How to choose a washing machine?

For modern household Automatic washing machine He is an indispensable assistant. The choice of these devices in retail chains is represented by a variety of models that are not only carefully erased and unwind underwear, but even dried and smooth it. Going to buy washing machine, buyers are often asked about how not to make a mistake with the choice of an automatic machine and buy, indeed, a good option for long-term use in everyday life. To make such a choice correctly, you will need to examine information about the types of washing machines, their characteristics and fundamental differences from each other by constructive and cost.

What parameters to choose?

Selection of the washing machine – the point is responsible, and take the first model that happened to the eyes, without having examined its characteristics, it would not be quite right. There are certain criteria for which attention should be paid – the scope of loading, the type of engine, dimensions and much more. It is considering all the nuances, you can choose a washing machine that meets your requests.

Before selecting a suitable model of a washing machine, you need to clarify many of its technical parameters.

Type of download

One of the important parameters is the type of loading of the laundry in the car. It happens Vertical or Frontal (horizontal). Selecting the download type depends on the buyer’s preferences. Often, automatic washing technique is placed in the kitchen, embedding it into the kitchen set – in this case the front type of load will be required. If you want to place the car in the bathroom, where you can open the cover up or to the side, the choice can be stopped both on the front and vertical model. In the bathroom, the washing machine is set separately, placed under the sink or in the place where it has free space.

As Bathrooms are small in the area, then in this case, the resolution of the issue will be a vertical model of the machine. The access point to the drum in such machines is not placed on the frontal part of the machine case, and at the top. And the drum itself is located inside the car in a vertical position. Thanks to this design, the washing machine has a compact and elongated appearance.

Experts believe that such type of technology is most convenient for loading linen, since it is not necessary to lean to the drum, as well as these models are most protected from any water leaks that can happen when breakdown.

In addition to automatic machines, there are also Activator type semi-automatic. This technique still does not leave the counters due to low prices, ease of operation and reliability of the design. In the process of washing in the activator type machine, your participation will require, since most of the operations in it are not automated.

Such machines are not connected to the system of sewage and water supply – bay and water drain, as well as Stripping clothes you will have to do on your own, that is, manually. The main electromechanical element in this technique is Special activator, connected to the engine, at the expense of which it rotates. Some machine models have a special centrifuge – It is used for pressing wrapped linen.

Miniature activator washing machines are in demand from buyers and apply in the country or in the private sector homes, where there is no water supply system.


The standard height of most automatic washing machines varies from 85 to 90 cm. There are more compact options that in height do not exceed from 65 to 70 cm. The depth of washing machine can be from 45 to 60 cm, but there are also narrower models, less than 45 cm.

Machines for washing, which are designed to install in cabinet furniture, equipped Screw legs, With which the height of the equipment can be adjusted with the necessary accuracy.

Choosing the vertical model of the washing machine, you need to remember that it is necessary to add 30-40 cm to its height so that the cover of the car can freely open. These same requirements should be taken into account and when buying equipment with front load – it also needs to provide space to open a hatch of a drum designed to load linen.

The choice of dimensions of the automatic washing machine depends on the availability of free space in the room where you plan to place it.

In addition, it is worth considering that vertical loading machines have advantages – This technique allows you to stop the washing process at any time and add an additional portion of linen to the drum. Such models are very convenient for older people – they do not have to be tilted to load and unload the linen.

The only disadvantages of such a small-sized washing machine:

  • For embedded use, it does not fit;
  • It will not be able to use as a shelf for the arrangement of household trifles in the bathroom.


One of the important factors when choosing a washing machine-machine is its capacity, which calculated depending on how many people in your family. If there will be 1 or 2 people with washing machinery, they will have enough to have a car with a capacity of up to 4 kg. For a family of 3, 4 or 5 people, a washing machine is needed more – with a capacity of up to 6 kg. And if the washing is needed for a family consisting of more than 5 people, then the unit will be required with the volume of loading 8, and better – 9 kg.

In the case when there are small children in the family, experts recommend buying a washing machine with a maximum load of download, which one you can afford, since the presence of kids involves a lot of washing in large quantities.

Download volume The washing machine depends on how deep the model in its constructive. If the depth of the technology is from 35 to 40 cm, it means that it can be filled with 3 to 5 kg of things. Machine machines, the depth of which is equal to 45 to 50 cm allow you to wash from 6 to 7 kg of linen. And full-sized devices depth to 60 cm can extract from 8 to 10 kg of linen – this is the option most convenient and economical for a large family.

It is worth noting that Not always large washing automatic machines for their capacity are a good solution. Choosing such an aggregate, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will take a lot of free space. In addition, if you need to wrap a small batch of linen, then do it in the car, the volume of which is calculated by 8 kg, it will be uneconomically – the costs will not only be on the water, but also on electricity. Therefore, when buying a washing machine, you will need to appreciate your needs and relate them to the volume of downloading your future machine.

