How to choose a washing machine with long load?

Washing machine – the necessary assistant of any mistress. But it often happens that after launching the program there are small things that need to be washing. You have to postpone them for later, as it is impossible to stop the work. Taking into account this problem, many brands began to produce instruments with the possibility of laundry loading after the start of washing. In this article, we will make an overview of the most popular such machines, as well as consider the selection criteria.

Pros and cons

There are 2 types of cars with long load. The first is a standard device that is equipped with a suspension function. Pressing the button, you run the drain of water, after which the unit allows you to open the hatch to add things. Then the door closes, And the washing continues from the same place where it was stopped.

In low-cost products, the parameters are reset, and you have to configure everything from the very beginning. Of course, it is convenient, but not always, because you have to wait until the machine will completely fuck water. If you open the door right away, all liquid will turn out. Another disadvantage of such products is Ability to add clothes only in the first 15 minutes washing.

More modern models involve the availability of an additional door for lingerie straightening right during washing. It is on the wall of the hatch.

Essentially, This detail is the only thing that distinguishes such models from standard washing machines. Units with a hole for the battery are more convenient, because you do not need to wait for the drain of water or open the hatch completely. It is enough to suspend the wash program, put forward the door, throw forgotten things and, closing the window, re-run the washing process. In this case, no settings will be reset, all parameters will be saved, and the unit will continue to work in the selected mode.

Such a useful feature is simply necessary for families with children, because someone may forget to convey small things in the washing. From the minuses of such devices can be allocated only Advanced price and small range, Since this innovation has not yet been widely popular.

Modern stores offer a fairly limited number of models with an additional hatch, since this trend is not so popular yet. Products with a function of loading linen just started to enter the market for household appliances. Consider the most popular models of famous brands.

Samsung WW65K42E08W

The volume of the drum of this product is 6.5 kg, and 12 washing programs allow full care for things from any tissue. There is Separate mode for washing soft toys, during which they are processed by steam to remove all allergens. Technology Bubble Soak In combination with the solarding function, it will remove the spots even in cold water. Energy saving class A will help Save money to pay for electricity. Popper speed is adjusted from 600 to 1200 rpm. The settings are displayed on the digital screen.

As additional features there are Blocking from children, leakage protection, foaming control. The product can be synchronized with a smartphone using a special program in which the state of the equipment is displayed. The cost of the model is 35590 rubles.

“Sloda WS-80PET”

This product refers to the economy-class and costs only 7539 rubles. It does not need constant synchronization with water supply. The device has a vertical load, the working tank and the drum is closed with a plastic cover, it can be opened for a long loading when the device stops. Product capacity 8 kg, it is equipped with two washing programs. The device is very mobile, weighs only 20 kg. Spin speed is 1,400 rpm, which allows you to get almost dry underwear.

Instructions for use of the machine “Slavs WS-80PET” is extremely simple. Clothes are laid in the drum and water flooded. After adding a washing powder, you need to close the lid, and click the “Start” button.


Another model with vertical loading and capacity of 5 kg. Using the electronic control panel, you can choose one of the 18 wash programs. A ++ power consumption class speaks of the lowest possible consumption of electricity. Noise level 59 dB, with annealing – 76 dB. Popper speed is adjustable from 600 to 1000 rpm, during spinning the product does not vibrate, which is very important.

Compact washing machine will fit perfectly on any occasion. The fast wash program will allow for 15 minutes to refresh linen, there is an economical MINI & FAST mode, designed for 1 kg of things. Its feature is to flow water in 25 l, which is very little. ECO mode is intended to save electricity, but it is not suitable for all programs. If there is a need to load clothes, Click the pause button, wait for the drum stop and do everything you need.

Remember that the pause button cannot be touched for a long time, as it will reset all the parameters and draining water.

The price of the model varies from 20,000 to 25,000 rubles.

Samsung ww65k42e09w

The washing machine with front load and the capacity of the drum 6.5 kg is equipped with a small window on the hatch for the battery. Wherein Add Wash allows you to report to the already postponed shirt or the product from wool for pressing and rinsing somewhere in the middle of the process.

The electronic control panel has 12 embedded programs. Bubble technique copes with strong pollution.

There are separate programs for washing delicate types of fabrics and leaving steam processing. Water heating temperature can be adjusted independently. There is a delay function of inclusion using a timer. Popper speed is adjusted from 600 to 1200 rpm.

