Heated towel rails “Podor”: species and models

Heated towel rails are very important components of the bathroom, so they should be paid to special attention. It is recommended to give preference to high quality corporate products. It is worth paying attention to the excellent products of the company “Progor”.

general description

Modern models of Tritor’s heated towel rails are very popular today. They choose many buyers who wish to get the highest quality product.

Heated towel rails of the company “Progor” not in vain won great popularity. The high demand for the products under consideration is due to the large number of positive characteristics that it is inherent.

  • First of all, it is worth noting that the TRGOR heated towel rails allow you to effectively warm the bathroom. Branded products are perfectly coping with their functional loads.
  • All brand designs are made of high-quality materials that differ in complete environmental safety. Under the action of high temperatures, such products are not beginning to highlight hazardous substances into the environment, so you can not worry about the health of households.
  • Due to the fact that in the production of heated towel rails, the firm uses only the best materials, copies are obtained by high-strength, reliable, practical and durable. Constantly repairing or changing such products do not have to.
  • It is worth saying about the attractive appearance of the majority of Dodor dryers. To choose from buyers a lot of beautiful designs having a different structure. Of course, the user can choose the easiest option that is characterized by a standard device.
  • According to the manufacturer’s statements, its products are highly resistant to rust formation. This is due to the fact that the dryers are made from high-quality stainless steel, on which corrosion does not appear.
  • A large plant manufactures high-quality heated towel rails using the latest technologies and high-tech equipment. Each of the products at each stage of manufacture passes the strictest quality control. Thanks to this, only high-quality aggregates fall on store counters.
  • Company “PRADOR” offers excellent heated towel rails in a wide range. Pouring a suitable sample can almost every buyer, even if it places the highest requirements for the product.

Views and models

As mentioned above, the company “Podor” produces excellent model of heated towel rails in a rich assortment. All products are divided into 2 main categories:

  • water;
  • Electric.

More popular and demands are water modifications of towel dryers. Similar specimens are very often purchased. The demand of the device under consideration is due to the fact that they can be shattered in a common communication system of water supply. Due to this, the installation of these products is extremely simple and fragile. New water dryer can be installed without unnecessary difficulties instead of an old device that has already been outlived.

Electric heated towel rails should not boast of the same popularity. And the point here is not at all that they have bad quality. The small attractiveness of electrical models is due to the fact that the modern Russian user is still not used to them. To date, electrical models are considered a kind of wonder. True, according to its operational characteristics, they are not inferior to water types. The main difference is that they are not in direct dependence on the pipes in the room.

We will get acquainted with the characteristics of some popular models of Truc heated towel rails.

  • “Bravo” PM. Form of this device – Lestenka. The model is made from high-quality stainless steel. Side Legal Connection is provided. The heat transfer of the aggregate under consideration is 331 W. The device is equipped with a shelf at the top. Included with the product supplied crane Maevsky and telescopic holders.

  • PEKP5P. Attractive steel option with chrome surface. Also performed in the form of a neat ladder. The electrical device provides the lower direction of the connection, is distinguished by dry heat carrier. Heated towel rail capacity – 60 W.

  • “Bravo” NP series 3. Water heated towel rail. Allows multiple areas of connection, namely: the bottom, side right, side left or diagonal. Heat transfer here reaches 344 watts. The model is sold in a rich configuration. Characterized by a very beautiful design.

  • “Priority” series 1 60×40 Lten. Beautiful electrical model of a heated towel rail with a thermostat. The direction of connection is the bottom, there are only 4 sections. The power of the device under consideration is 300 W. The coolant here is antifreeze. The dryer is supplemented by the start and shutdown button, with sufficient heating, an automatic shutdown is provided.

  • “Progor” 5m. Household M-shaped heated towel rail. Differs in affordable cost. Permits side right and lateral connecting direction. In the design of this model there are 6 convenient sections. The highest temperature of the heat carrier here is 110 degrees Celsius. The product is made from high quality stainless steel.

      In the assortment of the company “Progor” you can find a lot of other first-class dryer models. Buyers may pick up a very good option providing for an angular or any other convenient connection. The dimensional parameters of heated towel rails vary, but most popular are instances with parameters 400×800 mm, 80×50 cm, 50×60 cm, 60×40 cm and so on.

      User manual

      High-quality heated towel rails “Progor” must be properly exploited. The user must comply with a number of fundamental rules so that the product lights up as long as possible without being crashed.

      Consider the basic rules of operation of the “TRGOR” dryers on the example of electrical models.

      • Before the first launch of the electrical device, it is important to make sure that all components are in place and installed correctly. It is also worth checking whether the rosette is dry, did not get moisture in her.
      • For the first time, the launch of such an aggregate is allowed to carry out 15-20 minutes after the installation is completed.
      • Running and disabling the device must be done by a special button.
      • Neighboring cord of the dryer in no way should touch the surface of other instruments indoors.
      • It is strongly not recommended to place on the corporate dryers for towels paper or objects made of plastic.
      • Do not hang on the heated towel rail “Trumor” excessively heavy and massive things. Do not stand the design too much loads.
      • The device must always keep clean. If dust has accumulated on it or other contaminants appeared, they are best erased to neatly erase by dry and clean rags. Before this, the unit needs to be turned off and wait until it cools.
      • If the proprietary device stopped working correctly, it must be immediately disabled. Independent repair should not be engaged, since the Warranty applies to Products. When breakdowns, you will need to contact the Master Service of the Firm.

      Review reviews

      Buyers leave about the heated towel rails “Progor” many different reviews. First you should familiarize yourself with the positive responses of satisfied users.

      • Buyers attract democratic price tags for high-quality dryers.
      • The presence of polymer protective processing from corrosion is also marked by many users.
      • Consumers like a rich range of brand, as well as colors in which high-quality heated towel rails are presented. Production Design “Progor” liked the large number of buyers.
      • People like the comfortable location of the crossbar of the dryers, as well as the presence of comfortable shelves in their designs.
      • Small electricity consumption – another plus marked in many reviews.
      • A large number of users talk about the high reliability of the company’s Russian heated towel rails “Progor”.

      Most buyers branded heated towel rails “Podor” seem very high quality, reliable and practical. Many people have not noticed in this company’s products not a single shortage.

          As for negative reviews, they are connected too.

          • Some customers got poorly scratched heated towel rails.
          • Someone was delivered to the house was a defective dryer. Judging by the review, the manufacturer this marriage refused to recognize.
          • Some users faced the fact that a plastic gasket was broken in the device, and a new suitable to find almost impossible.
          • Some users have time to run down.
          • One of the buyers delivered a curve towel rail.

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