How to choose a mixer with long spill and bath shower

    Small room rooms require the use of universal solutions, so most people are concerned about how to fit a mixer with long spill and shower. For a small bath, products with high levels of functionality and at the same time convenient to use. Their selection depends on many factors.


    Combined faucets are produced for a long time and do not lose popularity from the consumer. To connect the crane and soul, a hose is used, allowing to place elements at a distance from each other. Models differ in the opening method, the presence of additional functions, dimensions and shape. Special watering can change water supply modes, has ergonomic design. The following varieties of mixers are distinguished:

    With two valves

    This type of mixer refers to the classical variety of cranes. On the sides are the valves for hot and cold water, allowing to adjust the pressure and poultry to adjust the temperature. Differ simplicity of operation and low cost. Pens are easily unscrewed. Models will come to the fans of traditional design.

    Water adjustment is carried out using a block node, part of the design. The two-dimensional model has a long service life – it rarely breaks through the simplicity of the device. The disadvantages include the presence of rubber gaskets in the design, which quickly fail and require replacement. The price of Russian faucets fluctuates in the range from 2 to 6 thousand rubles.


    This is a fairly common model that is in great demand from the consumer. To turn on the water, you need to raise the lever. Temperature control is automatically carried out using the built-in ceramic or ball cartridge. The first is made in the form of two durable plates characterized by a high level of wear resistance. Separate parts, as well as the adjusting head of the ball mechanism, are made of stainless steel.


    Such a model is the most modern variety of cranes, equipped with sensors. Stylish design allows you to embed it in the interiors of High-tech. On the front side there is a panel with switches to install the desired water temperature.


    This mixer has a built-in sensor reacting to the approximation of hands. Water turns on automatically, which helps save time. Most often, the models are purchased for restaurants, public toilets, shopping centers. The water temperature is adjustable in advance – the visitor cannot change it alone.

    For the manufacture of models, stainless steel metals are used. The most popular and affordable option is steel with anti-corrosion coating, characterized by versatility, durability and affordable price. Brass and bronze have an attractive appearance, they allow you to create faucets of non-standard form. An interesting option allows you to create and ceramics, but it is quite brittle.

    Popular manufacturers from Europe rating:

    • Grohe, Elghansa, Hansgrohe, Jado, Hansa (Germany);
    • Timo, Oras (Finland);
    • LeMark (Czech Republic);
    • Jacob Delafon, Valentin (France);
    • Gustavsberg (Sweden);
    • Bugatti, Fiore, Bandini (Italy).

    European mixers are characterized by improved assembly quality and long service life. An important point is the exquisite design, allowing to equip the Bathrooms of Premium Class. The product price depends on the design features used by materials and appearance. It fluctuates in the range from 3-4 to 20 thousand. To choose a high-quality mixer, it is not necessary to take the most expensive model – it is important to take into account the features of the installation and subsequent care of the product.

    Spice: features and characteristics

    The part, also called the hussac, is a tube, with which the shower is attached to the mixer. Long scum refers to a swivel type, which allows you to move it in any direction. In the production of hussacks, several technologies affecting the characteristics of the finished product are used.

    Below are some such models.


    When creating such products, hussaki bent to give them the right form. This type of foul is the most popular due to the simplicity of the design and low price. In the connection site there is a plastic ring, providing fixation of the joints and the warning of leakage. The end of the tube is adapted to install aerator – mesh filter for the mixer.


    The main distinctive feature of such models is the variety of forms and sizes. Metal blanks bent and inflated due to which the tubes of different diameters are obtained. At the ends there are nuts that ensure the integrity of the design and intended for installation of aerator. The price of these extensions will be higher than the previous options.


    The case of such filaments is monolithic and most durable. Models are made of durable brass, so they will relatively much. At the same time, they are characterized by greater reliability, because precisely from the integrity of the hussak depends on the performance of the whole mixer. Such a system will cost more, but also its service life will increase significantly.

    The dimensions are played by the gauge, allowing it to apply it for different purposes and affecting the comfort of the mixer. The height of the hussak is the distance between the base of the body of the crane and the place where the water flows from. Models from 250 mm are considered universal – they allow you to pour liquids into a large dishes, simplify the washing process. Length is called the distance between the ends of the tube. Longs are considered to be models of 30-52 cm.

    Methods for switching between the bathroom and shower

    Waterflow distribution is carried out in several ways. Mechanisms have advantages and disadvantages, and their selection depends largely on habits and preferences of a certain person.

    Mix the switches of the button and ball type, requiring different pressures and characterized by the specifics of operation.

    Pros of using a button mechanism:

    • minimum of the accompanying effort when pressed;
    • Compact dimensions;
    • Ease of use and ease of construction.

    Such a switch has a number of shortcomings. These include a relatively low service life associated with the need to regularly change the rubber seal, which loses its elasticity due to the appearance of a limescale on the design. With a weak water pressure, the button may involuntarily rise – to prevent this moment it is sufficient to reduce the turns of the built-in spring. If the mechanism does not return to its original position, then the gasket is required to apply silicone lubricant.

    Benefits of the ball switch:

    • high level of reliability;
    • long service life and ease of control;
    • Reliable fixation of the position of the mechanism.

    At the same time, the model is characterized by sensitivity to dissolved impurities in water, negatively affecting the switch. The mechanism requires an additional installation of the filter, cleaning the liquid and making the stream softer. The functioning of the system is the action of the rod and a durable metal bowl having two holes. When the design breakdown, it is necessary to completely change it.

    Tips for choosing

    Selection of models is associated with room area, bathroom dimensions. The compact room requires the purchase of small mixers – so space will be used as rationally. As for the appearance, the design is selected taking into account the style of the room. Retomodels with curly valves will decorate the bathrooms in the classic style, and modern products will become part of the modernist interior.

    • In conditions of saving space, swivel structures are acquired having a nailed length nose;
    • The choice of spinning is associated with the size of the section of the product and the volume of water flow moving per unit of time;
    • The shorter is stolen, the faster the bathroom is recruited;
    • One-piece headset eliminates the need to choose each component of the system separately, and also saves time and money.

    Do not take too cheap models – they are made of cheap materials that quickly fail with active operation. When choosing a shower, it is recommended to hold it in the hands to understand whether it will be convenient for them to use. Complete with the mixer, spare rings are usually supplied – they need to be saved for potential future repair.

    Manufacturers also offer several varieties of shower slad. Plastic or metal is taken for their manufacture. The latter is distinguished by durability and reliability, has a longer service life. Modern models allow you to adjust the water supply mode – such a mechanism is needed to change the stream stream and its volume. Eliminate intense, drip and massaging jets.

    By type of fastening, watering can be divided into wall, ceiling and manual options. The shower in which the system is located above the head is the most convenient, so special attention is paid to the top models at the arrangement of roomy rooms, because this approach allows you to stand standing, while the hands remain free. When buying a hand leek, it is necessary to additionally purchase the holder. Models take up little space, their price is relatively lower.

    Different types of fasteners have mixers. Classic are considered models installed on the wall – the extraction height of 20 cm is optimal.

    The fitting on the bathroom is gaining increasing popularity – in this case, special holes are made on its board. When the bathroom is located in a removal from the wall, a rack serves as an interesting interior solution. When it comes to complex design solutions, the mixer can be located right on the floor.

    How to choose a good mixer, look in the video below.

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