Thanks to the inverter engine The device works quietly, and it can be turned on even at night. There is no vibration during annealing. Mode with steam processing removes all allergens from the surface of the clothing, this option will enjoy families with children. Additional rinse function will finally wash the residues of the washing powder. Thanks to the SMART Check program, the user will be able to independently adjust the state of the device directly from the screen of the smartphone. The price of the device is 33790 rubles.

Samsung ww70k62e00s

Washing machine with a drum of 7 kg and a touch control panel. Popper speed is adjustable from 600 to 1200 rpm, 15 washing programs provide care for any type of fabric. Of the additional functions there are blocking from children and control of the level of foaming. In this technique, the Add Wash option is valid only the first half an hour, then the hatch is completely blocked. Washing modes are designed for all types of tissues, there is also a quick cleaning program, as well as for delicate species of material.

The Eco Bubble function not only disrupts deep spots, but also displays a washing powder from things.

The inverter engine provides a quiet work of the unit and lack of vibration. The special design of the drum does not give linen to curl during annealing. Interesting design, ease of operation and high quality products made it one of the bestsellers in his niche. A big plus is The ability to synchronize the device with a smartphone, the program will be performed complete diagnostics of the device. The cost of the model is 30390 rubles.

Tips for choosing

To properly choose a washing machine with an additional door to load things, You should pay attention to a number of criteria.

  • Type of download. There are 2 types of download in washing machines. This is a vertical when the hatch is on the top of the unit, and the front-line – models with standard hatch in front. This item is chosen by individual will, depending on the convenience.

  • Gabarits. Immediately before buying a device, measure the place where it will stand, roulette. Be sure to measure the width of the doorway so that in the future there were no problems with the introduction of the product. Standard width of all devices – 60 cm, but there are also special narrow models intended for a small prace.

  • Volume of drum. This parameter is selected depending on the number of family members. For two people will be a rather washing machine with a capacity of 4 kg. If you live 4 people, and you are going to erase large things, take a model with a drum volume of 6-7 kg. For a large large family, the optimal choice will be the device with a capacity of 8 kg and above.

Remember that the more this parameter, the larger the device itself, so consider this factor when buying.

  • Management method. According to the method of control, the washing machines are divided into mechanical and electronic. The first type implies setting the washing parameters using a round controller and buttons. In the electronic type of control occurs using the touchscreen display. Such models are more modern, but cost more. LED display is usually present in all kinds of modern washing machines. It displays the settings you have selected and shows the remaining time of washing.

  • Energy saving class. Many brands try to produce instruments for cleaning clothes with a high grade of energy saving. They stand slightly more expensive, but in the future they allow you to save a considerable amount to pay for electricity bills. The optimal option will be the class A unit of+.

  • Additional functions. Multifunctional products are needed not to all – many enough and standard programs built into the basic configuration. The more supplements, the higher the price of the product. The main thing is the reliability of the device and the availability of programs designed for different types of fabric. The useful function will be drying and processing things ferry. This will save a lot of time. From the washing machine you will get dry things, completely hygienic thanks to a couple. Often in such aggregates there is a level of ironing, which makes fabric less mint, and later it is easier to iron iron.

  • Pay attention to the presence, indeed, useful modes that can be useful. IMPORTANT Having a washing program with special intensity – She will help to remove the contamination. Bubble technology will allow you to better dissolve the powder, which will be easier to get out of clothes during rinsing. This option will help remove stains even in cold water.
  • Very important Spin speed, preferably with the ability to adjust. Optimal parameters will be from 800 to 1200 rpm. Locking the hatch will not give the door to open up in the washing process, and the protection against children will prevent the settings, if interested kids are climbing all buttons. The deferred start function will allow you to transfer the work of the unit to the time you need. It is convenient, if in order to save electricity, you turn on the device only after 23 hours, and go to bed earlier.

  • Noise level. In the technical characteristics of your selected models, be sure to pay attention to the noise level of the device. This parameter will show if you can install the washing machine in the immediate vicinity of the bedroom or living room. And also it refers to the use of the product at night.

The optimal level of noise is 55 dB, which are quite suitable in standard situations.

The following video presents a presentation of Samsung washing machines with a remote linen of the Addwash series.

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