Drum and Buck

Quite often buyers can not distinguish Buck from the drum washing machine.Baku is a water tank, and in the drum you fold things for washing. The durability of the automatic machine depends in many respects of which material is made of these important details of its design.

In modern models of washing machines, the tank can be made of different materials.

  • Stainless steel steel steel – It is the most durable material used in most models of the modern premium and middle class of the price category.
  • Enameled steel – inferior stainless steel, but it is a cheaper option. The durability and reliability of such a tank is preserved exactly until it becomes a solid object that can cause damage to the enamel in the form of a chip or crack. After such damage, the tank begins to rust and fails.
  • Polymer plastic – The most budget version used in low-cost brands of activator and automatic washing machines. Plastic tank is very easy, it is not subject to corrosion, but in case of any strong mechanical impact, as well as when unbalanced, it can give a crack – and the restoration in this case is no longer subject to.

The cost and durability of the drum is as well as in the tank depends on the material from which it is made. Most often, the drums of expensive models are made of stainless steel, and more budget options are found with drums made of polymer plastic.

Durable plastic racks to shocks and scratches and with accurate use may well serve you at least 20-25 years.


    The operation of the automatic washing machine is ensured due to the main part of its design – Electric motor. It can be inverter or collector. The technical construction of them is different, which is reflected on the operational properties of washing machines.

    1. Engine inverter type – It is also called a direct type of engine. This type of engine is equipped with approximately 20% of washing machines of the modern type. Such a motor has compact sizes, its design is extremely simple and rarely fails, does not require frequent preventive maintenance and works without creating a lot of noise. The weak point of the invertor engine is high instability to the discharge differences in the network, which is why it quickly fails.
    2. Collective type motor – This option is equipped with the vast majority of models of washing machines. The collector type engine has a smooth adjustment, as well as not terrible voltage networks, which often occur in the electrical dispersion network. The disadvantages include the rapid wear of the nodes and parts of the motor, noise in the process of work and inadequate.

    If you compare the efficiency of these engines, the inverter models are 20-25% more efficient than collective analogues.

    In addition, only Machines machines with inverter type engine have the ability to press up the linen after washing at extremely high speeds reblock drum.

      Specialists recommend in case of choice give preference to variables of washing machine machines, equipped with an inverter motor, since such a purchase will be the most appropriate in the ratio of quality and its price. Washing units with inverter engines Several more expensive machines with a collector motor, but they fully justify themselves, if we consider that collector engines will have to be repaired one or several times due to its briefness.

      Management type

      The type of management in modern washing units is directly related to their technical construct and its features. For example, the activator type machines use control using the handles that regulate the mechanical design system. The functional abilities of such machines are minimal, so the main options for adjustment are the launch, the duration of the washing time and the ability to stop the engine at any time you need.

      As for new modern automatic models of washing machines, half of them are equipped with Touch type display, Wherever it is possible to set the settings of the washing program and track the passage of the machine of each stage. In automatic units with front-type load type applied Electronic control system, which makes it possible to adjust the machine options with small buttons and a rotating disk.

      Exterior view of the control panel for each model and manufacturer – its. The control unit system can differ significantly in design, options and construct.

      Some of them have the ability to display special service codes that prompt the user that a washing machine has a breakdown or a different situation that requires urgent human intervention.


      Most often washing machines automatic type are found White color, But sometimes you can find on sale Black, silver, blue and red options. Manufacturers can change the hatch configuration – Instead of a traditional round shape, a hatch can be in the form of an ellipse, completely flat, with backlight or made of mirror materials. Such an unusual design of the washing machine allows you to include it in any stylist project, where it can be decorating the interior of the bathroom or kitchen.

      But when your washing machine is hidden from the eye with a furniture header, where you will embed it, overpay for a unique design does not make any sense.

      Choice depending on the quality of washing

      Choosing a Washing Machine Machine for home before purchasing it, It is important to know how high quality it disrupts things, and what is her optimal degree of spinning. Among manufacturers, there are rules according to which the parameters of the quality of washing and pressing are marked with Latin letters ranging from the letter A and ending with the letter G. According to tests that conduct manufacturers of washing machines, the highest quality stamps are those closest to class A. But this is not all the information that needs to buy a washing machine.

      Modern washing units are also classified and By class power consumption. All models manufactured in the last 10 years mainly have a class in power consumption. But in expensive aggregates, these indicators are improved and can reach class A – and let them cost more than their analogues, but it quickly pays off in the form of electrical energy savings during operation.

      The class of washing machine-machine for power consumption is marked (per 1 kg of loaded linen):

      • class A – power consumption from 170 to 190 VT⋅ch;
      • class B – power consumption from 190 to 230 VT⋅ch;
      • class C – power consumption from 230 to 270 VT⋅ch;
      • Classes D, E, F and G – power consumption does not exceed 400 VT⋅ch, but such models you are unlikely to meet in retail chains.

