How to choose a Wash Machine Washing Machine for Countryside?

Housekeeping is not an easy and very laborious process that requires a large amount of time and physical effort. To simplify these procedures, manufacturers have developed special automatic washing machines, whose work is directed to facilitate the washing process. The company’s special attention was paid to devices designed to work in rural areas, where there is often no system of centralized sewage and plum. These devices are adapted to work in difficult living conditions.


Washing machine – an indispensable assistant not only for hoses living in the city, but also for residents of the countryside. Given the features of life in the village – the lack of central water supply and sewage – manufacturers produce special washing machines designed to work in these conditions.

If there are centralized water supply, you can safely connect the automatic washing machine, otherwise the choice must be stopped on semi-automatic household appliances, which has one washing tank and a second tank for pressing.

Main parameters of a car house:

  • compactness;
  • low power;
  • slight water consumption;
  • Low electricity consumption.


Due to the high demand for this household appliances Specialists have developed several types of washing machines for a private house.

  • Semiautomatic with spin – Advanced model that can work without connecting to water supply and sewage. The set and drain of water into this device is performed both manually and with the hose. Advantages – Autonomous work, simultaneous washing of large amounts of linen, ease of operation. Disadvantage – the need to manually fill with water.
  • Automatic with water tank – Modern household appliances for village that has a tank. Advantages – low level of power consumption, the presence of a large number of functions, a wide model range, full process automation, ease of operation and care, automatic adjustment of the volume of water consumed, affordable price range. The disadvantage is the need for additional space for the reservoir, conducting continuous control of water levels, the inability to connect to central water supply, if necessary.

In specialized stores of household appliances, you can see a large range of devices data, which differ in size, functions, manufacturing country and price range. Despite the wide range of, Experts recommend paying attention to the products of the Russian manufacturer – “Fairy”, “Oka”, as well as on the goods of the ATLANT brands, Zanussi and Gorenje.

Special attention deserves models from the manufacturer Gorenje, which produces several options for rural devices. All manufactured devices have a low level of energy consumption, automatic control program and various functional content. The most popular types of brand Gorenje and their distinctive features are presented below.

  • Gorenje W 72ZY2 / R + PS PL95 – Capacious volume of the drum, the presence of a tank per 100 liters, high quality washing, low level of power consumption, a large number of washing modes and additional rinsing programs.

Disadvantage – the impossibility of connecting to central water supply.

  • Gorenje W 72ZX1 / R + PS PL95 – the presence of fast, economical and pre-wash, the possibility of additional rinsing, electronic control system, control of imbalance and foam level, as well as a special control panel lock.

Disadvantages – the maximum number of spin speed – 600, the need for free space.

  • Gorenje W 62Y2 / SRI – The presence of a 65 liter water compact capacity, the capacity of the drum is about 6kg, a large number of washing modes, no vibration during annealing, special protection against leaks on the housing.

Disadvantages – low water pressure level, the need to place a powder directly into the drum.

  • Gorenje WA60Z085R – Automatic water adjustment, special control program, anti-missing program, bio-enzyme wash mode, no noise with washing and annealing, presence of a special filter that prevents garbage from entering.

Disadvantage – the complexity of cleaning the inner surface of the tank.

  • Gorenje WA 60065 R – The presence of a tank, the volume of which is enough for 2 washers, the features of a deferred start, a special protective layer from leaks, modes without pressing and a special function of automatic water consumption, easy cleaning of pump and drain filter.

Disadvantages – no display, high price range.

How to use?

In order for the product not only one year, it is necessary not only to choose it correctly, but also to competently exploit. The use of semiautomates will not cause difficulties even at novice hosts. The washing process consists of the following steps:

  • filling the tank with water of the desired temperature;
  • Laundry loading and detergent;
  • Washing in the installed mode;
  • Drain used.

More experience and knowledge will require an automatic machine with a water tank that you need to choose correctly, install and competently use. Experts allocate the following steps of connecting the device:

  • fastening the hose from the outdoor side;
  • connection of the hose with the sewer pipe;
  • Replacing transport screws to clamps;
  • Connecting to the tube tube, drilling water;
  • connection of water tank with housing.

If necessary, you need to vertically connect the plum valve and the pipe supplying water.

Set this mechanism is permissible Only on the perfectly smooth surface, which in the course of operation will help to avoid excessive noise, vibrations and mechanical damage to the case.

Despite the availability of general recommendations for the operation of automatic washing machines, experts recommend that they must carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction, where all nuances of using this model are specified in detail, as well as ways to prevent and troubleshooting.

Tips for choosing

Selection of a washing machine machine for a country house – an important stage of landscaping of residential premises, which allows linen automatically. Due to complex operating conditions in rural areas and the impossibility of using standard household appliances, Experts recommend special attention to the selection of technicians, which should be based on the following criteria:

  • the size;
  • energy consumption;
  • the quality of washing;
  • water consumption;
  • Water intake method into the device;
  • set of modes;
  • the number of spin speed;
  • Availability of several drain options.

Choose for a private house Large models with high levels of energy and water consumption is irrational, Since their use will provoke unnecessary financial costs. Special attention should be paid to the quality of washing, which should be the maximum level to remove traces of dirt and grass. The presence of several variants of drain and dialing water will help to use the device even in the most adverse conditions. Experienced hostesses are recommended Do not overpay for unnecessary modes and high pressure intensity, which can be replaced with a drying of linen on the street.

Machines are most popular with the following parameters:

  • loading volume – 5kg;
  • Pressing intensity – 800 revolutions.

Along with the technical parameters, buyers pay attention to the price range, which consists of the following indicators:

  • size and volume of the tank;
  • The popularity of the brand;
  • management type;
  • washing class;
  • the presence of additional functions;
  • power consumption;
  • The presence of auxiliary devices.

Experts recommend purchasing products only in large outlets that work directly with manufacturers.

The selected product must have quality certificates and all permits, as well as a warranty card.

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