Heal of the sink in the bathroom: standard from the floor

The competent arrangement of the bathroom is a guarantee of the comfortable use of plumbing, therefore not only aesthetics of the sink, toilet and bathroom, but also their location. Special attention deserves such a question as the height of the fastening of the shell. This is especially true in large homes with children of different ages, because all households have different growth. Calculate, at what level to hang the installation so that the adults are comfortable to wash, and the kids brushing their teeth without problems, quite not easy.

Standards according to SNiP

Even in the era of the USSR, all sorts of rules, GOSTS and SNIs, regulating the height of the plumbing installation. The standard was clearly prescribed, where it is necessary to place the toilet, where the hydrobox and on what distance from the floor, fasten the washbasin.

The calculated height of the sink reflects the location of the device in which its operation will be the most comfortable for humans.

Numerous studies have been conducted in the Soviet Union, which led to the development of uniform standards for installing sanitary equipment in residential premises. For many years of studying the problem and thorough study of all medical and anthropometric parameters allowed to calculate what the height of the washbasin will be the most convenient. The calculation of this parameter was based on the average human growth.

The experimental way was established that for maximum comfort, washbasins put at the level:

  • For a woman – 80-92 cm;
  • For a man – 80-102 cm.

Based on this calculation, in 1985 it was prescribed SNiP 3.05.01, according to which the optimal fastening height of the washbasin should be 85 cm, and the deviation was allowed +/- 2 cm. This standard and today is used by domestic and foreign manufacturers of plumbing, which is why in most cases shells 83-87 cm tinted.

Important! In recent years, the average human growth rate has a tendency to increase, today it is higher than 30 years ago, therefore the corresponding standard is slow, but correctly loses its significance. If all users are high, then it is better to install the product just above the recommended values ​​- by 95-100 cm. In this case, it will not have to be very encouraged while taking hygienic procedures.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the Snaps in this case are advisory, and not mandatory. Changing the installation height of the structure is not considered redevelopment, therefore it is not necessary for certain coordination to change the distance. However, upon completion of work, contact the management company so that its representatives make sure that an increase or decrease in the height of the shell does not affect the functionality of the general water supply system and drain in an apartment building. In the case of private housekeepings, this is not required. Every owner of housing is free to equip the bathroom at its discretion.

It is worth paying attention to that if it was decided not to simply change the installation height, but also to take it beyond the borders of the toilet – this will already be reflected in the redevelopment actions, if they are carried out unauthorized, then for these actions.

Optimal: how to find?

Calculate which remoteness of the sink will be correct quite simple. For this you need only:

  • Calculate the distance on which the elbows of residents of the apartment or at home are located;
  • from the resulting value of the subtraction of approximately 8 cm;
  • from the resulting indicator to take away the depth of the sink itself.

The difference that turned out in the end and will be approximately equal to the most comfortable height of the installation.

Today is averaged value.

Men and women:

  • For men – 94-102 cm;
  • For women – 81-93 cm.


  • Teens – 65-80 cm;
  • Children – 40-60 cm.

By the way, in children’s preschool institutions, strictly adhere to the standards for mounting washbasins, they are equal to the following values:

  • for yasel groups – 40cm;
  • For pre-school groups of kindergartens – 50cm;
  • for elementary school – 55-60 cm;
  • For high school – 65-85 cm.


Unfortunately, the standard toilet area in high-rise buildings does not leave the ability to install two and more shells for younger family members, and there is no point in this for obvious reasons – children grow, their growth increases, and hence the washbasin must constantly move.

The perfect way out here can be washbasins with the possibility of height adjustment, but it is associated with high costs and installation difficulties. In practice, such a plumber is used extremely rare.

That is why it is necessary to choose a compromise solution that will allow you to put yourself in order to all family members – from kids to adults. If men live in the family (the optimal shell height should be 90-102 cm) and women (height 82-93 cm), then it is worth hanging a washbasin at a height from 86 to 93 cm – this will allow every household to perform hygienic procedures without any problems.

It is more difficult, when there are children in the house. Many are trying to install the sinks below the level recommended for an adult. This approach is rooted incorrect. Parents will be forced to constantly bend back, and this increases the burden on the spine and leads to health problems. Therefore, the product should be installed on the “adult” height, and for a child to acquire special supports, with which he can rise to height. The stand will allow the baby with comfort to wash and clean his teeth.

