How to choose a washing machine with ELECTROLUX drying?

Washing machine is an indispensable assistant of each woman when serving a household. Probably no one will argue with the fact that thanks to this household device, the washing process has become much more pleasant and faster, and if the device is also equipped with a function of drying in linen, a lot of time saves. The model range of washing machines with drying is quite large. There are many manufacturers, among which I would like to celebrate the Electrolux trademark, its products have proven to be the best.


The manufacturer of Electrolux – Started on the consumer market of household appliances. For more than 100 years, the Company has been developing and manufacturing both small and large household appliances. And over time, the production of the brand has become only better, more reliable and more. This suggests that the consumer trusts this manufacturer. Washing machine with drying Electrolux uses incredible demand and not inferior to the analogues. It’s all about the features of the product:

  • Despite the fact that the device is full of size and is characterized by large sizes, the manufacturer does everything possible in order to give elegance equipment and pays special attention to the design issues;
  • has multiple functions, therefore used as efficiently as possible;
  • Energy Saving Class A, which is something incredible for washing machines with drying capabilities.

Also worth separately note the advantages of this household appliance, which take part in the formation of demand for goods. So, he has such advantages:

  • Excellent selected software;
  • consumes little water and electricity;
  • A wide and diverse model range, which makes it possible to choose the device that perfectly fit into the interior;
  • long service life;
  • availability of certificates of quality of the European sample;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer.
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Considering all of the above, we can conclude that Electrolux, manufacturing products, first of all thinks about consumer.

Despite the fact that the model range of dry and washing machines of this brand is quite large, We want to offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular and sought-after.

  • EW7WR447W – Narrow embedded washing machine, which has a wide functionality and additional features. Among them should be noted the presence of drying function with steam and PerfectCare functions.
  • Ew7wr268s – full-sized separate machine, equipped with special sensors that set the wash cycle parameters, and the software allows you to independently adjust the process.
  • EW7WR361S – This model is equipped with Ultracar, FRESHSCENT ferry processing function and Steamcare system.
  • EW7W3R68SI – Built-in washing machine, whose feature is the presence of the FRESHSCENT program.

You can read in detail the technical characteristics of the above-mentioned models of washing machines by looking at the table.


Dimensions (VCHHHH), see

Maximum load, kg

The amount of linen for drying, kg

Energy saving class

Number of programs

Water consumption, l





























For all the necessary information about parameters, washing modes, functional features can be referred directly to the manufacturer. Absolutely all information about each model presented in the market is on the official website of the company. If desired, you can consult with a specialist.

Selection criteria

To choose a washing machine, you need to approach seriously and responsibly, because the device is pretty expensive and purchased for a long period. Buying a washing machine with the dryer of Electrolux, need to be guided by the following moments.

  1. Sizes and capacity. As mentioned earlier in the article, this household appliance – full of size and its size is quite large. This criterion must be taken into account, because before buying it is necessary to make sure that you have enough free space to install. As for the capacity, such machines contain from 7 kilograms of linen for washing and up to 5 kilograms for drying.
  2. Control and software set. Control in these devices electron-intelligent. The selection of the program can be carried out using a rotary lever, a mechanical method, or when you click on the touch buttons. Each programs are characterized by its duration and intensity of washing. The number of drum revolutions can be adjusted. Newer and improved models are equipped with additional features. Software filling consists of the following standard modes:
    • cotton;
    • synthetics;
    • delicate wash;
    • silk;
    • Down products.
  3. Efficiency and economy.
  4. The presence of additional features. It is desirable that the device is equipped with such options, like blocking from children, imbalance control, delay timer, washing reduction mode.
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All these selection criteria are definitely very important. Guided by them, you can choose exactly the model, the work of which you will be satisfied.

How to use?

Washing machine – no innovation, many know and understand how to use the household appliance. Models are characterized by software, features and capabilities. From how correctly you will use the device depends:

  • The quality of washing and drying;
  • the number of electricity and water consumed;
  • safety;
  • life of the device.

The main rule of operation of this household appliance is carefully studying the instructions in which each manufacturer describes the process of use in very detail – from the inclusion of the device to care after washing. Therefore, do not be lazy, read the instruction and only after the laundry laundry dryer and drying.

Washing Machine Overview With ELECTROLUX EWW51676SWD Waiting Waits You Below.

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