How to disassemble the mixer?

Each person at least once in his life came across an unpleasant situation when the mixer breakdown occurred, and his unpleasant leakage began. Buying a new crane is not always possible and therefore you have to correct the situation at home. It is necessary to disassemble and repair the mixer with your own hands.


The unit breakdown basically happens for two reasons. First, the improper use of the mixer, and secondly, the service life of some parts has expired. Initially, it is necessary to carefully figure out the principle of operation, features, as well as varieties of mixing cranes. This will help more accurately find out the reasons for the breakdown of the plumbing device. The mixer is an indispensable device in all apartments and private houses with connected water supply. It helps to mix cold and hot water to ultimately get the desired temperature regime. Adjust the water pressure when turned on – another mixer function.

These plumbing devices are designed for installation in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In some apartments today, outdated options are used – two-fledged mixers. But every tenth plumbing buyer prefers to one-dimensional mixing cranes, which are distinguished by their convenience and ergonomic. For the bath it is advisable to install a single-dimensional sanitary pribor with a high rotary spell, the water from which comes directly into the bath or shower can. In a variant with two poles, flows are distributed as follows: one enters the bath, and the other goes through the watering can. Such a device, in addition to the lever, is additionally supplied with the switch.

Subtlety of the process

If you are going to disassemble and repair the plumbing mixer, then on the example of the principle of operation of the mechanism with valves and levers will become clearer, how to lead the unit to the working state and take into account every little thing this process. To correctly eliminate the malfunction of the plumbing crane, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the features of different types of mixers, as well as pre-prepare tools and fixtures for installation. Burst with screwdrivers of a somewhere sizes, hexagon, wrench and adjustable key, passatages and just in case take a kitchen knife.

The initial stage consists in overlapping the water supply so that the water flow does not interfere with the dismantling of the product.

Silent designs

Sneakers (one-handed, flag, hinged) mixers are presented on the modern plumbing market with thousands of models. Represent an ergonomic housing with a plate that performs the function of the lever. Mixing water to optimal temperature occurs inside such a crane. Materials for the manufacture of this type of structures can be the most diverse in its properties. Most often used metal, ceramics, sometimes even plastic. The breakdown of a single-art crane occurs significantly less frequently than an outdated valve version.

In addition to the housing and swivel lever, the mixer includes a replaceable cartridge for cleaning and, of course, the gasket. Cartridges are divided into ball and ceramic.

The first option is a blank ball with holes, which is fastened with a pin to the mixer handle. In the hollow chamber of the ball cartridge, it falls through two holes water, mixed and then flows through the scaly of the sink. To adjust the temperature and water pressure, you need to rotate the mixer handle to the right and left, by changing its angle of inclination. To remove the breakdown in the ball crane, you need to remove the nut at the point of connecting the gland and pull out the mesh that is inside the mixer. Then rinse well this mesh well and fix it in the original position.

There is another small problem that can occur in a single-handed ball mixer: rubber seals have to change periodically. It is easy to do this, you just need to use a screwdriver and hexagon. Ceramic cartridge consists of two tightly attached ceramic washers. If you start moving the handle of the crane, they begin to rotate, and along with it they are shifted and holes on them. As a result, mixing hot and cold water is ensured, and its subsequent feeding in the crane occurs.

To dismantle the lever crane, should be observed a certain procedure.

  • Initially extracted with a knife, a red or blue plug, located on the mixer lever.
  • The next step will be the screwing of the screw, which is under the plugs, and performs the fastener function on the control rod.
  • Now you can safely remove the handle and replace the served cartridge to the new.

To assemble the mixer back, you need to repeat all these steps in reverse order. It is necessary to reliably complete the nuts, while holding the product with the lever. Then the screw is installed to the previous place, and the plugs are worn. This is the final installation stage. Such a kind of cranes is the most widely used in our time. Single-dimensional type of mixers are distinguished by accessibility and high quality. Repair of this type of crane is not problematic if you follow all instructions. So that the Single Crane will serve longer, it is necessary to periodically check it and perform high-quality care for the internal parts of the design.

Two-dense options

Now consider the functionality, the principle of operation and operation of the mixer with two valves. Such a double-piece crane is a representative of a plumbing device of an old sample. It includes a familiar locking mechanism with two valves, which still have the name of the crane. They are located in the cast brass case and lead the temperature level control function. To the drainage system, such a crane is connected by means of a threaded connection on the back of the housing.

The main type of two-fledged mixers is a feeding device, in it the water connection is made through a plumbing tee. There are mixers with two separate nozzles.

Go to the stage of preparation of dismantling of a two-fledged mixer. To do this, collect the necessary tools: a screwdriver, adjustable key, the average size of a soft or foam tissue. We start disassembly. To begin with, unscrew the secret screw, hidden under the cap, which decoratively decorates the valve, then, with the help of an adjustable key, turn the housing of the crane. When the process of disassembling this crane ended, you need to carefully inspect the gasket, which is placed on the pusher crane and find out whether it is required or it is only worth it to secure it. As soon as you replaced or pulled the gasket, return to the place of the crane. And the foam rubber is used to pave the surface of the bath: if any spare parts fall inappropriate, the enamel will not be damaged.