Types and dimensions of washbasins

Plumbing manufacturers today offer the widest selection of washbasin models, which differ in material manufacturing, height, shape and even with a capacity.


This washbasin, which has the shape of a blossomed flower located on a thin leg. In many cases, such products are performed from ceramics, however, a model of glass or metal. The bowl is made in the form of petals, supplemented by a pedestal that performs two important features: serves as a strong support for the bowl and masks the inputs and conclusions water inside the “stem”, so that the bathroom looks more attractive and stylish. In such models, the base can either compile a single whole with the bowl, or sold in the kit.

Such a sink is adjusted in height, so widespread in large families. However, its value is relevant – the price of “tulip” is at times exceeding the cost of similar products of other modifications. Not every Russian family can afford such an expensive attribute, so products do not have much demand and are not sold far away in each construction supermarket.

A variety of “tulips” consider models with a semillocation. In them, the base does not reach the floor level, and is placed at the required height, thanks to this particular, users have the opportunity to more ergonomically use space under the bowl.


Sink is usually installed in a small bathroom, because it saves the already small bathroom space.

Sink with Tumba

Looks like a bowl embedded in a cabinet where she is. Adjust such models in height is not real, so the size of the chest-stand is better to determine at the work planning stage.

Traditionally, material for the manufacture of washbasins is ceramics, glass, stone or metal. Each of them has its advantages of flaws.

Glass sinks

These are stylish and modern high-tech models, which look great with chrome surfaces.

The following features should be attributed to the merits of the material:

  • attractive design;
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • low weight;
  • The glass is not afraid of greenflaws, red wine, fuccin, iodine and other staining liquids;
  • can be cleaned by any standard detergent.

From disadvantages it should be noted the following:

  • high price;
  • Fragility, low resistance to mechanical damage.

In addition, the glass surface is better than any other, water droplets and water drops are visible.

Fayans or china

These are ceramic shells, which are almost indistinguishable from each other. However, porcelain is a better and durable material, it retains a constant appearance over the years, traces of water and other liquids are manifested on the faience.

In general, ceramic shells have such advantages as:

  • aesthetic design;
  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • Resistance to any types of cleaning products, including abrasive;
  • Silentness when driving jets of water.

Minuses are more inherent in faience models. They lose color over time and can be covered with shallow mesh cracks, as well as more heavy than metal or glass. The disadvantages of porcelain washbasins include their high cost.


Such sinks were distributed in previous years, then they were made of steel. To date, the choice of models is not limited to the stainless steel. Plumbing is often made from brass, cast iron and bronze. There are also bronze, and even golden products. Metal washbasins have a long service life, They retain aesthetic appearance of several decades. They are resistant to pollution and are easily cleaned by any detergent (except abrasive).

A big plus is a low price – it concerns only steel installations. Models from more expensive metals, as a rule, are made exclusively and differ in very high cost. Of the minuses, you can mark noise when contacting water. As for the dimensions, here the choice of modifications is quite wide. In the assortment list of leading manufacturers of plumbers there are models with a width from 35 to 100 cm, sometimes even more. Optimal is considered to be the parameter – 50-70 cm.

Installation options: relationship

The distance from the floor on which the sink is mounted, very often directly depends on the model of the washbasin. Sinks of different types are distinguished by their operational parameters and attachment to the surface.

Overhead washbasins

Such products are attached to any flat countertop. The benefits of products include the following features:

  • Universality – the sink can be installed in an absolutely any place of the bathroom and at any height;
  • Ergonomics – a place under the tabletop can be used to store economic and household items;
  • Easy to install – holes drill in the table top through which pipes and hoses pass.


These models are a bit remind of overhead, because for their installation also requires a solid smooth surface. The difference consists in the method of fastening. If the overhead models are mounted on a tabletop, then mortise – directly into it, which allows you to be placed on one level with it, be slightly higher or slightly lower it.

The advantage of the model is mobility, since such a sink can be installed in the center of the surface, and slightly away. Installation of the installation is quite simple, but has several nuances, namely it requires accuracy and maximum accuracy. It is very important to cut a hole in the tabletop, which will accurately match the sink sizes, and after installation it is necessary to process the places of the joints with a sealant, which will avoid water flow further.


