How to choose a narrow samsung washing machine?

If you think about buying a washing machine, and there are not so many places in the house, it is worth paying attention to the “Washing” line with a depth of 35 to 45 cm. As for fans of innovation, SAMSUNG products will be perfect for reliability and beauty. In this article, consider the features of the choice among the models WW60J30G03W, WW80R52LCFW and WW70J52E02W of the South Korean firm.


Most modern producers seek to reduce the dimensions of washing machines. This allows you to save space and place the “washer” in often unexpected places, for example, under a washbasin. At the moment, a whole class of such devices was formed – narrow washing machines, the depth of which is less than 45 cm (and often even 40 cm). Moreover, some brands went further, and produce cars in a depth of about 30 cm! Full-size standard “stylands” are considered to be devices not already 55 or 60 cm.

Samsung brand was not so radical in this regard, preferring to focus on the functionality of its products. Nevertheless, the company offers products in a depth of 45 cm. It is not necessary to forget that for opening a hatch in front of the device, you need at least the same amount of free space, plus a back for ventilation at least 5 cm.

Features of SAMSUNG washing machines models – in using a variety of innovative technologies, which is not surprising. The motto of the South Korean industrial giant sounds like “Turn on Tomorrow”, which can be translated as “including tomorrow”. Among the technologies and functions introduced by the Company in the development of washing machines, the following can be noted.

  • Ecobubbletm. A special generator creates air bubbles that effectively dissolve and activate the tools for washing in water, creating a stable foam.

Thanks to this, the foam is not only carefully, but also carefully launders the dirt, deep penetrated into the fibers of the fabric.

  • Inverter Motor. Provides quiet work, durability and reduction of electricity consumption.

The manufacturer gives up to 10 years warranty on the uninterrupted operation of the engine.

  • Accelerated washer. It is rather a combination of technology that allows you to reduce the washing time (as well as water consumption, electricity and detergents) due to water supply directly to the drum from below and on top at the same time.

Efficiency increases through the use of a bubble generator and a platform drum.

  • Super blowing+. Makes it possible to better remove detergents with things that is important for people with sensitive skin.

True, this is due to increased water consumption during rinsing and increased engine speeds during annealing.

  • Washing ferry. A pairs are fed through the underwear in the bottom of the bottom, so that the remnants of detergents are well removed, the fabric is sterilized from bacteria and ticks, there are practically no allergens among the fibers.

It is important for cleaning bed linen or children’s things.

  • Diamond Drum. Special tetrahedral shape of recesses and the reduced diameter of the holes on the surface of the drum less wear the fabric when washing.

  • Swirl Drum. FUNCTION DIAMOND DRUM. The drum with even smaller holes on the walls more carefully refers to the erasable things, and the wavy guides will not give them to them.

  • Aquaprotect. The sensor will instantly stop the washing in case of water leakage.

  • VOLT CONTROL. The function will not allow the machine in case of increasing the voltage, automatically turning it off.

  • Smart Check. Allows self-diagnostics using the Samsung Smart Washer application from the Play Store or Apple Store.

How to choose?

Load type is frontal (horizontal) and vertical. In our market there are SAMSUNG machines only with front load. Dimensions affect the place where you can install the device, as well as convenience of maintenance. Recall that we consider narrow washing machines.

The amount of loaded linen is customary to determine based on the size of the family, although this division is sufficiently conditionally. For one person, the washing will be enough capacity up to 4 kg, the family of 2-3 people may need from 4 to 6 kg, for a family with two children from 5 to 8 kg, and for even greater family and 10 kg. From the number of things in the drum will depend on the service life, since it directly affects vibration during annealing.

It should also be borne in mind that We are talking about dry cotton underwear. For example, woolen things are stronger than water, respectively, they will need to put in a smaller machine. Do not forget also about heavy and volumetric things, such as outerwear, bed linen. The washing class indicates the effectiveness of the removal of stains from various fabrics. There are 7 classes from A (the best) to g.

Script class characterizes the humidity of the linen that remains after pressing. Same There are 7 classes from the best A to the worst G. It should be noted that the express speed is influenced by the spin speed, and high revs can not be used for delicate things. Electricity consumption class gives an idea of ​​electricity consumption from the average electricity cost indicator by the device. Here are already 10 classes, in addition to the best class A in additionally even more efficient a +, a ++ and a+++. Class G is still the worst.

