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Golden color in interior design always attracts enthusiastic views. The popularity of this noble shade is fully justified by the fact that people immediately associate it with precious metal. It is not surprising that recently gold-colored faucets have become so popular options when choosing modern plumbing equipment. They fit perfectly for both the bathroom and kitchen. Mixers under gold look really gorgeous and stylish, they bring luxury and nobility raisins to the interior.


The chic glitter of the Golden Surface, the original winding transitions in the ancient style and the classic solution is what distinguishes the mixers of gold color from ordinary cranes, making them by art. Gold faucets are an original solution for creating a special retroatmofer in the room. They are able to transform the interior style as much as possible. Such cranes are suitable for bathrooms made in the classic direction “under ancient”, and will become an excellent option for decor for modern styles. In some models under gold, you can even detect additional scenery in the form of rhinestones, crystal, natural wood and built-in stones.

Noble faucets indicate the exquisite taste and homeowner status. Only a real amateur of the unsatary classics will be able to appreciate the fascinating images of golden mixers. With its extraordinary aesthetic species, they can transform the usual bathroom in a cozy place for harmony and a full-fledged holiday.


Constructions of modern mixers can be divided into four main varieties. To make a choice in favor of the required device, you should familiarize yourself with their characteristic features.

  • Single-piece The mixer has a convenient transition to the shower, which is equipped with a special button for this. A distinctive feature of this design is the presence of a ball or ceramic cartridge inside. The disadvantage of this device is to clog the cartridge with insufficient water filtration of poor quality.
  • Faucet with two valves – This is a model that did not waste its popularity over time. She has a simple design, which in case of breakdowns can be easily repaired. The disadvantage of this model is that sometimes it takes a long time to adjust the water of the required temperature mode.

  • Contactless mixers well react to heat and their movements. The main advantage is an aesthetic type of such a product. It is very convenient in use. On some products there is an electronic display that displays the specified device parameters. Of the essential advantages of the electronic mixer, a small water consumption should be noted. Negative side lies in the work from a special built-in battery.
  • Thermostats – These are modern products equipped with a special node that makes the water of the desired temperature regime. The main advantage of the product can be noted water savings. Modern attributes of this kind have a high cost.

Also mixers can be divided into high, which will be used for large-sized shells, and compact. By the water supply method, the mixers can be described as follows: with conventional and cascading. As for the latter, this option makes it possible to fill the bath literally for counting minutes, because the water supply rate is 25-55 liters per minute, which is significantly different from the mixer with conventional bandwidth.


Quality faucets are made of brass with special spraying. Products from this material are easily cast and processed, differing in increased mechanical resistance. Such models are not subject to corrosion and are reliable and durable in operation. Good quality faucets are usually heavier than cheap “disposable” structures.

Depending on the surface treatment, mixers are glossy and matte. In this case, the type of spraying plays an important role. On many products they are made from bronze, copper, chromium and gold. Chrome is one of the most common materials in the manufacture of modern plumbing equipment. It is applied with a thin layer and protects the metal from damage. Often its thickness does not exceed 3 microns.

When choosing a high-quality mixer, you need to stop your attention on products with a smooth surface and uniform color. In case of inspection, there should be no no noticeable roughness and irregularities that will significantly spoil the appearance of the product.

Gold color faucets are unique designer options, which are embodied in popular plumbing. These elegant products are perfectly combined with dark tones, but at the same time no less effectively look at the snow-white interior background. A wide variety of products is associated with high demands of cranes of this shade among most buyers. After all, gold faucets are the true impersonation of refinement and nobility.

About what kind of gold faucets are, look in the following video.

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