H1 error on the washing machine Samsung: why appeared and how to eliminate?

SAMSUNG washing machines of Korean production enjoy well-deserved popularity in consumers. This household appliances are reliable and economical in operation, and the longest wastewater washing cycle in the machines of this brand does not exceed 1.5 hours.

Samsung production began its activities back in 1974, and today its models – one of the advanced in the market similar goods. Modern modifications of this brand are equipped with an electronic control unit, which is derived to the outer panel of the front of the washing machine. Thanks to the electronic unit, the user can not only specify the necessary washing software parameters, but also to see the faults that the machine informs certain code symbols.

Such self-diagnosis that the machine performs software is capable of identifying almost any emergency situations whose accuracy is 99%.

This ability to the washing machine is a convenient option that allows you to respond quickly to malfunctions without losing time and tools for diagnostics.

As deciphering?

Each manufacturer of washing household appliances has a fault code in different ways. In Samsung machines, the coding of the breakdown or the program failure looks like a Latin letter and a digital symbol. Such designations began to appear on some models already in 2006, and now code symbols are available on all machines of this brand.

If during the execution of the working cycle, the washing machine Samsung of the recent years of release issues an H1 error on the electronic display, which means that there are malfunctions associated with water heating. Earlier release models could designate this malfunction to the Ho code, but this code indicated the same problem.

SAMSUNG machines have a whole series of codes that begin with the Latin letter H and have the view H1, H2, Also there are double letter notation that look like he, he1 or he2. The whole series of similar designations refers to problems associated with water heating, which can not only be missing, but also be overly high.

Causes of appearance

At the time of breakage on the electronic display of the washing machine, the designation H1 appears, and at the same time the laundry washing process stops. Therefore, even if you did not notice the emergence of an emergency code in a timely manner, you can even find out about the fact that the car ceased to work and make the usual sounds accompanying the washing process.

Probably causes of the washing machine, indicated by the H1 code, are the following.

  1. Water heating in the washing machine occurs with the help of special elements, called Tanni – tubular heating elements. After about 8-10 years of work, this important detail in some washing machines fails, since its service life is limited. For this reason, such a breakdown is in the first place among other possible faults.
  2. A little less often meets another problem that also stops in the washing machine the process of water heating – a contact disorder in the electrical chain of the heating element or the failure of the thermal sensor.
  3. Often in the power grid to which our household appliances are connected, voltage jumps occur, as a result of which the fuse is triggered, located inside the tubular system of the heating element, which protects the device from excessive overheating.

An error indicated by the H1 code appears at the SAMSUNG washing machine – the phenomenon is unpleasant, but quite corrected. If you have certain skills to work with electrical engineering, you can eliminate this problem on your own or contacting the service of the wizard to the service center.

How to fix?

When the washing machine gives an H1 error on the control panel, the malfunction is searched, first of all, in the work of the Tan. Can do diagnostics on your own if you have a special device, Called multimeter, which measures the amount of current resistance on the electrocontacts of this part.

To diagnose the heating element in Samsung washing machines, remove the front wall of the housing, and then the procedure depends on the result of the diagnosis.

  • Overwhelmed tubular heating element. Sometimes the reason for the breakdown may even be that an electrically conductor departed from Tan. Therefore, after the machine hull panel is removed, the first thing you need to explore two wires that are suitable for the heating element. If any wire has moved, it must be put in place and tighten, and in the case when everything is in order with the wires, you can move to the measuring diagnosis of the Tan. Check the heating element can be without disassembly from the machine case. For this, the multimeter check the indicators of electrotock resistance on wires and contacts of the heating element.

If the level of indicators are within 28-30 Ohm, the element is worker, but when the multimeter shows 1 Ohm, this means that Ten burned. Eliminate such a damage can only be purchased and installing a new heating element.

  • Turned up the thermal catcher. In the upper part of the tubular heating element, a temperature sensor is installed, which looks like a small piece of black detail. To see it, TEN and in this case do not have to disconnect and remove from the washing machine. Check the health care sensor as well as the device multimeter. To do this, disconnect the wiring and measure resistance. In a serviceable temperature sensor, the instrument indicators will be 28-30 ohms.

If the sensor burned down, then this item will have to be replaced with a new one, and then connect the wiring.

  • Inside, Tan worked the overheating protection system. Such a situation is a fairly common phenomenon when the heating element breakage. TEN is a closed system from the tubes, inside which there is a special inert substance surrounding the heating spiral from all sides. When the electrical helix overheat the substance, its surrounding, melts and blocks the process of further heating. In this case, the TEN for further use becomes unsuitable and subject to replacement.

Modern models of SAMSUNG washing machines have fuses with a multi-sized system of fuses that are made of ceramic components. In conditions of overheating, the spiral part of the ceramic fuse is shaken, but its performance can be restored if removed the burnt parts and high-temperature glue glue the remaining. The final stage of the work will be the inspection of the performance of the TEN Multimeter.

The duration of the heating element is influenced by water rigidity. Upon contact with water with water in the process of heating the impurities of the salts contained in it, are deposited as a scale. If this flask does not immediately eliminate, it will accumulate every year of the work of the washing machine. When the thickness of such mineral deposits reaches a critical value, the heating element ceases to fully perform its functions for water heating.

Besides, The limestone raid contributes to the rapid destruction of the Tan tubes, since corrosion is formed under the layer of scale, which over time can lead to a violation of the integrity of the entire element. Such a turn of events is dangerous by the fact that the electric spiral under voltage can come into contact with water, and then there will be a serious closure, which is one of the replacement of the Tan, may not be eliminated. Often such situations lead to the fact that the entire electronics unit fails in the washing machine.

Therefore, it is not necessary to ignore this warning on the display control of the washing machine.

On the options to eliminate the error H1, see below.

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