Heated towel rail in the interior of the bathroom

The bathroom is a place of rest with an intimate character, so it should be clean here, warm and cozy. Save such an atmosphere will help stylish repair and installation of heated towel rail. Modern water and electric type devices do not simply create a comfortable temperature, but also serve as a beautiful bath decor.

We select form

Heated towel rails have long been not limited to the shag of a zigzag and chrome gloss pipes. Materials for the manufacture of such a device are impressive with diversity: metals, composite alloys, glass, etc. Depending on this, the radiators in the bathroom may differ in design, service life and resistance to wear.

Choosing a heating device, you have to pay attention not only to its quality according to the type and power of heating, but also on the form and dimensions. Like all other devices, they can be standard and non-standard in their parameters. Current standards have a very blurred concept. Each manufacturer demonstrates an individual look at what a customer is required.

Towel dryer – the most uncomplicated design, but the flight of fantasies of modern designers is not limited to framework and standards.

The current market of heated towel rails is saturated not only by various designs, but also dimensions, which are also amazed by an extensive choice. Today you can find the dryer of any type of installation and configuration, including decorative elements. It helps a lot in case with an exclusive bath design.

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The simplest drying design is made in the form of a serpentine or p-shaped. The device with a minimum number of rounds is the easiest to connect to the pipes.

Popular option with a more intricate design – “Lestenka”. This form is two parallel pipes interconnected by crossbars. On them and it is supposed to dry wet towels.

Some manufacturers please the connoisseurs of exclusive designer products of an unusual form. Their appointment is not only the function of heating, but also decorating the interior of the room. Complex water structures perfectly complement constructivism, high-tech, loft. But here it requires a competent connection to the water supply system, with which not every master will cope with.

The form of the device is chosen by the design of the bathroom with regard to its area.

Since this device is designed to heat the room, you should not buy a product of large dimensions for cramped space.

Combine colors

The heated towel rail must harmoniously overlap with the flowers present in the design of the room.

Thanks to high-quality powder paint, drying towels can be painted in any suitable color. Design can also be made different interesting ways, creating a truly unique effect. However, if in the style of the bathroom, it is appropriate, copper, in general, can be preserved unpainted, since its noble look looks very worthy.

For the bathroom in the modern style of the style is perfect white chrome-plated or matte design or similar product with silver metal reflections. This usual eye heater successfully looks in the style of minimalism and the like.

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The texture and texture of the marble surface from the polymer concrete will make conciseness in the interior of Scandy. The key this innovation will be in gaining momentum of popularity by the Japanese direction.

Aesthetics of the country of the rising sun at the peak of popularity.

The heating devices of wall and outdoor types in the color of matte gold and bronze will be reflected in Chinese and Indian style and will play a decorative role in the interior.

Under many modern decorations of bathrooms are suitable for silver and black shades. And color models make fresh notes in a colorful pop art. The color of the coating is chosen to taste and at will. Not so long ago there was a real boom on contrasting color combinations, and the current trends in design are removed on the advanced monochrome gradients and unusual effects of ombre.

The modular heated towel rail made of polymerbetone is another novelty in the field of treatment of heated towel rails. It is a mix of mineral and synthetic materials available in any design on dimensions and color. Pattern can also be ordered to your taste. Interior trends dictate staining of a wall instrument in tone the wall itself.

Radiators are easy to arrange in the color of the interior, seeking to achieve unity of the selected designer composition.

Beautiful examples in the interior of the bathroom

Rich, reliable and impressive drying towel hanger under the Golden Shell – Excellent addition of chic interior. Of course, not gold is used as the basis for such a product, but a metal zinc alloy, brass and iron.

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If the objects of brass in the bathroom interior are taste, it is worth bringing such an element in the design as a brass heated towel rail. The only drawback of this option is that brass items will gradually fade and modify. In addition, they require some maintenance.

Unusually cospace it looks an elegant glass of glass with holes under the towel. Glass heated design looks very elegant and air. Gentle aesthetics of matte or transparent glass leaves no eyes indifferent and heats up one.

Water heated towel rail of non-standard design – Instead of the usual parallel rails, he has a folding elements. It is very convenient to hang out several towels at the same time. The device is suitable for bathroom in Scandinavian or minimalistic style.

Fashion for hexagons moved into the sphere of heated towel rails. This option will have to taste the adherents of minimalist bathroom interiors.

If you still need a massive and non-smoky heated towel rail for a big family, It is important to choose a color that “dissolve” against the background of common space. For example, aesthetic white radiator in a snow-white bathroom.

To date, there is an excellent selection of heated towel rails, among which it is easy to find a suitable. Heating appliances have decent functionality and extraordinary attractiveness.

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