German towel rails Zehnder

Zehnder heated towel rails are distinguished by a solid reputation. Electric and water German models may be quite useful. In addition to acquaintance with the stated characteristics, you need to pay attention to the review of reviews.

general description

The modern Zehnder heated towel liquid is distinguished by impressive energy efficiency. These devices are also suitable for private dwellings, and for public buildings, and for production complexes. No matter how high the load, they will successfully transfer it and will not break. The company’s assortment has excellent designer models that meet the most stringent relevant requirements. Heating is made at the expense of horizontal stainless steel pipes, which are attached to the collectors of the specified section by laser welding.

There are both water and electrical modifications of zehnder heated towel rails. The official description emphasizes:

  • clarity of pipe geometry;

  • noticeably enlarged platform for attaching towels;

  • availability in the range of models adapted for guest and hotel toilets;

  • temperature control option;

  • the presence of timers;

  • protection against inclusion with insufficient water pressure;

  • Full readiness of devices to operation.

Views and models

Zehnder heated towel rails are distinguished by an excellent design. They are made from:

  • copper;

  • brass;

  • stainless steel alloys;

  • Specially selected plastic brands.

Some heated towel rails are designed for special design – with partitions. Models with mirror and tubular dryers.

SUBWAY INOX models are designed to connect to water and to electrical highways. By default, they are painted in white. Working pressure in water highways is not more than 12 bar, and permissible temperature – a maximum of 120 degrees.

Aura modifications consist of horizontal heating pipes with a cross section of 2.3 cm. The dimensions of oval vertical collectors are 3×4 cm. The default color RAL 9016 color is used. It is allowed by ordering the consumer use of chrome surfaces. These products are calculated only on drying towels, they cannot perform the function of central heating.

Electric subspecies have such parameters:

  • thermostat with 7 modes of operation;

  • Connecting to networks 230 V;

  • Network cable 1.2 m with European fork.

Aura Bow – another good version. These heated towel rails make laser welding method. Color execution is impossible. Connecting to water highways occurs through the ends of the collectors.

Use as part of the central heating is impossible.

Bluebell looks elegant and restrained. The pipes include not simple steel, but improved by adding molybdenum and nickel. The outer surface is additionally polished. Connection has a size of 2 ½, as in previous versions, is performed through the ends of the collectors. The device is perfectly ready for use.

Model Charleston Bar made in classic design. Heated towel rail collected by solid welding. The inter-axis distance is 5 cm.

There is an opportunity to add a chrome towel holder. The dryer can be performed in 2 or 3 rows.

Nobis – excellent brass heated towel rail. In the middle of the top of the air molding. Electric modification painted in chrome color. Network Wire Value – 1.2 m. It is envisaged by hinged brackets.

As for the KAZEANE heated towel rail, it allows you to hang the towels conveniently.

Thanks to the hidden bracket, the device can be put on widespread flat pipes. Permissible pressure – 4 bar. Permissible temperature – 110 degrees. Sizes of flat pipes 7×0.8 cm.

You can complete the review on FINA BAR. Parameters of this device:

  • the presence of towel holders (freely fixed);

  • the greatest pressure of up to 10 bar;

  • operating temperature not more than 85 degrees;

  • free adjustment of inter-axes;

  • side decorating panels from anodized aluminum;

  • Tight clamp special spring system.

Review reviews

The comments say:

  • visual beauty of products of this brand;

  • cooling after turning off the water;

  • Slow heating;

  • relatively low service life;

  • Repair difficulties (but there are opposite opinions);

  • utility device;

  • Affordable price.

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