If the water pressure is needed, then, most likely, a blockage was formed in the sprawl, which should be eliminated. To do this, we should weaken and fully twist the nut, which is attached to the nose of the mixer. Mesh is thoroughly washed and then put in his place. If you are clearly and consistently perform the recommended recommendations, you can fix the two-mentile mixer with your own hands without any problems.

No matter what a crane is located in the bathroom or in the kitchen. There is no ideal option, everyone has their advantages and disadvantages. If you thoroughly know the structure and principle of dismantling this plumbing device, you can easily refuse expensive visits of a professional plumbing. With all the work you can handle yourself.


The modern range of sanitary devices is able to put even the most professional plumbing specialist in a dead end. One of the most important criteria for choosing a mixer is a proven and reliable manufacturer. We offer to get acquainted with the most popular companies whose products are invariably enjoyed in high demand.

  • Grohe – This is a German brand that leads in the plumbing industry in the global market. The brand produces products that are distinguished by innovative technologies, high quality, stylish design and rich assortment. Despite all these advantages, the prices of goods remain quite acceptable. Among the variety of models, you can easily pick up one-art and two-dimensional options for every taste.
  • Hansgrohe – This is a German manufacturer who combines the refinement of design and high quality in its products. In the Plumbing Market, Hansgrohe offers several series of bathroom and kitchen faucets. Products are made in stylish design, many models help to significantly reduce water consumption consumption. For exclusive lovers, the company offers premium faucets with a matte and glossy surface.

Assortment series is represented in a wide price range. Cranes from this brand will make any interior bright and creative. For the manufacture of products, the company uses the highest quality materials.

  • Jacob Delafon – Manufacturer company from France, which creates elegant high-quality mixers. They are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms decorated in any design. Jacob Delafon uses only high-quality branded materials for production. Models allow you to supplement the interior of the apartment in the classic, ethnic or modern direction. On the plumbing market, the product of this company has a lot of positive feedback.
  • Brand Ideal Standard offers a variety of mixers at an affordable price. The main priorities of the company are a creative approach to product production and a wide range. Ideal Standard is basically choosing pragmatic clients who wish to establish home reliable plumbing equipment while spending a minor amount of money. Consumers will not be able to stay indifferent to product data design.

  • Oras Faucets – The most reliable products in the plumbing market, which are manufactured in Finland. Distinctive features include dynamism and stylish design, high-quality raw materials, excellent functionality and ease of use in everyday life. Those who love such a style like High-tech, modern, minimalism, futurism, can safely choose the ORAS brand faucets. Such a plumber with proper care will serve you not one year.
  • Roca – This is the safety of products, the design that is filled with innovation, the assembly is carried out in all the rules. Another undoubted plus is a favorable price. Products of this company allow economically to spend water. Spanish mixers have a wide range of prices and are a luxury class of household products.

  • Teka – European Crane Production Company for Kitchen. Its prices are democratic, the quality is high enough, and the design is always modern. This company decided to stand out from a number of manufacturers, offering their customers electronic and colored mixers.
  • Company Vidima Poses Bulgaria. The unique production technology makes Vidima mixers very high quality and durable. Democratic value allows you to use these sanitary devices not only at home, but also in public places.

  • Lemark – This is a popular Czech brand that uses in the manufacture of mixers, despite the competitive price, environmentally friendly raw materials. This he deserved the confidence of his consumers. He who is used to save his funds can safely choose mixers of this company.
  • Jika Completes the list of best brands offering modern, stylish and durable mixers. The company harmoniously combines accessible cost and high quality in its products. It is characterized by the fact that ceramic cartridges and very high-quality aerators are used in production.

The products of Italian, as well as Chinese companies enjoys great popularity. Among other manufacturers of high-quality products, you can also highlight such firms as SWES, Damixa, IDdis, Esko, Blanco and Ledeme.

Tips and recommendations

  • If a water mixer with a ball device broke, then it is necessary to replace the cartridge to the new. Repair it does not give in. Replacing the cartridge will noticeably strengthen and water pressure, which certainly decreased during the use of the mixer.
  • The same can be said about the cartridge with a ceramic plate, it is not subject to troubleshooting, in this situation the mechanism should be replaced completely.
  • So that your faucets serve for a long time, equip them with the necessary filters with the type and product model.
  • If you are going to purchase a new cartridge, then grab the element in the store, failed. This will increase the chance to select the desired configuration of the cartridge, and will not allow mistakes in the process of dismantling and repairing.

  • In order not to make a mistake in choosing the perfect mixing crane, you need to make sure that the rod for adjustment is made of bronze alloy. If in the crane that you purchased in the store turned out to be inside the plastic analog, this means that such a mixer will not last long and break soon.
  • Gel-shaped or creamy means are suitable for cleaning the mixer. It is also possible to use a special powder, which is intended for cleaning metal surfaces. It is forbidden to use metal sponges or substances that contain a vinegar and alkali.
  • If you are going to eliminate malfunctions in the mixer, so that there are no leaks in places of loose connections, use the special tape FMU, which is sold in every plumbing store.

Approach the choice of the mixer responsibly, stick to our recommendations, then parsing and small repair of the crane will not cause any difficulty.

How to disassemble and repair the mixers, see the following video.

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