      The best energy-saving machines are washing units, which is assigned a class A +++, but since the wash is not performed continuously, even even class cars will not look like on this background.

      As for the style of the style of laundry laundry, then the classity will show clearly how well the washing machine copes with its functions, because of which it is acquired. To date, the washing automatic units even budget models have High quality washing corresponding to class A, Lower class you are unlikely to see on sale.

      After completion of the washing cycle and rinse the underwear is subject to anneal. How dry it will be, you can define not only a given program, but also a class of machine:

      • Class A – more than 1500 rpm, with a degree of residual humidity <45%;
      • class B – from 1200 to 1500 rpm, humidity from 45 to 55%;
      • Class C – from 1000 to 1200 rpm, humidity from 55 to 65%;
      • class D – from 800 to 1000 rpm, humidity from 65 to 75%;
      • class E – from 600 to 800 rpm, humidity from 75 to 80%;
      • class F – from 400 to 600 rpm, humidity from 80 to 90%;
      • Class G – 400 rpm, humidity> 90%.

      If the residual humidity rate is minimal, then for the final drying of things it will take some time, which is very valued by many hostess, especially if there are small children in the family.

      Rating of the best brands

      Focusing on advertising, we often pay not so much for the goods itself and its capabilities as for the brand under which it is sold. Today there are about 20 well-known brands of washing machines that produce equipment in three categories depending on the cost and quality.

      Budget brands

      This is a reliable and high-quality equipment that is produced in the price category from 10 to 20 thousand. rub. The best brands in this category are Hotpoint Ariston, Indesit, Candy, Daewoo, Midea, Beko.

      For example, the car Indesit IWSB 5085. Front loading, 5 kg drum volume, maximum speed 800. Dimensions 60x40x85 cm. Its cost from 11,500 to 14,300 rubles.

      Models of the average price category

      They are produced by firms LG, Gorenje, Samsung, Whirpool, Bosh, Zanussi, Siemens, Hoover, Haier. The cost of such machines is within 20 to 30 thousand. rub.

      For example, the car Gorenje WE60S2 / IRV+. Water tank, front loading, volume of drum 6 kg, Energy Class A ++, 16000 rpm. Dimensions 60x66x85 cm, plastic tank, sensory control, 16 programs, leakage protection and so on. Cost 27800 rubles.

      Dear models

      This category includes excellent machines that meet the latest words of inventions and have improved technical specifications compared to budget models and representatives of the average price category. Most often such cars are represented by stamps AEG, ELECTROLUX, SMEG. The cost of such equipment begins from 35,000 rubles and can reach 120-150 thousand. rub.

      For example, the car ELECTROLUX EWT 1366 HGW. Vertical loading, drum volume 6 kg, power consumption class A +++, spin 1300 rpm. Dimensions 40x60x89 cm, plastic tank, touch control, 14 programs, leakage and foaming and other possibilities. The cost of this model is 71 500 rubles.

      Among representatives of various brands, as a rule, there is a wide range of models of washing machines of various price proposals. For example, excellent brand washing machines Beko can be found in a budget version for 14,000 rubles., There are models of the average price range for 20,000 rubles. and expensive aggregates at a price of 38,000 rubles.

      For any demand, you will find the offer of famous manufacturers firms.

      Tips for specialists

      Choosing which washing machine to take Pay attention to the opinion of experts in the field of marketing or find out which models are more reliable, the masters for repairing machines – in a word, explore the recommendations of professionals.

      1. Choosing a washing machine, Try to protect yourself from an unsuccessful purchase still at the stage of choice. Therefore, pay attention to the car, the control unit of which manufacturers were prudently sealed from water from entering the wax – such a good-quality model will serve for a long time, since the possibility of moisture in electronics is excluded. It is worth paying attention to those models, a tank and drum that are made of stainless steel – such options, as practice has shown, are the most durable and reliable in operation.
      2. Extend the life cycle of the machine-machine helps careful and attentive operation. If the volume of the drum is designed for 5 kg of linen, then you should not load 6 kg into it, since with each wash, such overload will wear all the mechanisms, and they will quickly fail. In addition, it is not recommended to always use maximum speed for spinning – it is also an extreme load for the washing unit and does not prolong its life cycle, but, on the contrary, reduces. If you want to get almost dry underwear after washing, it is best to buy a model that has a drying option.
      3. Purchasing a washing machine machine, inspect it for damage, dents, deep scratches, Since this suggests that in the process of transporting, the technique could damage or drop. What it will turn out during operation – unknown. From such a purchase it is better to refuse.

      After you buy and bring the washing machine, Trust her connection to specialists, caused from the service center, which is specified in the warranty coupon attached to your purchase. If in the process of work, hidden defects of technology will be revealed, the master will be forced to make Act, and you can in the store Exchange poor quality goods or return your money.

      The main thing is that in this case you will not need to prove that the defects in the washing machine appeared as a result of your unqualified and incorrect actions.

      How to choose a washing machine, look in the following video.

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