed by a bandage or durable thread. This method is simple enough and effective.

During the construction of a private house, with the aim of preventing such phenomena, existing heat sources and high humidity should be taken into account, as well as their mutual placement. Based on this, it is worth immediately doing reinforced ventilation of the premises.

How to eliminate condensate on cold water pipes, look in the following video.

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