It is also worth assessing the water consumption and electricity for the cycle, as well as the noise level when washing and when annealing. Pay attention to the maximum possible washing temperature, if you want to be able to outstand cotton and linen products at 90-95 degrees. As for the washing regimes, the standard usually includes underwear (cotton, silk, wool), aimed at saving water and electricity (ek modes), specialized (extra rinse, ferry cleaning) and to maintain the device itself (self-cleaning). The manufacturer tries that the purpose of the mode can be easily understood from its name.

We will be useful to delay the washing, protection against children and turning on / off the beep.

Best models

So, consider the characteristics of the best models of narrow washing machines Samsung.

Samsung ww60j30g03w (it is ww3000j, WW6 series * J3 *****)

The manufacturer notes among the advantages of this model, the presence of an inverter motor, a Diamond drum, a convenient full-size hatch, washing with steam, the functions “SuperPolving +” Cleaning programs “Eco” and “fast washing” drum. The width of the machine is 60 cm, the depth of 45 cm, and the height is 85 cm. Weight – 51 kg. Loading is 6 kg. Turns under annealing are limited by the number of 1000 per minute, which, however, is usually quite enough. Energy efficiency class – A. Express efficiency class – C. Noise level when washing 52 dBA, with annealing – 76 dba. The cycle power consumption is 0.9 kW * h, water consumption per cycle of 36 l.

The rotary mode switch allows you to set the temperature of the water, the type and speed of the press, select the options (“Super Rinse +” “Intensive and Pre-Wash”), “soaking to remove poorly outdated pollution”, set a delay (from 1 to 24 hours). Information is displayed on the LED screen. There are 12 standard modes. Among the options under consideration, this is the most silent machine with the smallest water consumption and electricity for the cycle. At the same time, the load here is the smallest. There are no modes of intensive soaking, economical washing, washing dark things, SMART CHECK function.

SAMSUNG WW80R52LCFW (WW5100R, WW8 series * R52 ****)

Samsung highlights in this model Availability of generator bubbles Ecobubble, Aquaprotect sensor, Volt Control Special design for cleaning from detergents, guarantee on a digital inverter motor, which is 10 years, the presence of washing steam, the functions “SuperPolving +”, “Intensive soaking” functions , Smart Check. You can also note the presence of a Swirl drum. Dimensions for the machine are the same as for the previous model – 60 x 85 x 45 cm. Weight 55 kg.

Loading is 8 kg. Spin speed – up to 1200 revolutions per minute. Energy efficiency class – A. Pressing B Class B. Noise level when washing 57 dBA, with annealing – 73 dba. Cycle power consumption is 1.04 kW * h, water consumption per cycle 48 l. On the touch panel, you can choose the temperature from the values ​​20, 30, 40, 60, 90 degrees, the spin, the number of rinsing cycles (from 1 to 5), the option “Intensive soaking” and “super rinse +”, set a delay. Information is displayed on the LED screen. There are 12 standard modes.

This is the most “tricky” machine among those considered. It has a different design, the availability of additional protection Aquaprotect and Volt Control, the capabilities of SMART Check self-diagnostics, the highest load of linen, the smallest noise during annealing, the presence of spinning speed 1200 rpm. At the same time, it consumes the most water and electricity, noise during washing the largest, and design and additional options cause higher cost.

WW70J52E02W (WW5000J, WW7 * J5 ***** series)

In this model, the manufacturer uses the already familiar options. This is the use of EcoBubble technology to reduce power consumption (according to the company’s assurances, you can even wash in cold water). Reliability, low noise and energy efficiency inverter motor. The use of the function “Intensive soaking in bubbles to remove severe pollution”. Using steam washing improves dirt removal by painting with bacteria and allergens. Wide hatch provides the convenience of downloading. “Super blowing +” removes the remaining detergent particles from the clothes. Smart Check will take care of smart diagnostics. The Cleaning Program “Eco” does not require the use of special cleaning products. Drum Diamond provides gentle washing of delicate linen.

Dimensions all the same – 60 x 85 x 45 cm, weight 55 kg. Maximum load 7 kg. Pressing speed up to 1200 revolutions per minute. Energy efficiency class A. Noise level when washing 55 dBA, with annealing – 76 dba. Cycle power consumption is 1.05 kW * h, water consumption per cycle 42 l. The swivel mode switch allows you to select the temperature, the number of rinsing cycles (from 1 to 5), type and speed of squeezing, options (“Super rinse +” and “intensive soaking”), set delay. Information is displayed on the LED screen. There are 14 standard modes.

SAMSUNG WW70J52E02W narrow washing machine overview in video below.

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