Console models are also called suspended. Already out of the name it becomes obvious that they must be hung right on the wall of the bathroom with the help of brackets or self-tapping screws. The last species may be:

  • monolithic – have a T-shaped form, performed from cast iron and are characterized by the reinforcement of the base;
  • Brackets type “Girth” look like a metal frames in which the bowls are inserted directly. Such modifications are considered most sustainable;
  • Bracket “Frames” externally similar to previous varieties, but it is characterized by nodes. In this case, the models are sliding, which allows you to change their size.

Modern industry releases the shells of a wide variety of configurations. That is why when choosing the installation method, all technical and physical parameters of the installation and dimensions of the fasteners should be taken into account. For example, faience shells have a lot of weight and powerful sizes. These features need to be taken into account, calculating the fastener method.

Indicators for elements

There are regulations that regulate the location of the sink relative to other interior items of the bathroom. Of course, the zone of a washbasin is the most basic zone of the bathroom. This is due to the fact that in typical high-rise buildings for receiving hygienic procedures, as a rule, have small sizes, so the sink is first installed, and only then it is planned to place all the main elements: bath or hydrobock, wardrobe or stylish machine, if such an opportunity is available.

By the way, some models of washing machines allow them to fit them under the sink. However, in such cases, it is necessary to take into account the fact that there must be a gap between two devices, otherwise the vibration of the unit can damage the washbasin, cause the appearance of chips and cracks, and also spoil their own coating of thin plastic. For example, the height of the most compact washing machine is 71 cm, in this case the height of the washbasin must be at least 90 cm.


Almost every bathroom has a mirror because it represents a single interior ensemble with a sink, being an integral part. Functionally it can be an independent element either part of the mounted locker. In any case, when installing the mirror, adhere to the established height standards.

The distance from the floor to the mirror should be approximately 120-135 cm, while it should be located at a distance of at least 20 cm. If you set it above, the viewing angle will be inconvenient for the inhabitants of the apartments, and if you suspend – on the mirror surface will constantly fall splashes of water.


Liquid getting into the outlet inevitably leads to big problems. At best, it is fraught with a short circuit, in the worst – wiring and even the emergence of a fire hazardous situation. That is why any sockets and electrical appliances should be placed at a distance of at least 60 cm from the water source.


The wardrobe in the bathroom can be equipped in two ways: either to install it under the bowl, if the design allows, or hang over the washbasin. In the first case there are no problems with distance. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the height of the cabinet must correspond to the distance from the floor to the bowl with a small gap. But if there is a desire to place the shelves over the washbasin, then optimally do it at an altitude of 130-135 cm. In this case, it will be easily reaching, as well as the surface of the cabinet will not get splashes.

As for other elements of the interior of the bathroom, the top recommended parameters is as follows:

  • Hooks for towels optimally place at a distance of 60-70 cm from shells. Before them should be easy to reach even closed eyes;
  • The shelf for toothbrushes and soaps are mounted in about 30-40 cm from the sink.

And of course, it is necessary to plan a good distance between the sink and the toilet. It should be at least 25 cm. And best of all this distance to zoom. The same standard applies to the bidet. If the sink is located in a niche, then the length of one of its edges to another should be at least 90 cm, otherwise it will be disobedient and uncomfortable.

Selection and installation: Tips

It is worth sticking to several recommendations from specialists who will help make the bathroom room more ergonomic, functional and stylish.

  • It is recommended to think over the total location of all items in advance, to make a plan scheme with the listing of all sizes and modifications.
  • During a shopping and selection of a suitable model, you should focus on the fastening method, because it should be combined with water supply elements.
  • The mixer selection plays an important role. Optimally, if it is bought simultaneously with the washbasin, since the product may have special holes under it or be absolutely deaf.

  • Tulip’s sinks are implemented along with the pedestal of traditional length. However, if desired, its size can be changed. To do this, the base is simply cut to the desired length and is installed on any stable stand.
  • When installing sanitary equipment, it is important to take into account the length between the siphon and the drain system. If it is located below, then the work of the washbasins will cause serious problems in general.
  • When installing the washbasin costs the level, it is better to give preference to laser instruments, as they allow you to spend all work in higher quality.

The right choice of shells and the professional installation of plumbing is a guarantee that the installation will serve its owners for many years.

On how to choose a sink in the bathroom, see the following video.

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