How to clean the filter in the washing machine indesit?

Indesit washing machines are a unique combination of reliability, durability and high-quality work. But in order for these characteristics to be preserved for many years, the device must be regularly and properly. In particular, to regularly clean the filter from various contaminants. About when it is necessary to produce these works and how to perform them correctly, we will talk in this article.

Where is?

A drain filter in the machine-machine of this brand is located at the bottom on the front side of the device, as a rule, right. It is protected from damage to a special protective lid. This filter does not allow foreign items that incurred inside the device, score the drain hose, and delays them.

If the cleansing of this messeller is not carried out regularly, problems with the operation of the machine can begin – water is slowly and merged, during operation of the device, errors can constantly occur, and the device itself periodically can simply not turn on or block doors.

But the most unpleasant thing – an unpleasant smell appears in the washing machine, which over time penetrates things, and even just wreeding underwear can have no most pleasant fragrance.

Few people know that In modern models, machine machines have another filter – fuse. It is intended for additional purification of tap water entering the device.

Both of these filters must be cleaned of pollution regularly. At the same time, the drainage device every two months, but the filler dirt is – once every six months.

How to remove?

To clean the drain filter, it is necessary to first pull it out of the household appliance. In order to get it, you must perform the following steps:

  • remove the protective cover from the case;
  • Find on the cover of the filter itself a small excavation from the side;
  • grasp it with your fingers and unscrew;
  • If the outlet is tight, it is necessary to check whether the filter is not fixed with an additional bolt;
  • if it is, you first need to take it out, and then the filter itself is withdrawn.
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In some situations, especially when the drain messeller did not clean a very long time or the machine recently began to issue errors during operation, it is very difficult to remove it. In this case, apply the power and try to pull it out. It is just necessary to do as follows:

  • free space around the machine-machine;
  • to lay the device in such a way that the filter itself is as close as possible to the floor;
  • unscrew the pump;
  • through the resulting hole from the inside unscrew the filter.

If you need to clean the filling filter when it is predisted, unscrewing is made on the same scheme. But instead of a protective cover, first of all, it is necessary to open the bay hole at the place of connection of the hose to the device, and only then unscrew the filter itself.

What you need?

In order to high quality and quickly clean this messeller, It is necessary in advance before removing the filter, prepare the following tools:

  • Clean rags with good absorption;
  • Toothbrush for cleaning small parts;
  • gloves.

In addition, you can also need a screwdriver – if the filter itself is fixed by a bolt. It is also necessary to prepare the sexual pure rag – it must be placed on the floor under the hole so that the details of the dirty water will not spread.

Clean rags are necessary for two purposes – wiping the holes inside, as well as washing and wiping dry dirty.

Toothbrush may not need in all cases, however it helps to remove dirt from the most hard-to-reach places quickly and efficiently.

Cleaning and replacement process

Cleaning from dirt and debris It is necessary not only the messeller itself, but also the cavity in which it is. For this you need:

  • Hands in gloves remove all foreign objects from the cavity, as a rule, it is threads, coins or buttons;
  • Then a clean damp cloth to wipe carefully all sides, if necessary, repeat the procedure;
  • If the dirt is not removed, you can prepare a soap solution from the powder and apply it on the walls of the case;
  • Leave for 10 minutes, and then removed thoroughly;
  • Lastly, the cavity of the location of the filter itself is rubbed dry with a clean rag.
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Now you need to start cleaning the filter. It is performed as follows:

  • All foreign bodies from its surface are removed by their hands;
  • Using a toothbrush, the filter is cleaned from layers of scale and dirt, while it is important to remember that the rubberized parts of the white color are not cleaning;
  • Then, under running water, the filter is thoroughly washed to remove any contaminants;
  • wipe it dry and install back to the washing machine.

Professional Masters Repair Masters are also recommended after completing all the manipulations to wipe the filter itself and the cavity itself, in which it is, and only after drying the juice itself to install the dirt-saving in place. This simple trick will allow to get rid of the unpleasant odor and carry out light disinfection of the adaptation itself.

The filter is cleaned as follows.

  • Remove with the mesh surface all major garbage.
  • Maschewlifier itself in citric acid solution for 15 minutes. 1 l warm water takes 1 h. L. Powder.
  • Then, using a toothbrush, remove pieces of dirt and scale.
  • Carefully rinse the device in warm running water. Wipe it dry and install in place.

It is important to remember that all work should be carried out only after the InDesit washing machine will be disconnected from the electrical network, and the water access will be covered in the device.

However, in some situations, simply clean the drain filter in the washing machine is not enough. In some situations it must be replaced. This can happen for the following reasons.

  • The filter does not fulfill its functions even after cleansing. In such situations, the drain hose is clogged all the time, the machine during operation gives the error code.
  • Messeller burst. In this case, part of the dirt and scale will still fall inside the instrument, which shortens its service life, and will also reduce the quality of the washing itself.

If it does not turn out to clean the filter from scale and dirt and if they have accumulated on the device too much – it must be replaced. This will allow not only better to work the machine, but also will prolong its service life.

Replacement should be carried out only using the original filter intended for installation on the machine the same model. The process itself is carried out very simple and fast.

  • The device must be deraid and overlap the water supply to it.
  • Sull from the body an old filter.
  • Carefully clean and dry the cavity in which the messeller is located.
  • In accordance with the instructions, install a new filter. To do this, set the latches, and then in light screwing movements insert the device to the place.
  • Install the protective cover.
  • Connect the device to the network and open the water supply.
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It is worth remembering that regular cleaning of the drain filter helps to extend not only the service life, but also the life of the entire device. Moreover, it is necessary to clean and the filter when presented.

Only when performing these rules, the washing machine will serve for a long time, regularly, and the quality of washing will only please.

How to clear the filter in the washing machine indesit, look next.

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